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32 Home Remedies for Tooth Nerve Pain


so everone knows why im here i have a hole in mytooth!!
ive had this pain for a couple of months and im on a waiting list to see a dentist as days past the pain gets worse and ive tried almost every listed on this site...ive been up for days on end and i only just found something to help its sounds strange and what not but i gotsome blu tack and wrappedit in a tissue (a small enough size so it would fit in the whole) and dipped it in clove oil and it feels so much better if anyone ries it and it helps let me know :3


I have a tooth with nerve pain. No damage to the tooth, just hurting for no apparent reason. I've had another tooth several years ago with the same pain and it turns out the nerve was dying. Reading about covering the tooth with dental wax gave me an idea. I chewed two pieces of sugarless gum and used my tongue to press it over the hurt tooth and surrounding teeth. It's working out well! Clearly not a permanent fix but since its the Christmas holiday weekend, I'm pretty much sans dentist until well after the new year. Plus I'd keep gum on my tooth forever to keep that horrible pain away.

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