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Urine Stains Home Remedies

2 Home Remedies for Urine Stains


To get rid of urine stains in clothes:

Measure appropriate amount of laundry soap for the size of the load (I like Gain the best)

a few glugs of Lemon or Mountain scent Pine-Sol (don't use pine scent, it just makes the clothes smell like Pine)

3-4 glugs of White Vinegar

I always use cold water. It gets the smell out as well as the stain unless it has set in for a long time.


Get urine stains out of a mattress. This works for human and animal stains.

Mix the following into a spray bottle and shake. Spray onto the stain and watch it vanish before your eyes!

8 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide (found at all Drug stores and dollar stores)

3 tablespoons of baking soda

1 drop of liquid dish soap

if it doesn't fade the stains on the first time around, do it again! I have fostered animals with health issues and sometimes they have accidents. I read this awhile back from a site for humans that wet the bed and they all said it worked for that too!

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