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Constipation (Infants) Home Remedies

26 Home Remedies for Constipation (Infants)


wiggle a sliver of soap (Ivry) in the babys butt! Don't let it go it could disapear if you know what I mean. And watch out, the poo could come flying while you remove the soap. My dad did this with me and told me about it when I had my child. It works! instantly!


a little bit of extra virgin olive oil applied to the pacifer always worked for my little one


Apply a very warm cloth to baby's anus and gently stimulate the area by rubbing. This relaxes the muscles and allows gas and matter to escape, especially in breastfed babies.


My friend would put a capful of corn syrup in her babys bottle a few times a week. He never was constipated again!


Easy remedy -- a little prune juice mixed w/regular formula


Use a small amount of prune juice to baby's formula and shake well. Change baby as soon as he/she passes a stool. TIP: Use super gentle warm washclothes instead of alcohol based wipes which will sting the babies tender red, welpy rashes as they will bleed and cause baby and you excrutiating pain (both physically and emotionally). Save baby's and your own's sanity.

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