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use thc lotion and baby whips were ever it is you will never see one again


I've been getting large, painful boils in my inner thighs/buttocks regularly for years. There was never any rhyme nor reason to it, either. I tried keeping track of foods I ate, my menstrual cycle, anything I could possibly think of to see if I could detect a pattern. And there was nothing. It's usually once or twice a month, & there's never been any set time frame in between the flare ups.

I came on here & tried countless remedies to get rid of them once they would appear, but what I really wanted was to STOP getting them altogether.

I read that eating raisins is supposed to help prevent them, so I figured I'd give that a try. The last boil I had was in late February of this year. I started eating raisins every day once that one cleared up. And I'm very happy to report that I had not gotten ONE single boil since then.

UNTIL - I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago & I completely forgot about eating raisins. What do you know? Within one week, I had another painful boil appear.

Needless to say, I'm back to eating raisins every day. I just eat one of those little snack boxes of raisins each day - that's it. I was worried that it might not be enough, but it certainly seemed to do the trick.

So I'd suggest giving raisins a try. It worked for me.


I've been getting boils in my armpit, groin, and buttocks areas for over a decade now and, while they can't be completely cured, there are a few remedies I stick to in order to limit the amount of boils I get and to get them to go away.

When you have boils, you want to be extremely hygienic. This means changing your clothing and undergarments regularly, taking frequent showers, and making sure your bed sheets/blankets are regularly washed with an unscented detergent. When you're taking a shower, use either an antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. I prefer Hibiclens, which is about $10 at Walgreen's. If you cannot afford antimicrobial washes, antibacterial soaps like Safeguard or Dial work well too.

Also, you want to make sure that your body creases (common problem areas) are as dry as possible. Moisture is a typical cause of boils and breakouts, so after showering, exercising, or periods of sweating, apply a medicated body powder to your creases to reduce moisture. You could even use a blow dryer after showering.

If you have a stubborn/painful boil, applying a bit of Ichthammol Ointment (drawing salve or black salve) to the area and covering it with gauze and surgical tape is very helpful. It smells extremely bad and will temporarily stain the skin a brown color but it helps tremendously and the boil should be drawn out overnight. You could find it over the counter at any drug store for about $7.


okay so I looked at all these remedies on this site and tried at least four of them. I have been getting boils since I've been age 16. I am 28 now. I get at least two boils a year in my genital area and Ed is the worst pain ever. I have tried sticking a needle in it to pop it. I have tried going to the emergency room. All that hurt like holy hell.

3 days ago I noticed that I was beginning to get a boil on the left side of my vagina. 2 days ago I noticed that I was also getting another one on the right side of my vagina. I take it as I have been working out a lot and sweating a lot. I take at least two showers a day and I thought that this was the nastiest thing I have ever saw. so I decided to Google home remedies for boils instead of going to the ER. I do not have any health insurance. last night I decided to try some of the remedies. First I tried using a which the pain immensely! Next I tried to used the toothpaste method to bring it to a head. In which it only helps to ease the pain for some reason.Finally I put ichthammol ointment $10.99 (rite aid), crushed non-coated asprin $1.00 and boil ease ($8.99 rite aid) and gauze (no tape-it pulls the hairs )on it. The pharmacist said not to use it all at the same time but by this time I was desperate!!! I did all this at 9 o'clock in the morning and then went to the beach at 1 to a gf2f amily reunion. I got home at 4 o'clock and lo and behold my boil was draining. Talk about relief


Boils - 1 Homeopathic Remedy using Walmart supplies.

Materials: All Natural Self-drawing salve, called 'Smile's PRID' & Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads (Hydrocolloid adhesive pads)

Procedure: I recently had a large boil on my breast. This has been a recurring problem, but this was a great problem to which I seriously considered going to the emergency room for. The pain was excruciating.

