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32 Home Remedies for Tooth Nerve Pain


I don't recommend this but here is my story... I was in jail and let me make this known, they do not do s@#t for u when your in pain... So I had to resort to this, I took a staple (all that was available) and literally popped thin cover over nerve. It is VERY painful so much it is hard to even complete this but u will have instant relief after and it will never bother you again. However my dentist told me there are multiple nerves in a single tooth so if you don't have your tooth repaired you may experience pain from another nerve in that tooth should get exposed.

Nina Lovely

OMG, so its 5:30am and I have a dentist appt. TOMORROW to get my back molar pulled out because the filling fell out and the cavity is exposing the nerve. I was given vicodins which were working beautifully..until they ran out. So I was googling how to cease this pain because my whole friggin jaw is swollen. I seen topical anesthetic throat spray as a remedy on here. Well my roommate had snagged some (along with tounge compressors, rubber gloves, everything one always peels from the doctors office.) I went and just used some and while the soreness is still there, the sharp pain is GONE. This is a wonderful idea to use when you are in severe pain and cant get to a dentist asap. I hope it works for you as well as it has me!


I discovered a cough medication called Benzonatate while on a cruise in Mexico, and by lost in translation the pharmasist told me to suck on it when I was supposed to swallow it whole. My whole entire mouth became so numb I swear you could have pulled everyone of my teeth out, and I wouldn't have felt a thing. My toungue had relaxed to the point that my speech was enabled by a heavy lisp! Non-the-less, I never forgot it!The medication finally wore off after awhile... It was about two years later I went to my doctor for an uncontrollable cough, and he prescribed me the same medication. Except, I knew to swallow it whole!Now to get to my point. I have been on a waiting list for a root canal at my local dentistry school, and I have been enduring horrible excrutiating nerve pain. If I even get a little food on that tooth and bite down on it where that tooth is, it will send a shock through my head that feels like someone took a sword and ran it through my head. I have never screamed so loud in all my life as I hold on to my face with tears barreling out of my eyes! So, I remembered that time on the cruise. The time I could have pulled out all of my teeth and not felt a thing! I grabbed one of those pills and punctured it with a needle and took one of those mini plastic tooth floss brushes and applied the medication on it, and proceeded to stick it between my teeth so the medication could get as close to the nerves as possible. I waited about 10 seconds, and sure enough, I can't feel a damn thing. Oh what a relief it is. So, if you are lucky enough to have been prescribed Benzonatate or generic for Tessalon please don't throw the unused portion away! I am sure it probably has some other numbing useful aid other than teeth pain. Also for those of you who do not have the cough medicine. Do the same thing using Oragel Severe Gel 20% Benzocain medication. The secret is to get the medication as close to the nerves as possible. So, take the little bristle side of the floss brush, and use alot to get down inbetween your teeth and gums. It really helps. At least until you can go get real professional help. Good Luck and I feel Your pain!

Spicer Girl

I have a broken top molar with severe nerve pain affecting the trigeminal nerve, or the main nerve of the face - the pain radiates from the tooth back to the ear and down to my bottom teeth on the same side, almost to the point that you cannot tell which tooth is causing the pain. I tried painkillers, Anbesol, Orajel, mouth spray (this sent it on fire) and the results were mediocre at best. I found this site last night and even though I though it sounds crazy, I applied Vicks Vapor Rub to my face all along the nerve pathway and rubbed it in thoroughly. Unbelievable! It felt so good and calmed the nerve totally. I slept wonderfully and 17 hours later I am still pain free. If you have this sort of pain I recommend you try it - worked for me!

Jay the one no longer whimpering like a child

I like so many before me scoured these pages for a remedy for my agonising pain. My remedy however came from the suggestion by the emergency dental nurse in my area. While she could't offer much help in the way of help she could offer a lot of advise.

She suggested alone with regular pain killers, I should try rubbing some bongela on my affected tooth. The antiseptic nature and numbing agent in the bongela would then help alleviate some of my pain.
Although it's not a perfect fix, and I still have a dull ache, I've gone from agonising 10 to a dull 3 in a matter of minutes. I can now safely venture from the whimpering fetal position and try to rest before my dentist appointment tomorrow.. YAY


I have a broken molar on the bottom with the nerve exposed, and after reading a lot of home remedies on here, I decided to try what my Dad did when he had a toothache. CLOVES! I found my ground cloves, and poured some onto a teaspoon. I ran the WARM water, and dipped my finger under the faucet, and let a couple drips of water fall off my fingertip, and onto the spoon with the ground cloves to form a paste. I then took some of the paste on my clean finger tip, and packed the paste into the hole in my tooth and left it there. Almost instantly, my pain went from a 20/10 down to maybe a 2 or 3/10. Might not work for everyone, but it sure worked great for me!


Thanks to this website !!! my partner have the worst toothache that annoyed the hell out of me!! He morning all night until i cant take it got up and start searching the came across this dentist advice to use 'DEN-TEMP' you can get it over the counter around the orajel it work wonder after 5-10 min my partner fell to sleep like a baby thank you do much !!!


I tried a range of these remedies and the second best was cold milk which worked for awhile but I had to keep sipping. Then I got onto brandy and water and it worked a treat. Went through a bottle in two days so not recommended for long term but great to get you through to a dentist appointment. No pain and slept like a baby. Probably any strong alcohol would do but I used brandy based on another recommendation here. Good luck.

pain like no other

I came to this page last night was in so much pain and everyone in my house was asleep!! Thank you Thank you everyone for the remedies. I did the warm water/salt but what really work was the Vicks Vapor rub on the outside of my jaw! I was glad to have this page!


After 3 days of throbbing pain, I found myself on this website looking for remedies. What I did was swish my mouth with vodka, its best to leave the vodka over the affected area for about a minute, after that, I chewed bread or tried to avoid breathing through my mouth. What happened to me was that when air hit my tooth it hurt WORSE, so try to cover the affected tooth up or just don't breathe from your mouth... :) good luck.

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