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I'm 23 years old and I had to start off 2014 with the most painful experience of my life. I've never had a boil like this. I'm prone to bumps along my bikini line and butt checks but they usually were not painful and would go away in a week.

I did not realize how serious this boil was until it caused me more pain and continued to grow to a little bit bigger than the size of a golfball. I thought I was chaffing and put baby powder on it. Helped temporarily but that was it. By the next day (NYE) I searched online for remedies. Ichthammol and tree tea oil were one of the most popular remedies so I tried that. You can get both items at the first aid section of CVS.

I cleaned the boil and and surrounding area with soup and water. Put tree tea oil on gauze and pat it on the boil. Then took the Ichthammol and placed it directly on the gauze and covered the boil. I taped the gauze down and continued this same process over the next 2 days every 4-5 hours.

Overnight it begin draining big time! I was relieved to see it working but the size had not gone down nor was pain gone. The following day I took 2 hot baths for approximately 30-45 each while doing hot compresses. It made my boil extremely sore and brought me more pain. As I went to bed that night the pain was so bad it brought me to complete tears. I literally had to cry myself to sleep. Fortunately, early the next morning my boil had finally popped! Literally the golf ball mass disappeared. I am still doing this remedy to make sure all the fluid and blood are draining. But there is less pain and I can walk a little bit better.

My advice is to treat the boil as early as you detect it. I could have saved myself so much pain...


So I had a boil next to my breast for the longest time. I would say about a week. I used everything I read about; boule ease, toothpaste, antibiotic cream. Until I found PRIDS. It's a drawing salve that will draw the boil out to a head and pop. I recommend sea salt soaks and warm wash cloth compresses. The heat helps the boil soften and to ease. After doing the sea salt soaks and using the PRIDS salve for 3 days, my boil popped. INSTANT RELIEF! I hated my life for that week haha. I would say the sea salts soaks helped the most and is what eased my boil. I just bout regular non iodine sea salt in the grocery isle and used hot water and soaked my boob in it for about 10-15 min twice a day before putting on the PRIDS.


So 2 days I go I noticed a boil next to my honey pot,lol.....The pain though wasn't funny at all,I could hardly sit nor walk. So yesterday I took dry yeast ,about 2 full tablespoons and mixed it with half a glass of tap water.... I drank the mixture. Not very pleasant to the taste buds but I had to do it,Then before O went bed I soaked myself in. very hot bath for 30 minutes,got out and applied colgate to the boil,more like smear it,covered it with a cotton wool and out elastoplast on top. To my surprise when I woke up this morning it jade burst and the pain was no more. Hope this helps.


Bacon worked for me! I sat in a very hot bath when I got out of the bath I dried off and the boil popped, put a small piece of Bacon on the boil covered it with gauze and the pain was not so bad.


For the last 2 years I have suffered from a boil that consistently comes back once every 2-4 months. It is in a very, well, how do I say this.... uncomfortable place (my left labia majora, to be technical). At first I would always go to the emergency room or my doctor because it is unbearable (red, hot to the touch, swollen doesnt begin to describe it, and it makes me feel like I have the flu: aches, chills, etc.). This time my fiance decided he was going to try something new without me constantly going to the doctor and racking up UN-godly amounts of debt.

He made a liqidy-paste from Tumeric (we used the capsules and snapped them to get the powder out), tea tree oil and cornmeal. I applied it to a surgical pad/gauze and changed it every time I went to use the restroom. I know it sounds very weird, but I used it for 2 days consecutively in turn with an Epsom salts bath and shower before bed, applying only tea tree oil at night and another bath and shower when I woke. After the initial two days I felt it slowly healing itself (less red, less swollen and not as painful), and began pulling back on the paste a little (it does make for an almost raw feeling if used too much) and used tea tree oil only if I was going to work. I am a week past this experience and am feeling great! We found everything we needed at the local supermart and the biggest thing is I didn't have to go through yet another dose of antibiotics.


