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farmers wife

My husband gets boils on his back quite frequently and we have always used a home remedy I recieved from my grandmother. Crack open an egg and remove the contents. Then you remove the thin membrane that lines the inside of the egg shell. Place this on the boil and cover with a bandaid. Do this at night and by morning the core should be in the bandage. Sometimes it takes two or three nights of treatment. I am usually successful with the first nights treatment.


I got a boil on my head and didn't have a clue what to do....I went ahead and tried using the Ichthammol that is widely talked about on the internet even though I was skeptical.

I bought it from Wal-Greens...they keep it behind the counter at the pharmacy, but you do not need a prescription. Just ask for it and they will grab you a tube....I belive it's made by 'Goldline'.

I applied the blank ichthammol and was surprised at how quickly it work.

I applied the ichthammol and placed a band-aid tightly over it. You don't want the ichthammol getting on your clothes or pillows,etc. It will leave a stain almost like motor oil.

Within a day, the boil was getting better. I didn't know what it ws or how to treat it, so it got pretty bad. But soon it just kind of 'popped'....not like a 'pop', but it broke open slowly.

The band-aid absorbed the substances left over....

When this happens make sure you wash the area....I used anti-bacterial soap....actually it was dish soap, but it was anti-bacterial.

You don't want the stuff in the boil spreading.

I also tried using this tumeric stuff. It's a spice or herb you can buy at the grocery and used a lot in Indian food.

It smells and tastes bad, but it's supposed to help, some people even suggest making a paste of it with water and putting it on the boil.

I would just stick to ichthammol.

Here's the weird thing....

I also had a subaceous cyst on my head that had previously been removed by a doctor twive but just kept growing back in the same exact spot.

This cyst was toward the back of my head, and the boil was toward the front on the same side.

As the boil went down, the cyst began to flare up and it felt like I had another boil growing 'on top' of the cyst. I can't be 100% sure of this, but the cyst always grew very slowly, and now it was growing rapidly and was very painful, just like the boil was.

I used the ichthammol on the cyst thinking it would get rid of the boil and I'd still have the cyst.....

Nope...the ichthammol worked so well it eliminated the boil and the subaceous cyst!

I was pumped as the cyst was getting big and I didn't have health insurance to get it removed this time, even though the first 2 times I did.

It's been about 8 months now and the cyst has not grown back. It's nice not having that bump on my was never really painful, but it was annoying when I would cut my hair short and if I happened to bump it would hurt.

I've continued to use the ichthammol every time I get anything that even resembles a boil.

I seem to get them on my head, I guess it is from wearing hats all the time....I also got one on my waist area where my waistband is on my pants....a little ichthammol and a band-aid for a day or two and it was gone.

I'm pretty sure some of the time I've used the ichthammol on my head has just been on big zits....even though they are nowhere near as painful as the boils or annoying as the cysts, they are still a nuisance at times and the ichthammol clears them up quickly, so it may be able to help some with acne issues.

If you are dealing with boils or even subaceous cysts, would say give the ichthammol a try. Just apply it and put a tight bandaid on it. Wash the area after you take the band-aid off, and keep it clean. use anti-bacterial soap of some kind.

The stuff costs no more than $5 for a tube that will last you awhile. The stuff is thick and a little dab can go a long way.

The name brand I use is GoldLine, I get it at Wal-greens.


Campho Phenique: Works Wonders. I had a boil on my inner thigh right on the panty line. Put Campho Phenique Gel directly on top, put a generous amount on a guaze square and covered it, went to bed and a few hours later it completely drained. Thank you to everyone who recommended this. You are truly Angels.I get frequent boils and kknow the pain. This eliminated all of that. My boil was bigger than a egg and you could see a very visible bulde, thanks to campho phenique that is all gone now!


I had a boil recently, the pain was unbelievable...i read some of these remedies so at first i tried campho phenique, its a cold sore gel, it worked a little but it wasnt really curing it, so then i called up a few CVS's to see if they carried the ichthannol ointment from goldline (black drawing out salve) finally on my third try i found a cvs that carried it. I put it on twice a day and cleaned it twice a day and used warm compresses, it took a few days but im so happy to say that it worked wonders!! definitely go out and get this ointment, it works, it smells horrible and will stain your clothes so cover with a big bandaid, but i swear this ointment works im so happy, thank you all for your help


All of the advice on here has been so great; I would like to thank all of you. I kind of read through and came up with a game plan. I have chronic boils in the private area. One got so bad it burst in my blood stream and caused Sepsis; I barely survived that one so these 'Boils' are no game. They are painful, they are embarrassing and I can not seem to ever just get rid of them. I am like a few of you that posted here; I always had at least one on me. Every doctor I have been too gives me expensive creams that insurance does not cover, so ... Here is what I decided to do with all of your advice and it has worked. I no longer suffer from boils and if I do get one I get rid of it quick!

