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Wash area with warm/slightly hot water and antibacterial soap.

Than apply Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus using a paper towel. Press the paper towel with oil on the boil for 5 to 15 minutes at night and in the morning.

Works Great!


If you suspect you have a boil on your tailbone, I recommend you educate yourself about pilonidal cysts to determine if it is truly a boil. You may want to seek the opinion of a doctor who has experienced pilonidal cysts and is familiar with the treatment of them. I say this out of sympathy for I finally have relief after many years of discomfort, insufficient treatment, and misdiagnosis of the true culprit. If the procedure's done right, the healing process nay be challenging with bouts of 'pilonidal paranoia' which is likely just an effect of the scarring in the delicate area. As a side note, I don't believe it to be a contagious ailment at all and feel it shouldn't be blamed on anyone other than your own family for giving you your genes and predisposition. I recently found out my father and grandfather both had the same condition.


I've had boils all my life..The cores have been surgically removed all over my body. the antibiotic bactrim works for me until the dosage is done then it re-occurs a few months later....'draw out salve' by Rite Aid (black tar ointment) works best for me for easing the pain and bringing it to a head quickly.....if you cant afford 10 dollars for that..bacon and fat back will do the trick too


At the very painful swollen point of a boil, try taping the pulp side of a banana peel to the boil overnight. It will drain through the night.


I get boils at least 2 times a year and it's usually doing the summer. It's because of infected sweat glands. The way that I ease my pain is I boil some salt water then put a rag in the water and apply it onto the boil. Let the rag cool down to a temp. that is acceptable for you to handle and keep it on there until the rag is cold and keep repeating. It's eases the pain. This will also helps your boil to develop a head. It does so by drying up the boil and hardening it. If you've had a boil, you know there are stages in it. The first stage is where the boil starts to develop and you think it's just a bump and its soft and painful. The second stage is where it gets harder and bigger and unbearable. The third stage is the final stage, that's when the boil develops its head(will be soft and usually pink). Once it reaches the third stage, it's ready to be drained. It'll drain by itself, do not squeeze it! It may take a while for it all to be gone, but squeezing it will just cause a scar, loose skin where the boil was and later, another boil will pop up at the same spot. So use the hot saltwater technique to ease pain and speed up the boil's stages.


Three days after having sex with my boyfriend, who was recovering from boil surgery at the time,I got a boil on the spot that had touched where his not-so-well-covered healing boil scar was. His surgeon had told him that it was extremely rare for boils to be contagious, so we weren't worried. Surprise! :( I soon developed two other boils on my bottom and thigh and all of them grew to the point of being full-blown and very painful. I didn't know what to do about it, and my bf's experience with surgery was that it was worse than the boil itself and plus it left scars, so I didn't want to go that route. Eventually, those boils healed over, but within the next 9 months I had four more outbreaks of varying degrees. I took an antibiotic my gyn prescribed for a different condition on one occurance, and that seemed to stop the boils too. I was good for 4 months after that, but then the boils returned. I was at my wit's end. I read on this site about turmeric and decided to try it. I was desperate!

I took homemade turmeric capsules, as they are way cheaper to make than to buy ready. 4 capsules= 1 tsp, and I did that 3 times a day as I recall. Then I put turmeric on a cotton ball with Campho-phenique on each boil and secured them with band-aids. To my relief, the boils that had already started to develop didn't develop further, especially if I caught them really early on. Put the turmeric on right away! However, the ones that were already in development phase seemed to stall out and not heal quickly, though they didn't develop as they would have if I had left them alone, as per my previous experiences with boils. None of my earlier boils just stopped growing like that. They all went full-blown. However, the strange thing with this outbreak was that I got MORE boils than I ever did before-about 10, whereas before I had never had more than 4 at a time. Only two of these got full-blown though, while in the past they all did. I don't know if the turmeric altered the pattern or not, but the trouble is, the two that did develop were the worst ones I ever had. I continued with the turmeric, but I decided to go to the doctor since I was in so much pain.

She offered to lance the worst one which annoyed me because it was already starting to drain and that would have left me with a nasty scar. Once it starts to drain, the worst is over, so I didn't see the point. My goal at that point was to get them to stop coming back!

She gave me an oral antibiotic and a gel to coat the entire affected area with that she said worked well at decolonizing the skin of the staph that causes boils. I did everything she said and continued with the turmeric. I didn't get any more boils after that, and have been boil-free for 9 months. I did also have a friend send me reiki energy.

