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I decided to post my own remedy here because of my own experiences with boils, and I know how painful and irritating they can be. Let me start by saying there is a great wealth of information on boils, why we get them, how to prevent them, and then the comparing/contrasting of the effectiveness of home remedies versus antiobiotics. I suffered with them and would be more than happy to share my story via email. This all might seem excessive and expensive but you're investing in your HEALTH. In a 7 month span of time i've had 10 boils. The antibiotics work but as soon as I come off, with a couple of weeks I get a new boil.

What i've posted here is slightly more than just a 'home remedy'. It's a holistic approach with several remedies combined together, without the use of antibiotics to bring the body to a healthier state.

For starters, your diet needs to be cleaned up. No greasy foods, and try to cook your own meals. Boils are the result of WEAKENED IMMUNITY!

The Goal: Our bodies become very toxic and acidic, and need to be restored to a more alkaline state in order to prevent them. Put the right ingredients inside of us (internally), and use some of the same ingredients plus others externally, with proper rest and nutrition, your boil(s) will be healed.

Incorporate the following supplements into your diet:
-a GOOD MultiVitamin (I go with LifeEssence brand)
-50mg of Zinc
-Astragalus Root (Very very good with boosting immunity)

Make a drink with the following ingredients, twice a day (AM/PM):

1 Glass of water
1 Tsp. of Turmeric
1/2 Tsp. of Cumin
4 Drops of Oregano OIL
1 tablespoon of unrefined Coconut Oil

Make a thick Paste to cover the boil with the following ingredients:

1/2 tsp of Baking Soda
1/4 tsp of Epsom Salt
2 Drops of Oregano Oil
2 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
2 Drops of Thyme Oil
10 Drops of Water
1/2 pill of Aspirin (crushed into fine powder)


As a child I had boils almost as quickly as one would pop another would start. An elderly lady in our church told my mother that if she would feed me raisins daily, even if it is just a teaspoon full I would never have boils again.
Since I loved raisins she let me have as much as I wanted, I am now 62 and have never had another boil, and I only eat raisins occasionally now.


I have ben getting boils 4 awhile (not knowing what they were and y they were reoccuring) and i kept popping them only to have them spread more! Ugh! So i tried Boil Ease- but dont waste your doesnt even bring it 2 a healing point. So i kept reading on here about Ichthammol and Campho and i went and bought both of them 2day.(bcuz im just that desperate 2 get these things away). I cleaned the area and applied Icthammol 1st 4 a few hrs and then recleaned the area and applied the Campho Phenique. I got both from Walgreens 4 $20 altogether. Its been 2 hours since ive applied the Campho and im noticing the boil is turning white. Im going 2 reapply it b4 going to bed- but what does the head look like that everybdy is talking about? How do it remove it 2 decrease it reoccuring?


Hey everyone... I've been reading all your entries b/c I also have a boil on my pantie line (inner thigh) MOST PAINFUL THING I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I'm not sure if most the posties are from the states but I'm in Ontario, CANADA and some of the gels and ointments listed on the site pharmacist don't know anything about, so i went to see a doctor. He told me that it was a good thing I came in early and he prescribed me an antibiotic called 'Apo-Cephalex 500mg tab (APX)' 'Cephalexin tab 500mg', i also took my mothers advice and put 'antibiotic Polysporin complete' on a bandage/gauze and placed it over the boil over night and when i woke up there was FINALLY a head! needless to say i can walk again lol. now is the hard part keeping it clean and infection free, so I'm using a body soap/shampoo called ' TERSASEPTIC' which is an antibacterial soap. Good Luck and hope this helps :0)


Beta 1,3/1,6 -D-Glucan. Manufactured from NOW foods. Can be found at your local helath food store. It is a supplement. Best treatment for boils or any other bacterial infection of the skin.


Okay, may I just say that I am a HUGE skeptic when it comes to most home remedies. However, that has recently changed quite a bit. I had an extremely large and painful boil on my groin, that would not come to a head. I found this site, and noticed alot of posts about using Campho-phenique on it. I thought that sounded rediculous, so I didn't try it. That was until later that night. The boil had become so painful that I couldn't walk, or roll over in bed. I got up, washed the boil and surrounding skin, then applied a generous amout of Campho-Phenique to a guaze and pressed it lightly over the boil. It burned like nothing else, but I held it there for about 5 minutes, and the burning started to go away. That is when I pulled the gauze away and noticed that it had already came to a head and started draining. No kidding, 5 minutes, and it was working. I again washed the area, applied a clean gauze, and went to bed. I got up this morning, and the boil is almost completely gone, and the best part, no more pain! So, next time you have a boil, try Campho-Phenique, it works :)


For 2 weeks ..drink everyday a small glass of Lemonade with a small pinch of Cream of Tarter stirred in it. the Cream of Tarter is tart so you don't notice the taste at all..


Okay here lately I have been having trouble with boils. Well before I was trying to pop them myself.ummmm that don't work. All my life I have heard of putting Fat Back on it. Never tried though. Well my boyfriend suggested it to me. The boil is on my butt right at the place where you butt meets your leg soooo PAINFUL can't sit move use the rest room. So anyway we tried the Fat Back. I fell asleep for like 4 hours woke up and there was a head. I am doing it again after a nice hot hot bath

jen from Mt..Pleasant

this is a guarantee.i myself and my huband have had multiple amounts of boils.but needless to say i have never had to POP one.all you do is take a potato it doesent matter what kind you use,cut the end piece off,tape it to your boil,when you wake up the infection will be in that end of the might wan to tape another piece the next night just to make sure you got it doesnt have to be big.lust a small piece will work fine.very innexpencive and guaranteed to work,i promise or your $ back.oh i forgot it dosent cost anything haha


Try applying a piece of fatback (salt pork) held in place by a bandage. Kind of disgusting but it will draw the boil to a head and rupture.

If it is an area applicable, and you can stay home, a hot tub bath (as hot as you can stand it) will bring the boil to a head quickly, but it can make it throb more before it ruptures. Often on smaller boils and ingrown hairs the bath will cause the boil to rupture quickly.

If you have a big, throbbing boil and a fever, better find a doctor; you may have sepsis (blood infection) that is life threatening. Nobody wants to die from a boil.

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