Here is what you do...
FIRST AND FORMOST ... DO NOT SQUEEZE, let it rupture on its own, you do not want it going into your bloodstream.
1st - Daily - I bought them at CVS ($4) they were in the soap section, CVS brand antibacterial wipes. Not the ones in the cleaning section that are for counter tops, lol, they actually have some in the soap section used for hands and body. I use these twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. It was easier for me having it in a wipe; I keep them on the bathroom counter. Cleanse all around to about mid thigh, this alone has minimized my boils, so if anyone has the miracle of getting rid of them to where they never come back … PLEASE let me in on the secret.
2nd - Should you have a flare up, and its small and not painful you can get quick results by using the Ichthemol Ointment, you have to actually ask the pharmacist for it, but you do not have to have a prescription and it is about $3. It is truly the MIRACLE CREAM!! It stinks, but it works. Apply generously and cover. If its stubborn and did not pop on its own over night, apply your warm compresses of hot water and Epson salt for a good hour and then reapply the ointment, cover and go to bed.
This has been a true success for me, I swear I lived with these daily and now may deal with one about every 6 months. I still don't know why we get them though. Is it in our blood? Someone mentioned Detox-7 to help purify your blood of toxins that cause boils but I have had no success in finding this, so if anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated to us all I am sure to know what we can do to prevent the darn things from coming in the first place. Now I have only scars remaining. Thank you ALL!!


CAMPHO PHENQUE (i know its not spelled right but you know what im saying)
I had a golf ball size boil i cried over for 3 days--- one night i gulled up and bought this CHEAP dollar general campho + 'something'. it looks like an ambasol tube--- white--- little-- for a buck fifty! i used one hole tube on a knee size bandade-- slapped it on before bed- woke up and it already started to drain. Has been draining all day--

I tried the Tumeric (injusted and paste) nothing.. i did a heating pad on it for 3 days-- nothing.. that Campho worked in less than 12 hours bringing it to a head--- and in the process of draining..

I will NEVER EVER USE anything else again!


My first boil in years. Was angry and painful. I was worried sick that it'd never heal. Scoured the internet and found this tumeric treatment. It worked on me fine and the boil drained all by itself on the fourth day of my predicament. I was so elated that now i want to share this 'formula'. Hope it works for everybody.

In a mug full of hot water add 1 tsp tumeric powder. Apply warm water heat to the boil using a cloth.Do it 2-3 times a day and watch the boil drain without warning!


This cream was created by pediatricians from our state university to cure severe diaper rash, but it can pull the head from a boil in less than an hour. It also works for severe acne and cysts.

Mix the following:
1/2 tube of desitin
1/2 tube of A & D ointment
1/2 tube of bactracin
1/2 tube of lotrimin
Maalox (not too much to make it runny)

I have seen it heal open sores overnight. I have used it for boils and infected sores also. It pulls the infection out quickly and removes the head from boils in less than an hour.


Go to Wal-Mart and get some Turmeric capsules, 500mg, it's cheap and works amazingly well for boils and inflammations. It's a spice and can also be found in the spice ailse, but the capsules are much easier to control the dosage.


Boils can be brought to a head using a folded wad of paper or paper towel soaked in vinegar which is then placed on the boil and covered. It will stay damp even overnite, but repeat with fresh compress every few hours. It took me a little longer than a day to raise the head to bursting. Not only did the vinegar work, it was painless and soothing which is awesome because the boil itself hurt something awful. When the boil comes to a head and/or bursts, pull the skin away from the head to ooze out the pus. DO NOT squeeze since that often squeezes the infectious pus INTO the skin deeper. Keeping the area clean is vital! Boils are often caused by bacteria and washing gently with warm soapy water before and after is vital. Carefully dispose of any bandaids and compresses to reduce risk of spreading the infection. The smell is unpleasant, but the remedy WORKS!

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