Since then I have been careful to never wear exercise shorts twice, shower daily atleast, and especially after exercise or sweating. For the first few months I used Hibiclens to wash the affected area every day. I read about it here and the dermatologist also recommended it to keep the staph under control. I'm not sure what to make of using turmeric, but hopefully it will give some food for thought for someone suffering from boils. Good luck!


I got a boil december of 2009 (recieved it from other employees at McDonalds). I didn't do anything about it until I ended up in the hospital because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. The doctor told me that it needed to soften up because it had harded before he could fix the problem. So two days later I went back and he lanced it open. It went away but not even three months later it came back. Same spot and everything. The doctor lanced it open. Its safe to say I have had at least 7 since 2009 and each time it has been on my tailbone. At one point I couldn't walk for a week because they hit a nerve. Now I have another, same spot and everything. To me it feels like they are coming back more quicker than the last. So I pushed a safety pin right in the middle, added some cleaning solution, and gauzed it and now I am setting on a heating pretty much if any body has and idea on how to help me keep from getting these or maybe helping me make this one go away I would so appreciate that.


This is not a home remedy but it is the only stuff that cleared up boils that I had been getting for years.
This was what a GP gave me (after seeing many others). Keflex 500mg (antibiotic tablets) and Bactroban nasal ointment.

Nobody ever told me that the boil bacteria actually live up inside your nose! apply the ointment a few times a day and bam! Gone forever!


If you made it this far please take the time to do this remedy. I actually had a boil bout three hours ago and it was killing me. The location of my disturbing friend was right where the back ends and the crack of the butt starts- yea tell me bout it. I had to go through a gruesome 8 hours of work sitting down before I couldnt take it anymore and had to do something bout it. The pain was so disturbing that I could barely drive home, but once I got there I had to lay down and it took me almost 10 minutes to lay on my stomach. So first I started off with a cup of oatmeal prepared THICK and put in a sandwich bag. I let this cool down to the tempertaure that I can withstand. I would roll the oatmeal in the bag like it was a rolling pin. Once at the desired temp. I put the 'roll' of oatmeal right in the crack of my butt. Left it there until it got cool. Then reheated it again (bout 10 seconds in the microwave) and repeated this process for bout an hour. Technically this is known as the hot compress that is supposed to bring the boil to a head. After the hour, the pain went from pain to throbbing pain not only that I then gathered a scorching fever. I immediately took 2 pain relief and fever reduce gel cap Tylenol pills. I waited for bout 20 mins (without the compression) and allowed plenty time for the pills to kick in. After the 20 minutes I then took a Tampon (trust me it works) and coated it with Hibclens anitbacterial soap (bought in Walgreens). I then basked the entire area to include the swollen area with the coated Tampon. Once it was completely basked I then cleansed the soap off with a clean towel. Next I used another Tampon (sorry these were the closest I had to gauze) and drained it will Campho-Phenique and applied it to the same area as the anti bacterial soap. ALL AROUND. Once applied I then waited bout 10 minutes and got immediately out of my bed. NO PAIN. I was actually able to sit down. So after sitting down for a good 15 minutes I then felt this disgusting ooozzzeeee comming from my rear end. And guess what- the boil began draining. I have tried several different at home remedies and most never worked for me. So I decided to try some of the remedies ALL TOGETHER and low and behold its a miracle. Hope this works for you. All togethere I spent a total of 12 bucks.

DJ Williamson

I have been getting boils since my brother came home from jail with one on his face. I have at least three a month, and I have cleaned up my diet, scrubbed my skin with Hibiclens soap (which might I add is NOT cheap), and tried the Campho-Phenique and BoilEze. Nothing works, so I discovered the Icthammol ointment, or what the old-timers call 'black tar ointment.' This will bring the boils to a head quicker, but I usually have to go have them lanced open. I have scars ALL over my body,from my face to my ankles, where I have had boils. The only thing that has helped me with the pain is to soak in a hot tub, or, if on an extremity, place a hot compress directly on the boil and keep repeating this until the pain subsides. It won't go all the way away, but it WILL subside somewhat. I have even had the IV antibiotic Vancomycin, and the pill antibiotic Xyvox, and these made them go away for about 2 or 3 months, but they always come back. The doctor said that the Staph infection has set up in my bloodstream, and there is really nothing that can be done to decrease the number of boils I will get, but what I have described is the best course of action. And ALWAYS remember, NEVER SQUEEZE OR TRY TO POP A BOIL...IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE!!!

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