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I have never did what any of u do....funny.sorry, but they are.
Consider bacteria, ground clive n black almond nut ground into a non acidic drink. Cut out high-futose sugars. Honey is amazing. I personally like popping em. Lol I mean why should I be in hell, if the puss needs out. Just be clean. Drink that drink like 3 times a day for a wk. N then ir add it to ur non milk yogurt, it will help. Just keep in mind bacteria n acidic drinks. Which ironically has lot to do with immunity. Yep human biology fun.

Veronica relieved

I have had my boil for 4 days and nothing works fast enough but today I tried hemroid cream which I have used in the past for my children I completely forgot about it because there's be on the arm or the leg or the buttocks but the hemorrhoid cream or the Pads works miracles. within 3 hours I felt no more pain and it started to shrink I would say that the hemorrhoids sab did just what it was supposed to do even for a boilwas supposed to do even for a boil


I can laugh now, but for two long days I suffered my first big boil (golf ball size) in the weirdest spot fold of buttock. It hurt so this site and took the very warm shower where concentrated on site, and bought the itchmathol (black drawing salve) covered it, went to sleep, and it was draining by morning. I will always keep this remedy in mind!!


No word of a lie. I found the best remedy. I've been dealing with these buggars for close to 10 years and have used everything suggested. Two nights ago I got a boil on my inner right thigh. I crushed a piece of garlic and put it straight on the boil covered with a bandaid and let sit for at least an hour. The next morning it was literally a bloody mess. But the boil popped and now no pain but an ugly gash. So will continue with polysporin and vitamin e and cross my fingers it doesn't scar. The garlic stings but am tough so took it like a champ. But it honestly works!


I have HS and get boils many times a
month. I have had these little/big demons
for 20yrs. They will get worse with age! At
1st I would only get them maybe once every 6
months, now they never stop. Boil eaze
and a doctor. Before they pop they are just
a painful boil after they pop you run a big
chance of getting a bad and even possibe
life taking infection. Go to the doctor, I know
how it feels telling a doctor you have a boil on
your female/male parts. But they are a doctor
and has seen it all before.


I used to get horrid boils on my under arms when I was a kid.. and I switched deodorant to something that didn't have Aluminum zirconium in it, and they went away. I still have big scars from those nasty lil buggars, but at least they're gone. I used to get them between my legs as well, I was a really overweight kid, and once I lost the weight, the leg ones went away. I randomly get them on the top of my hoo-ha. but none have appeared until recently. id say at the beginning of the month, I saw one down there and im like 'well F.' so I used a warm compress before bed, and I woke up the next morning and it appeared to be going away. so I shaved the area clean just to make sure no ingrown hairs got in or near it. and I figured it would drain on its own. The past couple days, I've had 3 giant ones appear, and 2 small ones. what the literal F. they are SO painful! one drained on its own, and the others will NOT go away. I did a warm compress last night thinking it would help, and it did nothing. I stopped using anti bacterial soap, because I hear it was bad for your skin? but I cant stand the perfume scented frilly body soap, I feel like its not cleaning my body. after this painful outburst, I think i'll switch back. I cant believe I have 5, this is insane. I completely changed my diet back in January to really healthy, and ive kept with it. I guess diet has no impact on these things.. and I wear really loose clothes at work, so what could be causing them?! I'm going to try that ointment from rite aid y'all are saying, because im sick and tired of these damn things.


I've been dealing with boils for God knows how long. As a child my grandpa would always warm milk and salt together and place a piece of loaf bread in the mixture and let it absorb and then place the wet bread on my boil. As a child, that magically worked but now, not so much. This go round, I got one right under my left butt cheek & talk about painful! I tried everything, toothpaste, Vicks vapor rub, hot compresses with salt water, tea tree oil, everything I could possibly think of; no results! Early this morning (2am) I couldn't take the pain any more & walked to my local Wal-Mart & purchased Smiles PRID Drawing Salve. As soon as I walked into my house, straight to the bathroom I went. I cleaned the area with hot water & original dawn soap. I placed the Salve on the boil and some on a gauze, taped it up & went on to sleep. This morning when I woke up (9am) I cleaned the area again, same routine & place it on the boil again. Now it's 1:17 in the afternoon, not even 12 hours from the 1st application & the boil has dramatically went down in size & I'm happy to report that the boil now has a head on it. I've applied the Salve again & Now I'm just waiting for drainage! I've went from a golf ball size boil with horrible pain to next to nothing! Try Try this! It really works!! I hope this provides relief to you all because they really do hurt!

Amy C

I also JUST had a boil on my hoo-haw (not cool!) I treated with icthammol. It took about 12-14 hours to work, but it did! I had a boil on my butt 6 months ago and I tried to pick it. DON'T DO THAT. It ended up being a 2.5 week long ordeal and I ended up in the ER. This time I tried the Vicks Vaporub, I think it helped, but the icthammol worked! I have horses so I already had some sitting around, thank goodness! It was only a 5 day ordeal this time. I'm going to start showering with antibacterial soap and see if that helps. I had never had a boil until this year, and I'm 35 years old.


So I'm sitting here so thankful for this website because I saw this site yesterday and read through the remedies. I was in so much pain yesterday with this boil that I didn't even know what to do with myself. I had my friend go to rite and pick me up ichthammol Ointment and applied it yesterday around 2pm. About an hour ago today 6pm, I was sitting on my couch and moved just a little and nooo pain. I went to the bathroom to check and it drained!!! omg what a relief. Hot showers and the ichtmammol ointment caused it to drain. I'm so happy and felt the need to post on this site and hopefully someone else that has this painful boil can get relief as well. This site helped me so I also wanted to contribute


Both my son and myself have been suffering from boils in 'skin fold' areas. Under arms, groin and back of neck. After YEARS of trying various 'remedies' we have found staying away from cotton has proved successful. We suspect it has to do with keeping areas as dry as possible, allowing them to 'breath'. My son seems to think it is a reaction to the cotton fibers themselves. We both started wearing polyester and/or microfiber underwear & tees under cotton clothing and believe it or not .... we have not had any issues since. My son goes to the extreme of 'air drying' after a shower using a hair dryer. Myself I haven't found this necessary. Worth a try as these boils are so painful and such a nuisance and I have put up with them for over 30 years. Finally .... relief!

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