I found the PRID salve and Hydrocolloid band aids at Walmart. Then, I took a hot, hot shower, cleaning the entire area. When I got out I dried off and put the salve on and around the area. I covered it with the bandaid. It finally popped and the pressure relieved that night. I sanitizes my hands and gently cleaned and allowed the sore to drain using sterile gauze and wiping clean with PRID. I repeated this twice a day, and 3 days later, all the streaking and swelling is down, and I'm just keeping it clean, bleaching my towels, and repeating the same thing until it healed... But I so let it breathe and dry at night now.

first timer

Had a quarter size boil in my butt crack. Was nervous about using vaporub n that sensitive of a area so used a vapo pad from a humidifier. Did a hot compress for 5 min then put the pad on a fresh hot compress for another 5 mins and when i removed it it had popped. Thank god.


A boil appeared just left of my hooha the day before I was going away for a weekend. It came overnight and was the size of two conjoined walnuts. I couldn't sit without wincing and walked like I'd had an accident. Within two days, I was in tears and incredible pain. I wasn't able to get to my GP before leaving. By the third day of having it, I was so desperate that I tried the toothpaste method and left it on overnight. It didn't train but it did bring a bit of a head to it. I found a chemist and bought some Magnesium Sulphate paste (it's under £2 a pot) and some breathable waterproof gauze, along with a big box of Epsom Salts. I covered the boil in the paste after a hot Epsom bath and left it over night. Nothing. It was so bad, I cried the next morning with self pity. I tried the process again all day, and then the next night. Then utter relief! I woke, went to the bathroom and there it all was, draining out down the loo! The pain didn't immediately disappear but I was certainly much relieved!

I found a local GP who prescribed antibiotics and said if it doesn't drain completely, I'll have to have it surgically dealt with! So, two days after the initial drain, I'm still covering it with the Magnesium Sulphate paste and gauze.

Magnesium Paste is just Epsom Salts so now I know, if I was ever in trouble like that again, I'd work with the toothpaste and salt on a dressing.

I've never had a boil before and I hope never to have one again! I sympathise with everyone who gets them! I'm just hoping now that I can keep draining it so I don't have to have a knife near my hooha!


ok so i been get rid of this boil i have had it on my hoowho lip and it big i cant walk and cant walk any of that and i am scared of the hospital so i just put tooth paste on it with a hot compress so i up date and see what happens 8:11pm


I looked on here yesterday after realizing I had (yet another) boil on my bottom, a very very big one. I read here that someone had used Vicks Vapor Rub. I had my doubts about rubbing Vicks onto a big boil on my bum, but then I thought, what have I got to lose? So I put a layer of Vicks Vapor Rub onto a wound dressing and stuck it over the boil. 2-3 hours later - done, problem solved, the boil burst on its own without me having to do anything, and saved me an embarrassing second trip to the doctors! I'm amazed this works! I really hope someone reads this and finds it useful, and I hope it saves someone else an embarrassing doctors trip!


Hey guys! I'm 23 and have been suffering from boils since I was 8 years old. I get them under my arm and in the groin area. 😬YIKES! They are very painful and the ones that appear where the sun doesn't shine usually come a week before my cycle is due. 😟 I usually take antibiotics and they'll go away on their own but I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant so I'm very limited to what I can use/take. I've found that a mixture of toothpaste and Vic's vapor rub helps tremendously. Since it's hard for me to get in out of the tub I run water as hot as I can stand it in the shower directly on the boil and then i carefully cleaned it with soap and water. After showering I dried it carefully as much as I could. talk about painful x10!!! 😖😩 next I got some gauze and applied toothpaste and Vic's together and made a paste. I then placed the gauze onto the boil and taped it directly onto the boil. within 30 minutes I started to feel tingling. 2 hours later I went to the bathroom and VIOLA! the boil had stared to drain and the pain was completely gone! 🙌🙏 I hope this helps! oh and I used close up cinnamon red gel toothpaste by the way! Good luck!! 😊

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