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How to bring BOILS to a head.
This weekend I woke up with a painful burning boil on my inter thigh in the creese. I tried placing witch hazel on it. It subdud the pain, but that about it. And then I remember someone telling me to place a boiled egg on it. so I took some pain killers, place the egg on the boil, and took a nap. When I woke up a couple of hour later, the boil had buster and was drailing! Man that was so painless!


Okay so I've been researching all over looking for at home remedies for this risen better known as boil. I currently have one located on the left side of my groin area. I most say this thing HURTSSSSSSS! 😫😫 I had my mom try to pop it with a pin but that only made things worse. I've been crying all day bc it's hurts to walk, lay down, sit down EVERYTHING😰 I've been trying these HOT compress which makes it feel a little better but unfortunately the pain is still unbearable! So after a HOT bath, I dried the area well & took the lining of an egg & placed it over the boil. this is supposedly is going to bring it to a head. Pray for me guys! 🙏


So after reading these post, I went rumbling through my house searching for any of the items mentioned here; only to find I hand none, but what I did have was a huge jar of noxema!! Lol yes!! As soon as I rubbed it on along with a hot compress the pain immediately went away!! Noxema good for the face and boils!!.... who knew.


I am a 30 year old female. For the past 4 days I have been in excruciating pain from a boil located right to the left of my 'u know what' towards my groin area. Wearing panties and pants is like hell!! I had a boil in the past located on the right side that I got lanced in the ER a couple of years ago. It was very embarrassing and sooo painful. This time I wanted to find some remedy I could do at home to get rid of it. My boil had grown to the size of a golf ball, maybe a little larger, and would not come to a head. I was getting very desperate and came close to just going to an urgent care clinic. I tried multiple remedies I found online to include, hot water, glass bottle, warm compress, salt, toothpaste, antibacterial soap, bactine, boil ease, baking powder, peroxide, oxypads, ..... I finally went to cvs and got some tea tree oil, ichtammol ointment, and adhesive gauze pads. I got home last night around 7pm, took a shower, and applied the tea tree oil then the ichtammol ointment. I covered it with a gauze pad and layed down. I couldn't help but to keep checking it to see if it made progress....and nothing. It was still there and still hurting. I cleaned it, applied more tea tree oil and ichtammol ointment, and covered it with new gauze. I went to sleep around 10:30pm. I woke up around 3:30am this morning to use the bathroom and noticed that the gauze pad was coming off and filled with nasty goo. I peeled the gauze all the way off and say my boil draining. It was white and creamy with traces of blood. The pressure has definitely gone down but it still has a ways to go. I washed it and reapplied the tea tree oil and ichtammol ointment and clean gauze pad. It is now 6 am and it's been 2 hours since I last dressed it and I'm in a lot lot lot less pain, thank God! I will wait until around 8 or 9am to check it and redress it. I'm feeling very good about this!! Thank u everyone for taking the time to post about this and help people like me out.


I get boils almost anywhere I had one on my face before under arm pit which I had to stay in the hospitol for two day, I had one under my stomach that hurt so bad, one on my butt and on going boil back and forth on my butt crack. But this last time it hurt so bad I couldn't go to work, take care of my kids (18months and 4years), I hurt to lay down stand, sit down so using the bathroom was not ideal. After going through this site I put tooth paste and Epson salt on a hot towel put it on my boil and the next morning even though I gave it a little help it was draining by morning. Still sore but so happy to talk care of my babies without being on a scale of 1-10 pan at a 9+. Hope his help :-)


Wanted to thank everyone who posted remedies for these awful things. I'm 30 years old and I've suffered from multiple boils every year since I was a teenager. I've had one lanced by a doctor and never want to do that again cause OUCH! I usually get them on my private area or on my butt but my usual remedy is just to take a hot bath and use warm compresses. That usually brings it to a head fast. But I just got one on the lower part of my stomach and not sure if it was the location or what but it was by far the most painful one I've experienced. I was almost in tears and I have a high pain tolerance! I broken 2 fingers (while pregnant so no pain meds!) and had a 10 hour natural labor and delivery and this pain was right up there with them.

Anyway, I started with a long soak in the tub with the water as hot as I could stand it. Did nothing so I used warm compresses for a bit. Even the compresses hurt! That's when I hit the internet and searched for home remedies. Discovered this site and read through most of the remedies. Decided to try some things I had on hand. First I used toothpaste and added a layer of vapor rub. Bandaged it up and left it for a few hours. Before I went to bed, I cleaned it with peroxide and Dial soap. Added some Campho Phenique and bandaged again. I noticed it wasn't nearly as sore when I got up this morning but just left it alone for a few hours. Just gathered more supplies and hit the bathroom to doctor it some more and when I pulled the bandage off, 'stuff' started gushing everywhere! I ended up using 4 big wads of toilet tissue to get all the blood and pus cleaned up. I cleaned it again with peroxide and Dial and used Neosporin and bandaged it again in case it still leaks. It's still tender and sore but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I hope to never have one this bad again but if I ever do, I now know things to try to speed the process again and get relief because these things are awful!!


I Had the hugest boil for a few days, when it finally started to drain I found out it was a carbuncle (multiple boils under the skin). It was right on the side of my girl part near the crease of my leg, boy did was was I in sooooo much pain. Hot compresses work best for that. But in order to stay away from doctors and surgery (lancing) is to drain it yourself right? Right. That's the only way it will get better. Anyways my mom went walgreens (so I'm sure any drug store carries it) and asked the pharmacist, he said the BEST stuff for boils was PRID, it comes in a little orange box. It was about 9bucks kind of expensive but we'll worth it. He was definitely right, it brought mine to a head the first day I used it, it's draining and my boil (boils) are almost fully gone!!! Hope I could help. I couldn't resist posting on this website and recommending the stuff !


Hi there...i just had a boil bust after three long days of pain OMG..I used Aleve for the pain and neosporin for the boil and coverd it with gauls instintly u can feel it comming to a head i did that about two or three times a day....and wen i checked on it to change it..there was always something on the gauls....thank god it worked feeling muuuuuuch better now culdnt walk or sleep and i got a 7mnth old and a 3 year right....hope this help u as well...bye


I have ben reading these ideas and I have seen several that mentioned DIAL
SOAP.. I bought a large bandaid 2'x4'
and cut a paper towel to that size.
That night I rubbed some DIAL face soap
on it and put it on my neck. Next morning it had drawn stuff from the boil and was feeling better. Same thing
the next night...even better results


Hey guys, I had a carbuncle a few days ago, I used neosporin and boil ease which only helped for the pain, I went back home and applied white toothpaste and it started draining within literally an hour, use toothpaste alone guys, it also works amazingly, just spread it on the boil or cluster, hope this helps

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