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I am currently in the process of relieving a boil from my chin. After reading many suggestions here and elsewhere, I decided on using warm compresses followed by the application of tea tree oil, lemon balm, and garlic oil. The boil is softening and shrinking daily, and probably will be gone in a day or two. It took a little over a week to get rid of it.


Just soak it with salt as soon as possible. The result is amazing and very fast.. i learned it from my grandfather and it really works


Golf ball sized boil in inner thigh. Could have been MRSA, I dunno. Started small, then I tried to squeeze and you can see that it spread into my leg, causing massive infection. Very painful.

A few days, no head. Then I got a fever so I knew it had to be drained. Refused to get it lanced. Here's what I did and it worked.

I covered the area in toothpaste and covered it with plastic wrap. Left on overnight. It burned. Next morning, the skin broke and a tiny bit of fluid was coming out. I cleaned the area, applied polysporin triple strength and taped some gauze over it.

I never squeezed anything out. I changed the bandage twice daily, leaving hot washcloths on for a bit between changing.

The wound drained itself over the course of about five days. I removed the bandage, the skin was raw and there was a hole about the size of a peppercorn, significantly smaller.p than before. At this point, I decided to give it air and let it dry out.

Three days of drying, no ointment, and the skin is flaking off. A bit itchy but zero pain, skin is nearly healed.

Hope this helps.


Used DMSO to open up a cyst that two doctors hesitated to lance. I don't know why. DMSO worked like a charm in a matter of a couple of days.


I suggest using Neosporin! It honestly helped make it go away and it wasn't painful at all


Hi friends,
I used to get boils almost every other month on thighs, buttocks etc. since couple of years and had to take antibiotics to cure the same.

Now, I have not got any boils since more than a year after making certain lifestyle changes so would like to share about the same. I hope it helps.

Cause: Though I am not sure about exact reasons for getting boils, however following could have been the contributing factors in my case:

- Constipation
- Anemia
- Poor immunity level
- Poor nutrition, Consuming junk, greasy and sugary foods on frequent basis
- Drinking tap water
- Stress due to long working hours at work
- Lack of physical exercise
- Poor hygiene
- Tight fitting clothes

Steps which I followed to stop re-occurrence of boils –

- Visited a Dermatologist who gave me a nasal ointment to be applied in nostrils. I continued this for a month.
- Dermatologist also gave me an antimicrobial/ antibacterial solution to bathe for underarms, thighs and buttocks. I continued this for 4 months and later started using antibacterial soaps for bathing, which are available at any local shops.
- Started drinking filtered water instead of tap water (Bought a water filter).
- Began practicing good personal hygiene by taking bath everyday, gently scrubbing using a loofah while showering once a week, cleaning clothes, undergarments, bedsheets, bathrooms and toilet seats on regular basis, etc.
- Included 30 to 45 mins of exercise in my daily routine, mainly yoga and deep-breathing exercises.
- Stopped wearing very tight fitting clothes and undergarments.

Diet changes:

- I was anemic, so cured that by taking supplements, and by having carrot-beetroot juice, dates and raisins on daily basis.
- I also had frequent constipation so included high-fibre foods such as oats, carrots, fruits, whole wheat, etc. to cure that. Stopped having junk, fried, greasy and sugary foods as much as possible.
- Followed detox diet for three weeks.


I've Been Suffering With Boils Since I Was 10 . I Was Scared To Tell My Mom And Just Waited Weeks For Them To Go Away . At First I Just Got Them On My Thighs But As Time Went On They Would Come Under My Arms . Finally I Told My Mom And She Told Me What To Do. Take A Egg And Crack It . Use The Egg White And Place It On The Boil . I Advise To Do It At Night So When You Wake Up You Can Clean It . The Egg White Brings The Boil To An Head Causing The Puss To Drain . I'm Currently Dealing With One On Both Legs . I Hope I Help Someone .

Good to go

When you got a boil under your arms use witch hazen and vick's vapor rub it really really really do work I swear to it


I use itchmathol and hot compresses. In addition i also put neosporin on the affected area. I have HS and this helps the most.


I have been getting boils on and off my whole life. One day i frantically searched the net as i was in excruciating pain and came across the potato method. Cut the but end of one side of the potato and tie down directly to the boil. The acid eats the boil up in hours. I reccommend you only try this method if it has almost come to a head. Sleep with it overnight. The whole boil will be drained completely. Make sure it is directly in contact with the tender part of the boil. Stay clean and keep hands sanitized. I always use gloves to prevent spreading... Miracle I tell u FUCKING MIRACLE..

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