I discovered I had a red pump that was very hard on my inner right thigh. I thought it was just an ingrown hair and tried to pop it, umm never will I do that again! Well the hardness got worse and the pain increased. Come to find out it was a boil. I read so many things online about what to do. My boil was a smaller one compared to what I had read. Mine was about an inch wide (all under the skin, very hard) and it had a pimple looking pump on the surface of my skin about the size of the tip of my middle finger. The pain was horrible I had to do something. I sat in the bath tub with the water extremely hot for about an hour. That really helps the pain! I put toothpaste on the boil once I got out of the bath tub and dried off. I covered the toothpaste and the boil with gauze and medical tape. Within an hour it was starting to break open and bleed and had some white discharge mixed with the blood. I applied another hot compress (I just heated up a wet washcloth in the microwave) I applied that for about 20min then applied more tooth paste and gauze and went to sleep. When I woke up it had really drained and only have a little hard spot on my thigh. I applied more tooth paste and gauze to get me threw the work day. After the rest of the stuff is gone I will apply Neosporin and keep it covered until completely healed. So happy the toothpaste and hot compresses worked, I do not have health insurance and really can’t afford to go to the doctor.


I had this boil on the top of my butt crack foralmost a week now and I am in unbearable pain. I woke up in tears. I find myself waking up at 4 am taking hot showers to help me sleep. My bf looked at it and said it looks like its about to pop so he went to the drug store to get something to drain it and bring to a head. I feel like I had the plague and god is punishing me


I have a boil the size of Texas on my butt. Basically after I had spent the day crying in pain and after countless YouTube videos and google searches I found this website. I tried the toothpaste thing but oh dear lord that sting so bad so I washed it off and proceeded to just sit in a hot bath, like my face was sweating it was so hot, for roughly twoish hours. When I got up to get out this nasty goo was just floating in the water. I feel little to no pain now and it is still draining after being out of the water for a while which is fine with me. I have never felt pain like I did with this boil, note I have slammed my fingers into multiple car doors and have had other painful injuries. Long story short, hot water. Just soak in it as long as your little heart desires and do it multiple times a day. Bring a book because it gets boring. Another little side note. Eat raisins. Lots of raisins. Apparently they are supposed to help keep boils from forming. A handful of raisins a day keeps the boils away. Hope this helps.


Thank you guys for all sharing. I thought I was going crazy that this little pimple on my butt hurt so bad! I couldn't sit it sleep for 2 days. I tried popping till I almost fainted. Finally I read this page and it was music to my ears. I used the 'Abbreva' method (because its what I had in the medicine cabinet. I applied it 3 times a day one day. Followed by hot compress of extremely hot washcloths that i put in zip loc bags cause inhale the wet feeling. Squeezed the at out and put the hot cloth between my underwear and my skin and tried to sleep. I woke up this morning at 1 am in unbeatable pain. I applied more abbreva and noticed a head appearing. I resisting squeezing because it hurt so bad I couldn't imagine applying pressure. I made anther hot compress and managed to fall asleep. At 6 am I woke up in so much pain I that i went to the bathroom and pulled at the skin (like I read on here to do) and the thig EXPLODED! I am not kidding. On the bathroom skink, mirror, lotion bottle. Everywhere. It's was greenish yellowish yucky-ness. But there was also an instant (and I mean instant) sigh if relief and a weight f pressure lifted off of my body. While very painful, a good pain to feel. I didn't have to squeeze much for drainage because I instantly started bleeding a lot. I cleaned in a tub with warm water and the shower sprayer as I didn't want to sit in a pool of drainage. I followed up with rubbing alcohol and now it's covered in hydrocortisone and a gauze. I feel some pain but no where near like before. Thanks for all of your stories the helped me through this!


I had a horrible boil on my butt about the size of a golf ball. I couldn't sit lay down or sleep.I looked to the internet for a remedy and there was a suggestion of toothpaste. I didn't have anything here so what did I have to lose at 3 AM. I applied covered with gauze ...taped and went to sleep. To my surprise, when I awoke in the morning my gauze was covered with all sorts of goop. It works and if I ever get one again I won't suffer for a week.

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