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1st timer

you can try all the home remedies like I did for my first boil. Prid, toothpaste, but 2 days later it was the size of a potato and numbing pain down my leg. went to emergency room, cut it open, admitted to hospital for 3 days, a gallon of antibiotics, and an open wound that needs packed and dressed and needs to heal from the inside out. Doctor said the infection could have gotten to my groin and I could have lost my testicles or had to have then inserted in my legs, until they graphed together a new sack which happens to some guys. Go to a doctor have him look at it and tell you how to treat it


I got a boil in my groin, which was extremely painful and made walking, sitting and moving very difficult. On the second day, after not being able to get a doctors appointment, and the pain worsening, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I made a paste using a small onion, 2 or 3 garlic cloves, vinegar (I think cider vinegar would be better but I only had malt, so used that!), and dissolved Epsom salts in a bit of hot water. I blitzed it all in the food processor (you could just very finely chop until mush) - I then applied to the boil and kept it on for a couple of hours, occasionally reapplying more paste if needed. I also had a couple of hot Epsom salt baths. On the evening, the boil came to a head and drained - what relief! I am currently nursing the remaining wound, which is proving to be equally tricky, however much less painful.

I hope this remedy can help someone else get some relief. If anyone has any advise about after-boil care, please let me know. Thanks x


Ok so I'm submitting this because I cant find anyone who really wants to disclose the location of this boil. I have a boil on the inside of my vaginal lips, on the mucous membrane. It hurts like , well you know what. I went to the hospital and couldn't bring myself to get it lanced. So I came home from work and took a hot bath and put ichthammol on it and a couple pieces of folded toilet paper. About an hour later it has popped and is draining. There is relief but it still hurts, after all is an open wound. But I just packed it with more toilet paper, because it's 2am and I'm not going to get guaze. So if you have this problem, try this. In the morning I will also clean it and do.the toilet paper thing but probably with neosporin, because of where it is, and keep cleaning it and changing everything. I work in a real hot factory so it will be a challenge. Hopefully this will help.some poor girl who may have the same issue.


I had a really painful boil on back of my leg. L-lysine worked- took about 5 tablets. Yes, this is higher than normal recommended dose, but worked in a day! I took that for about 3 days, to be sure it was completely gone. Worked fast!


This page has been a godsend. I've been getting painful boils on my buttocks and chest since '95. The pain is a sharp jolt through my nervous system. It'll literally bring me to tears. Can't walk, sit, lay down, etc.

I've read every post on here and I just wanted to say thank you. I thought I was alone in all this. Now I know that i'm not the only one.

As i'm posting this, I have a terrible painful boil the size of a tennis ball on my left buttock. I will power on. Not going to the clinic to get it lanced. I'm taking epson hot baths twice a day and popping ibuprofin.

Y'all just made me stronger. God bless.


Home Treatment for 'BOILS'
I had a boil on my lower lip near cheek.
and this home remedy helped me.
1. Take few pieces of jaggery.
2. Melt the jaggery on a lower flame in a small pan and put some turmeric power in it and mix it well.
3. Once the jaggery is melted, let it warm for 1 or 2 mins.
4.OR take some melted jaggery in a spoon to check to see if you can tolerate the heat.
5. Put the warm melted jaggery on a thin cotton cloth or any muslin cloth.
6. Hold the cloth from bottom put it on the place where the boil is and tie the cloth with some bandage.
7. Keep it for few hours.
8. there is ot of heat in Jaggery so it helps the would to ooze out the pus.
9. The whole procedure works well if you do it before going to bed.
10. Remove the bandage slowly in the next morning.
11. Repeat the process for 2 to times once before going to bed and remove the bandage and clean the oozing pus with cotton pads dipped in warm water or with and cotton cloth dipped in warm water.
11. In 3 or 4 days you will see the boil is drying and you will start feeling better.


I had a boil on my shoulder and learned the hard way not to attempt to drain it with copper wiring. Now I stick to baking soda and a banana peel.

mike v

felt a boil coming on my scrotum and could not get to dr.started taking olive leaf extract evry 4 hrs 180 mg oleoropein and applied dmso 3x a day.also used campho phenique 4x a day,clean area before using dmso.
also did toothpaste on 3rd day 3x and it burst on its own that night and is almost healed.drained only a few hrs.good luck


Yesterday I noticed that my normally wonderfully happy but suddenly a complete grump-fest of a toddler (one year old today) had a tiny pimple on her buttox. I mean I barely noticed it because it was so small. Then today I was playing with her and I patted her butt, when she fell down screaming. I immediately thought about that tiny pustule and thought, 'That shouldn't hurt THAT bad.: I pull back her diaper only to find that the tiny bump I had known from the day before was gone and replaced with a MONSTROUS boil. I mean it is an inch by and inch and a half, and hard as a rock. However when I patted her butt gently I had popped the ginormous thing so there was pus and blood all over the back of her diaper. I took the diaper off and washed her off with a baby wipe and went to run her a bath. I drained it while she was in the tub so that it wouldn't hurt so much. (Boils like this run in my family bad, so I knew this from experience.) I then did a lot of research online as I have always treated my own with hot compresses, warm baths and anti-biotics... I had to find a natural remedy for my little Monster because the type of anti-biotics that help boils is those from the penicillin family, which her father has a deadly allergy to, and I would rather be safe than sorry and not put her through the Hell of an allergy test at this age. I found that Tea Tree and Apple Cider Vinegar come up A LOT. So I took a spare baby wipes container and mixed these together (I have Tea Tree shampoo) then added some baby wipes that had been washed off in hot water to remove all their chemicals so as not to affect my treating her. I washed the boil's wound off with a regular baby wipe, sprayed it with peroxide, let it sit then wiped it off, and ripped about a fourth of a wipe off with the vinegar and Tea Tree on it. I used this wipe to wipe her off, mind you that the vinegar is said to have an unpleasant burn to it. However I let it dry much to her protests, then re-diapered her. When I looked at it half an hour later it was much less red and she was crying much less. I will post an update once I see how well and at what rate this works, however so far it is doing wonderful!


I suddenly got a boil on my thigh and it soon made it impossible to work. I looked online as to what this was. I became a vegetarian {not necessary} in order to remove the healthy diet part. The pain was getting worse and I got another on my butt.
I made an appointment to see the Dr. in a couple of days so I decided to try the MMS or chlorine dioxide. I've had this for a couple of years but didn't need to try it. It works by oxygenating the blood and kills all pathogens and parasites viruses whatever is not natural in our bodies. Sounds way too good to be true.
I took 6 drops with 30 drops of real lemon every hour for six hours and two soaking baths. When I woke up the next morning the pain that made it impossible to walk was gone and I could sit again.
So I just took 2 more soaks in the bath using the MMS knowing I was going to see the Dr. the next day.

I say the Dr. who took a culture and prescribed antibiotics. The culture was MRSA staff I must admit I took the antibiotic and the level of pain went down to almost nothing. I stopped taking the MMS and in 2 days the pain was back in full.

I stopped taking the antibiotics and went back to the MMS and that day the pain stopped and my boils became so itchy (a good thing). Its been 3 weeks and nothing no boils my skin has healed where the boils were, probably because I kept doing the MMS baths twice a day. Right where the boil is there seem to be so much goo that would come out of the center of the boil, it just seemed to work.
The only reason I'm writing is the pain is enough to share this with people who are great fans of hospitals. My Dr. wanted me to go to the hospital. Google MMS and get some it cheap because its a mineral

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