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32 Home Remedies for Tooth Nerve Pain


So I’ve been struggling with this one tooth for a while... it’s been going and coming for about a year. I need to pull it. This last time it included swelling. Desperate and in pain, I made a poultice of activated charcoal, turmeric, filling from a green tea bag, oregano oil and peppermint oil. I put it all in the teabag, tied it up and tucked it in the swelling cheek. Left it in all night (getting up to spit every now and again) The next day the swelling went down considerably. I finally was able to see a dentist who gave me antibiotics and lidocaine... just took my first dose a few minutes ago... and I’m waiting until after eating to try the lidocaine. But hopefully in a bind this might help.


I have a back moler with nerve pain. Here's what I done and I really hope it helps someone else because it really works for me. I took a liquid alive and popped it then mixed a couple drops of clove oil. Mixed it up and place in or on bad tooth. Now it burns super bad DON'T SWOLLOW!!! Wait a few mins until you can't stand it and clean with mouth wash. And bam! Pain gone for a day or two!!!!


garlic will work for tooth nerve pain any kind powder make into paste place on tooth until you get to dentist.


for nerve pain in the tooth use garlic any kind of garlic powder cloves press on tooth holes.


i have to holes in both side of my mouth in my tooth and i try everything and i have no clue what to use nothing is helping and i am in a lot of pain i went to the er. and i did the mouth wash all the tooth creme and gel that the store sells nothing is working i saw someone say that if you rub the vapor rub on the side that hurts it will help it did for a little but not now i try everything if anyone no anything please let me know thank you soo much


exposed nerve from eating Chinese.. filling came out.. tried orajel tastes like hell but subsides the pain for a little but chloraseptic seems to work also.. dentist on may 31st cant come soon enough..


I've been to the dentist today as been in agony! and he said ive got an infection at the top where it needs to come out, and there's one at the bottom where I had root canal and the nerve needs to come out, he gave me antibiotics and they aren't helping at all, getting worse of anything! I'm on codeine but that's just making me drowsy not helping with the pain! He's booked me in 21st March to have the tooth extracted but im in so much pain :( any suggestions would be appreciated! X


Cold water! Hold it in your mouth in the area of pain. It will usually work. find a health care professional to get the rotten or broken tooth extracted! Pain is no life!P.S. Once you start with the water you will need to keep using it until the the problem is taken care of.I have had many bad teeth, this always works.


Well I've got a hole in my back tooth and I've taken loads of tablets to the point I'm being sick and feeling high I've tried whiskeys I've tried everything you can do at home then I seen something good saying about vapour rub it didn't have any of that but something simpler it smell like vapour but it's not its called tiger balm you use it for bad backs this pain I've had has made me cry it's that painful but when I put this on it stopped okaii my face feels cold where I rubbed it but it's taken the pain away obviously because I can feel that cold feeling off this tiger balm but I would rather feel this then this bloody nerve banging only if I had the guts to push a staple in it but that shits painful but it would get rid of the pain kill the nerve


Chew dry bread until it becomes sticky and had the consistency of a paste, then press into the cavity covering the exposed nerve and the entire hole. Before I tried this I was in agony and not able to sleep with pressure headaches and no way of reliving them. This method allowed me to sleep at least relatively pain free

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