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15 Home Remedies for Foot Fungus


Fakiri Ointment Unani is very usefull for athlete's foot


hi there everyone I just wanted to let you all know about a remedy. I have had a problem with my toes for several years and have always just covered them with toenail polish to hide them. My partner and I have been together for over 5 years and he only recently found out about it after I nearly ripped one of my toenails off when I kicked a mat. My big toenails on both feet have been separating from the flesh of my toes for a long time, when I kicked a mat with one of my toes, it caused the toenail to wobble and almost come off. When I told my partner he suggested we try something his dad has sworn by for years, his dad uses it for ingrown toenails & ringworms himself, my sister also used it for dermatitis on her hands. This is a product that doctors will not tell you about. You can buy it over the counter from a chemist. You have to dilute the powder/crystals with water, and make sure you follow directions because if its diluted properly it can burn your skin. I soaked my big toes in the solution once a day for about 5 days (it will stain your skin brown for a few days). I did that about 2 months ago and my toenails have now fully grown back onto the flesh, no lost toenails! this worked for me so I recommend you give it a go. It is called 'Potassium Permanganate' or we call it 'con-deez crystals'. be careful the crystals will burn your skin if it is not diluted. Good Luck


I have had itchy scratchy toe fungus on and off for seven years. So far the most effective thing I have done is to apply Bag Balm after cleansing/pedicuring and drying. Put those puppies in clean socks and let the magic work. Like Vick's, it smells but it is rather effective.


Ok people I need ur part of my toe nail came loose/ half is still attached..I read a lot of post on here..n for a week I've soaked my feet in venegar n Epson night I tied putting Vicks n a cotton ball over it to keep it covered..well some of my toe nail came off again..n along my other toe this normal??????? Or is wat I'm doing too strong tht my toe nails falling apart??? Should I stop or continue....

Helen Wilkey

if you have fungus in your toe nail you can use Bragg apple cider vinegar. it is very effective it takes only 1 to 2 weeks. Just rub it where the fungus everyday.

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