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32 Home Remedies for Tooth Nerve Pain


Well I Have this remedy and its seriously worked for more than one person I have told it to, This is the first time I have ever put this remedy on the internet as it is an old Native Trick for seriously painful tooth nerve pain, and especially works on wisdom tooth pain. Find the old type wooden matches with the white tip, Not waterproof. Do not buy plain sulfur as you can from a drug store if you ask, it has to be the old type of wooden matches, non waterproof with white tip.
Take anything you can use to remove the white tip off of as many matches as you think you may need, crush it finely into a powder, Add enough bottled water, Non chlorinated to make it into a paste, do not swallow this as it could make you sick and remember its flammable, Take the paste you just made and pack it all around your tooth, inside the tooth if a hole is there, It may hurt Really bad for about a shocking split second, But after that you will feel no more pain at all..
Don't forget your tooth and get to a dentist to remove it as the pain will go away forever as the sulfur kills the nerves all together no matter who you are, this works on everyone.
Again Make sure you get it removed asap as I told someone to do this and they never went to the dentist and the decay from that tooth spread to the adjacent teeth and he then got into a mouth full of problems.


After trying garlic which takes the pain temporary. I ate bread no just made worse because i have a eraser size hole in my tooth. With desperation in my kitchen cabinet. I decided to mix honey and cinnamon. I first washed out with a mouth wash and then put warm water with 2 tablespoons on honey and about 2 tablespoons of cinnamon..BAM my pain eased away and I sleep throughout the night. Hope this helps.someone


I was reading one of the remedies suggesting to rinse with vodka. I put about a half cup of vodka in my water pick and flooded the tooth which I think is cracked. Please understand I just tried this, but it seemed to have immediate results. Of course do not swallow unless you want to get high.
good luck mike


Last year I broke my tooth close to the nerve. Got a filling to close up the tooth but recently been having bad toothache. So bad, I wanted the tooth out! Read on this website, to take some sensodyne and rub it on the tooth. So far so good! Pain went away straight away. Recomend


After having excruciating toothache that became worse at night. I opted for a tooth extraction to get rid of the pain instead of doing a root canal, but my Dentist advised me against doing an extraction since my teeth would shift. I decided to try homeopathic medicine called hypericum perforatum for injured nerve. This provided me with so much relief and didn't need to have the root canal.
I wanted to share this remedy to help anyone out there with a toothache, (a pain that brought me to tears).


A toothach is worse then having a baby. Tried ibuprofen 800mg helped a little. I tried the oregel brush worked a little. I went to the medicine cabinet and found sore throat spray and sprayed it on the tooth ang gum and omg it was like getting an epidural lol. I cant get a dr apt till monday but I will just keep spraying.


Only thing helping is garlic powder on a q-tip resting in my broken molar.


Yea exactually, like da person below me mentioned garlic its rlly good, i had tooth nerve ech, at my last visit to the dentist, he asked me to do a treatment on my front tooth cuz he found somthin like a sore on the nerve.. it wasnt painin me at the time was all cool and i ignored that, now from no where da pain attacked me last night i was almost goin crazy i cud feel my heart beat on my tooth n my head was painin me all over.. i tried hot water it calmed me down just for a while then the pain came back, i forced my self to sleep so i can relief da pain n just now i woke up to find this page aft i been sufferin for the whole day Dx i tried ground garlic cut it, put salt on it n then put it on my tooth.. the garlic gunna burn ur gum but da pain rlly feels good xD i kept it for a while only then i removed it and now m sittin in front of the laptop typin this post n feelin so0o relieeeeeeeeef! i hope this can help u guys but m not sure it gunna work for evryone, cuz like some people mentioned salt can help, it actually help but it depends, cuz sometimes the pain adapts the thing u keep putin on again and again evrytime, so u have to find a new trick to cure it.


I've looked up ways to stop my broken tooth pain. I ran out of advil an ibuprofen so i resorted to anbesol maximum strength gel (benzocaine 20%/oral anesthetic). It works but only last so long, I needed something to get me through the night and my long hours at work. Then I found out garlic powder out of all things strange but really worked. Ya you might have slight garlic breathe but I'd rather cope with that then these excruciating tooth pain. Right now dentist isn't an option only cause my whole income goes to bills, so I only hope this helps someone like it helped me.


Rum really does work I absolutely hate alcohol but one good shot eases it up a bunch. Also nerve pills Xanax etc... All the pain that you, or in this case us, are experiencing is nerve related it really does work but its only a temporary fix I'm gonna start taking amoxicillin tomorrow that's what you have to do. If you can't afford insurance or anything ask people you kno if they have any antibiotics they stay good for about 3 years, that's what I had to do. the next thing is go to the dentist and have it pulled. Don't try and save your tooth. If one starts giving you trouble, get rid of it, its only going to cause you more trouble down the road and possibly mess up the teeth on either side of it. I pray for all of you because this stuff absolutely sucks and i wish you the best.

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