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26 Home Remedies for Constipation (Infants)

Bethel Madison

Toddler magic tea is a wonderful natural remedy to treat constipation and other tummy issues in babies. I've used this tea for both my kids and settled their bowel movement.


Proper diet is the best long term approach to avoid constipation but in the short term something more immediate is needed. We all know that an enema can help but that's not very convenient or practical (to say nothing about uncomfortable) to use often and definitely not for mild, frequent constipation. A way to use water for quick relief is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Used primarily for improved hygiene it can also be used to spray some water up your pipes(like a mini-enema) to loosen things up and get them moving. See


For both my kids4 and 2 I give them Activia they prefer the Vanilla flavor. Try it everyday and then when they regulate once every other day. When they are babies I used to give them Baby Food Gerber prunes or 1 to 2 tablespoons of prune juice. You have to be careful how much you give them regarding prunes since it could really cause their stools to loosen up so use your judgment and start with a little if it dosent work then add a bit more.

Alvina Reagan

Babies magic tea is an organic home remedy to soothe a constipated baby. I always use this tea whenever my baby gets caught by constipation.


I heard that formula milk is good for children and it helps to prevent our children from getting constipation..
Anyone tried which formula milk works?
I tried few brand.. E, S... but it seen like not working... :(
Any good remedy??


Constipation in newborn babies is a major concern for parents, especially the first-time parents. Most of the times they do not understand what is normal and what not. Talk to your paediatrician about the symptoms that need to be considered as constipation.

Try changing your baby's formula mix. At times, it helps. Also, watch what you are eating. Your diet is definitely going to affect your baby's digestive system.



I have 6 kids all who suffered constipation and blockages sometimes because of hairballs.babies pull their hair or yours and their hands always go in their mouths.especially if you have pets.get a 4 oz bottle with regular Drinking water.add a teaspoon of strawberry jello and warm it up.for babies 5 months to 1 yr old use a half cap of miralax and add to the jello water then feed it will take a few hours but the jello solidifies around the stool making it slimy and slides out.

Wisdom from India

Organic Coconut Oil (in the consistency of Crisco grease). A little by mouth helps, but for instant relief, a small pinch up the rectum.

A sliver (the size of 1 or 2 peas) of an all natural soap up the rectum also works, and much better, but if used too often can cause problems of its own.


my niece get constipated from whole milk and she is 11 months old.. my sis in law shouldn't be giving her that, that ANYWAY but, i digress. She now drinks soy milk but my in law didn't leave her any so she had been keeping me up AlL NIGHT when she stayed over because she yearned for milk. being that we only had whole milk i put a little olive oil in it ( 2 tea spoons ) and a some syrup ( another 2 tea spoons ) and it helped her drink it and not be constipated


Orange juice helped my son with his constipation. Also, you can use vasoline in the area to help the poop slide out easier. What also worked was giving my son a teaspoon of olive oil in his mouth. It wont hurt him/her, it will only make it easier to go poop..

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