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I have been getting boils since I was 13 years old. I mostly get them on my bikini line area which is extremely painful and very embarrassing! I went from having 1-3 boils every now and then to having 5-10 all the time. After many visits to doctors and many crazy medications tried with no avail my obgyn suggested using an antibacterial soap. I got the dial antibacterial with moisture body wash. Since I started using it about 6 months ago, I have only had one mild short lasting boil (which is great considering some last for 6 months+). Also have used the generic Target brand and it has worked as well. If you get frequent boils give this a try. It takes a while to clear up the old ones, but this has been a lifesaver for me. Suffering with these all my adult life has been awful, it just seems doctors know nothing about it, and I feel so alone. Good luck to you.

B. Harvey

Use Hunt's Tomato Paste. Use it like an ointment and spread it on the boil or abcess. Then, bandage as usual with gause and tape. Do this at night and the next morning, it is usually draining. It will pull the core out of a boil.


For boils, cut a brown paper sack and fold into a patch large enough to cover the affected area.Soak the paper in vinegar, tape over boil, allow to dry. By the time it dries the boil will be to a head and ready to pop, or it will pop by itself.


Boils can also be used, via hot compress, with the help of Epsom Salt.. It may be best to stir in witch hazel, as well. You can also rub honey on top, to help with the infection. Honey has antibiotic properties.

I had one on my darned butt when I was a little girl.. It went away, somewhat, but I had to get that one removed with surgery and stitches. My mom didnt use the epsom salt, or witch hazel, though.. just the compresses. Otherwise, I had several in a few months on my hip, and used this method that worked for alot less money, and much faster and more comfortably.


I sometimes get painful boils on the inner thigh. Just get a wash cloth and soak it in the hottest tap water you can stand, then place it on the boil for about 20 min at a time, always resoak the towel when it starts cooling down. I also add a lil Witch Hazel on the towel as Im doing this


Use only when the pimple and/or boil is ready for expulsion before doing this!
See my remedy for styes except GENTLY prick the very center of the pimple and/or boil with an absolutely clean needle after a good soaking warm/hot water (can use epsom salts with it just do not allow it go get into the eyes (put vaseline under the boil and/or painful pimple (it will keep the solution to pass over the vaseline and help keep it out of your eyes). The pus will readily drain and allow for your removal and immediately relieve the pain/itch. Use a light coating of Neosporin or other similar anti-infecting ointment.

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