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I have suffered from boils in cluster on my armpits for four years. I get them about once every two months. I get into a hot, hot shower and spray the water as hot as it can go directly on it for about 5 minutes. Then I rinse it with white vinegar, wash it with hibiclens, and rinse with vinegar again. I cake baking soda on it and let it stay there for about five minutes. Then i put a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on a washcloth and rub it for a couple more minutes. When I get out of the shower, it oozes pus and blood like you wouldn't believe. It is painless and only takes about 15 minutes. Well, relatively painless, touching any boil hurts. I definitely recommend washing with hibiclens (you can get it at any drug store), vinegar and baking soda! Make sure to wash with a disinfecting soap such as hibiclens while treating the boil and for a while after the boil is gone, because the boil is caused by a bacteria, and will only come back if the bacteria is still present.


I developed a huge boil on the side of my hoohaa due to exercising excessively. The pain was so bad I couldn't walk or sit. I got fed up and searched online when Prid was taking too long to work.

I found a remedy for vinegar and flour. Make it into a paste and apply it to your boil. Put non-adhesive gauze and tape it on there. It burns like crazy! But the boil had busted within an hour and I had so much relief!


I have been prone to boils in my bikini area since I began shaving. I have even had to go to the doctor/ER to have them lanced several times, not only is that extremely painful but leaves a scar each time. The size of the boils vary each time, sometimes they are small enough where they heal themselves and others need A LOT more attention and seem to appear over night without warning! I have been suffering from yet another boil in my bikini area for two days. I can barely walk, sleeping is a challenge and heaven forbid I touch it, I go through the roof! I started googling some home remedies to see if there was anything I could try, I was desperate! I read a review of a product named PRID and thought I would give it a try. It's a drawing substance that can help bring boils to a head. Skeptical I still took the trip to Walgreens and bought the product. I applied it before bed after taking a hot bath and washing the area, I covered the area with a bandaid and went to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling no different, still the same pain and discomfort. I took another hot bath and applied more product and covered it. Just two hours after being up I noticed that the area was starting to have white areas, like a whitehead. I proceeded to take another bath and apply a warm compress and while in the bath the area began to drain and I had instant relief! I was shocked, I couldn't believe the product actually worked, I've tried everything in the past without success. Once the draining had subsided I washed the area and applied more PRID and a bandaid with bacitracin and a dressing. I'm waiting to see how it feels later on in the day but for right now I'm feeling a million times better! I'll continue to keep the area clean and dress it daily. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with the horrible pain from boils.


After getting a painful boil on my butt that feels like its been burning for a few days the following is what I would do after knowing what I know now...

You need the following from the grocery store(because its cheaper than a pharmacy)

1) non stick pads maybe 4x4
2) medical tape to tape pads to your skin
3)antibiotic cream

from the pharmacy
1) drawing salve..if you go to Walgreens they have one called 'prids drawing salve', if you go to CVS get 'CVS Drawing Salve Ichthammol Ointment'

Apply the drawing salve on the boil, this will help it bring it to a head and will help it also erupt/drain faster. It will also ease the pain.

Then apply the salve on the non stick pad(bandage) and tape it over the boil

It will take a few days maybe to draw the boil out and keep changing and repeating the salve a few times a day.

Look up the amazon reviews on these products they are mostly positive.

Do not attempt to squeeze out the boil. If you really want to try to get the boil out which I did too, is

to get a glass clean coke bottle (with the long neck)

fill it about 1/3rd of the way with hot almost boiling water (I used boiling water),

put the tip of the bottle to the boil so that the head of the boil is in the center. Hold up the bottle with slight pressure so no air escapes and as the water cools down it will draw out the gunk from inside the boil and into the bottle. Keep it on it for a few minutes maybe 3-5 minutes and after that replace the water with more hot water and repeat again. Each time I did this it pulled out gunk along with small white particles of puss and also black/dark red particles

At one point while doing this I noticed the white gunk that was coming out was moving so slow and hardly coming out anymore so with tweezers my wife grabbed the little tip that was peeking out and pulled it out, and it was about a 1 inch long piece of almost solid puss that came out!

You can youtube 'glass bottle boil' or something similar to see it done.

liz f.

Thank you to everyone Who has posted. I had a ingrown hair/boil on my private and while it was small and not very painful it was definitely infected. It staryed when I tweezed a infected hair and it kept getting red so I kept tweezing the hair out etcetc. Its important to aide the hair out of the skin.

I started with tea tree and neosporin. After reading so many things about drawing salve I picked up a tin of prid.

I was hoping for a dramatic eruption, that didnt happen. Within two days swelling was signifigantly down. It's still healing.

PRID may not be as miraculous as some people claim, but it works and im trying it on other stubborn skin blemishes.I'm happy to add it to my skin care arsenal.


I had a boil right on my bikini line and i came across his website. I actually put colgate on it and when i went to the bathroom it had burst out. Its still painful but not like before . My question ua do i keep putting the colgate until all the pass and blood come out. It really was disgusting but Im glad some of it is out.


Allow two ice cubes to melt on the boil completely. I did this for a big boil on my foot, it was gone when the ice had melted and hasn't come back! Boils thrive on heat so it makes sense and this remedy eliminates pain!!

No more pain

Draining a boil

I have one on my inner thigh and finally found something that helps drain it.
Here are my steps:

1~ go to walgreens and purchase a product called BOIL EASE ointment($12~$15)
2~ take a hot shower letting the water hit the boil directly...I used vagisil ph balance for sensitive skin to clean infected area (the boil)
3~ thoroughly dry the area and cleaning it with peroxide using a cotton ball lightly against boil ( do not hold cotton ball with peroxide over the infected area as it will really hurt, I know because I did it almost brought me to tears.
4~ apply boil ease to infected area and cover it with gauze using medical tape to hold gauze in place.
Repeat these steps two to three times a day and you will be successful

Good luck


Hey I had a terrible painful boil that had lasted about 4 days each day the pain got worst so I knew soon it was going to pop but this one was a doozy. I soaked 2-3 times a day and put boil ease on it until eventually it would come to a head , I tried the tooth paste thing but it just made it angrier(that's before I tried the boil ease) and not only does the boil ease help it come to a head but it also helps relieve the pain not completely but enough for you to relax. I put on the boil ease everytime I got out a suuuuuuper hot bath, and I know it may hurt but it help to try to move around a little to help the boil pop. I'm telling you boil ease will help the situation alot faster, did I mention this boil was on the right bottom side of my vaginal lip it hurt like the Dickens I couldn't sit, barely walk laying down was the only thing I could do. On the same day I bought the boil ease it popped later on that night , even when it does pop its good to soak in hot water once more it helps loosen up the bacteria in your boil so that it can drain much easier, don't forget that everytime you clean it put on a gauze even after it popped drainage can last maybe two days. You will feel soooooo much better afterwards and extremely clean. Well I hope this helps somebody cause I feel your pain. Good luck.


I had a huge boil next to my, um, haha. I could hardly walk, couldn't sit down, & even laying down comfortably was something of a challenge. I tried soaking in a hot tub & that just made the boil swell & become more painful. I tried hot tea bags & spent more time trying to keep them in place. As a last resort, I decided to try Crest toothpaste. Every time I used the restroom, I cleaned the area with a warm washcloth & reapplied a thick layer of toothpaste. By the time I sat down for dinner, the boil had ruptured & drained down to less than half the size that it was when I woke up. The whole process took less than 12 hours!

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