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4 Home Remedies for Roaches


Nana's Bug Zapper
(tested & approved by Nana)
Most roach infected place is Florida.
They're every where!!!

You will need
Container with large mouth
cooking oil

In bottom, small slice of banana, small sprinkle of sugar, couple drops of syrup. They can't resist this sweet food joint!!!

Inside top of can opening rub a good coating of vegetable oil 1' at least wide, you want something they won't eat before they get to their last meal in the bottom..

At least 2' tall jar or small can - tallest that will fit drawer height. Baby food jars and cat food cans work to.
Cabinets (recycle your veggie cans this way!)
Same makings as small containers.

If possible try to get them in any corner of drawer, cabinet even on counter (they love coffee maker, toaster to hang out(just move where company don't see them when they are there.)

Gets full, throw them in recycle bin.


Dust around with food grade diatomaceous earth. a.k.a Fossil Shell Flour.

Kills pretty much all insects that come into contact with it.

And yet is edible, if food grade.

Avoid breathing much of the dust with most any dust.


Use boric acid powder which can be purchase at your drug store or the pharmacy. Mix the boric acid powder with condensed milk or other milk with a little sugar.Place small amount in the floor corner of your rooms. This will keep away the roaches for a least six months.


Set out some jar lids filled with red wine every night before you go to bed.

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