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I have had 5 or 6 boils over time. My first one I got when I was pregnant with my third child and I had no idea what to do about it. I tried everything and nothing worked but it finally opened and went away on its own.

The next one I got I decided I was going to try a drawing salve that some people use to get splinters and other things out. The stuff is called Smiles Pride all natural drawing salve it come in a small orange container. I get mine from Walmart. I apply it and a bandage before I go to bed at night and when I get up the next morning it has opened and drained. Then I clean the area good and use triple antibotic ointment with a bandage.

This last one I have now is more difficult though it did not work with the drawing salve. It had been open and draining for 2 days when I went into the hospital and they did not lance it cause it was already draining but they did give me 2 anitbotics to take.Other then the blisters that I have from the bandages it is gone.


Hi everyone, Thanks for all the posted advice here.

I had a large and very painful boil on my forehead last summer--- thinking it was just an unusually large pimple, I tried to pop it long before it was ready and it was the BIGGEST mistake ever... It made it so much worse, more painful and i think the infection was driven deeper. Eventually it went away after the doctor lanced it, and then it oozed for about 3 more weeks before it finally was done-- left a scar too.

So, now i have another one on my cheek (GREAT!). Anyhow, this time, I had a feeling it was a boil. So, I looked on here and got some good advice... here's what seems to be working for me:
-I've been very gentle with it, keeping it clean with Tersaseptic cleanser a few times a day and keeping my hands clean/not touching my face/changing towels, etc.
-During the day, I've applied a strong polysporin and/or tea tree oil using a clean Q-tip, then covered it with a breathable bandaid (this helps me to not touch it either and makes me somewhat presentable :-). I change this dressing and rewash/reapply at least once during the day too.
-Before bed, I've taken hot Epsom Salts bath, tried to relax completely, and soaked the boil with hot compresses.
-For sleep, I've been trying a big blob of Ichthammol, then covered with gauze.

I've also applied campho-phenique during the day, but that doesn't seem to do anything special that i can tell.

After a few days of this, the boil is way better, still not great, but it looks like it's almost been dried out or something (nothing has come out of it, even though it had a white head yesterday, but woke up this morning and that was gone- it now just feels like a 'water balloon'effect).

Also, I have been eating really 'clean' for the last week, taking echinechia, vitamin C, cleansing teas, turmeric drinks, etc. I feel that it's often stress-related, so try to relax yourself.

So, it seems like this combo of treatment has worked somewhat, although not the magical immediate results others have gotten. I almost feel like I've 'derailed' the boil from being a full-blown boil. It's been exactly 1 week since the boil first reared its head and it now seems like its at least in the healing stages (much better than the month-long saga of Boil #1).

My main piece of advice though is DON'T TOUCH OR PICK OR TRY TO SQUEEZE THE BOIL on your own--- check with your doctor, or just let it come to a draining point on its own using some of the techniques advised on this site.

In conclusion, I'm not quite sure what's been the 'magic' cream or treatment with my boil --- maybe it's just a combo of keeping it clean, not aggravating it, boosting immunity/health/relaxation, using some creams/ointments, and a bit of patience!

Good luck--- this is no picnic!

Note: I live in Ontario and I could not find Campo-Phenique or Ichthammol here at any of the drugstores/walmarts, etc. Had to go across the border to get it at walgreens.


Boils: come to a head in a day or 2 by putting a bit of Noxima cream on it.


# Garlic and onion have been in use since the olden times. You may topically apply the juice of garlic or onion in order to speed up the ripening process of the boil so as to allow the pus to flow out and initiate rapid drying up of the boil. You may also apply a mixture containing equal quantities of onion and garlic on the boil surface. You may also include 2 or 3 pieces of garlic in your diet to ensure healing of the boil.
# Milk cream is another very effective ingredient in treating your boil. The cream of the milk when applied on the boil top will help to soften the skin surface of the boil. Milk will also help to form head of the boil so that pus can flow out. You may also put soaked bread in boiled milk on the top of the boil.
# Parsley leaves are also very effective in treating boils. Boil the parsley leaves until they become very soft. Then apply it as a poultice covering with a white clean cloth. This will help to open the mouth of the boil so that the pus can be released.
# Betel or margosa leaves are also very useful in healing the boil. You should at first heal the betel leaves till it becomes soft. Then smear the leaves with castor oil and apply them on the boil surface. Another very useful home remedy for boils is boiling of 15 to 20 neem leaves in half liter of water and continue boiling the mixture until the volume reduces to one of third of the original volume. Then allow the mixture to cool down and then gently apply the solution on the boil head.
# Bitter gourd extract is a very good home remedy for boils. The bitter gourd extract kills the germ of the boils and reduce the intensity of infection. In case you find difficulty in applying it on the top of the boil, you may have it in empty stomach in the very early morning along with lemon juice.
# Turmeric is especially famous for its antiseptic properties. Make a paste of 4 to 5 spoons of roasted turmeric with water and apply in on the boil surface.
# You may also try out with the paste of cumin seeds. Grind the cumin seeds and form a paste with water. This will lower down the intensity of the boil infection.


To bring the boil to a head quickly, white bread soaked in hot milk. place bread on a folded papertowel and apply to boil while watching tv or reading. repeat. This is a great drawing salve! we saw results in 1 hour!


My staph infection started as impetigo then spawned boils all over my body.

All I can say is Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric. It is the best thing for infection. And I tried everything from antibiotics to colloidal silver.

I drank a teaspoon of the powder in water 3 times a day (not pleasant but it works)

and applied it topically to boils..
and eventually they kind of dried out and healed. Anytime I start getting a hint of bad skin or anything these days its straight to the turmeric.


To get rid of boils, apply alcohol on a cotton ball for 2-3 minutes, then apply Neosporin once the alcohol is dry. Do this at least 3 times a day and it will be gone by the 4th day. You can use Oragel or any topical tooth pain medication to numb the boil if it is painful.


Vicks vapor rub works on boils. I had a boil that kept coming back my daughter put vicks rub on it. The next day it was smaller and less painful. Still waiting on it to go away. Its been two days


i get boils once in awhile but this time i got one on my face! ugh! desperate to get rid of it quickly i started reaserching online. i decided to try a remedy suggested of CAMPHO-PHENIQUE. which you can get over the counter for less than 5.00 and is usually used for insect bites? skeptial i decied to try it because i was desperate. i put a tiny dab on the pad of a band took the pain away IMMEDIATLY and after just a few hours puss was running down my cheek and the core (which i have been struggeling with for days) was brought to the surface! just wanted to get the word out, this worked wonders for me! only draw back is that the campho is REALLY stinky. but small price to pay for instant pain relief and the results after just a few hours.


Take a hot bath wit baking soda. Then mix baking soda wit hot water until it becomes a paste. Rub cotton ball into paste. Make sure there is enough to paste to cover the whole boil then put bandaid over the cotton boil. Leave over night this should bring the boil to a head. By the next day boil should pop and drain it self. DO NOT SQUEEZE BOIL

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