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So four days ago I noticed a lump that had stated to form on my lady parts at first I thought it was an ingrown hair, so I did my research on how to bring the hair to the surface. I had tried hot packs for serval hours that night and had my boyfriend try and pull the hair out, but we couldn't find a hair. The next day it only grew bigger and more painful so I tried taking several Epsom salt baths and showers. I also tried making a paste with honey and aspirin just hoping to at least relieve some of the pain. Nothing was working, by the third day my vaginal was so swollen and was not looking good the pain was so unbareable I couldn't lay down sit or stand. My boyfriend ended up taking me to the emergency room to where we sat for 3 hours, the hospital was terrible they kept calling people in who had came in after I did and they didn't look like they were in critical condition or else I wouldn't have minded. I ended up discharging myself because the chairs were very uncomfortable and I felt I needed to lay down. So I went home took some Advil pm so I could get some sleep. The next day I did some more research and found some people were saying boil eases worked well, so I took myself to Walgreens in hopes they carried the product thank god they had it I came home and applied it to the top of the boil and covered it with some gauze and took a nap, but he time I woke up 3 hours later the boil had popped all on its own, no lancing no painful squeezing. So I recommend to any one who has a boil please try boil ease first before home remedies I wish I had hear about it sooner so I didn't have to go trough that pain for four days honestly the worst pain I have ever had and I have even had surgery. I hope this can help someone, good luck


When you feel a boil starting dip a very small piece of cotton (torn from a cotton ball) into tea tree oil. Not all tea tree oil is the same, I like Desert Essence. I then get a bandaid and cover the newby boil with the cotton dipped oil. This method works best if you can leave the bandaid on the boil for several hours or overnight. It reduces the inflammation considerably and usually stops the boil and goes away.

I have used ichthammol ointment (black salve). That seems to be best for when the boil is past its infancy and will have to come to a head. I applied it several times to this nasty boil on my face cheek several times. It just kept weeping so I had to constantly wipe with a tissue. If the boil had not been on my face I think the best is to app,y a generous amount then cover with a bandaid.

I wash my face with hibicleanse too. I have seen a homeopathic doctor who suggested I undergo UV light therapy. Basically they remove 45cc's of my blood then pass it through a UV light to help oxygenate the blood. I have had 3 out of the 4 recommended treatments but still boils continue to erupt on my face. So I don't think that is the best remedy. I also tried a Banyan blood cleanse in the spring this year with no luck on ridding these boils.

I am continuing to seek alternative therapies because I really want these boils to stop.

For sure cure

I have dealt with boils since I was a teenager I have tried everything and anything I even went so far as to let a friend take a razor and lance it but a few years back I had to have a hysterectomy and my doctor told me I needed to start taking a daily vitamin since I have been taking this I haven,t had a boil until I run out and miss them several days a older Dr at the er once told me that a person was lacking a vitamin and he had lance a carbuncle on my hip he couldn't get all the heads out I couldn't stand the pain but he said that the heads would go from one side of my hip to the other until the head came out and I believe it I had to have several cut out but I believe that it is something to do with your body lacking something because a person no matter how clean their body they will continue to get them also lysine a vitamin will also stop them from coming on you if you start feeling them swell up start taking these and dont bother it the boil will go away the one thing I know for sure if you mash them before they head it will keep getting bigger and more painful but just try taking a daily vitamin and see how well it works a lot of the older people knew more than then the young doctors


Hi all - I had a huge boil come up on the underside of my breast (big boobs, not easy to see or treat). First of all it was hot and painful, then built up and up and up until the thing was like a third nipple, it was huge!

I tried everything - in order - mag sulphate (just burned), tomato puree (turned the skin black), potato slices (nowt happened), ditto fatty bacon with salt (ouch) and bread poultices with turmeric powder. Seriously, I tried them all - and was getting rather scared - nothing was drawing the core out, and the boil just got bigger. I was careful to keep the area sterilised and clean - but still nothing. It wasn't the pain that worried me so much but the thought that I was making it worse by trying home remedies - but I hate turning to the GP who will just give me a prescription for antibiotics.

Anyhoo - finally got some relief from a turmeric and honey paste applied regularly after about three days. The boil showed it had three cores and started to drain (no explosion though), and then I applied manuka honey on the dressings - and boy what a difference. The size of it has shrunk from bigger than a 50 pence piece to smaller, and the angry skin, plus the black stuff (which appeared after the puree treatment), has gone.

All the other stuff just made me feel like a hamburger in waiting - but manuka honey (the good stuff) made a real difference and is highly recommended.


I get very bad boils/abcesses all over my body. It is called Hidradenitis Suppurativa we have a Facebook support group The Spartan Warriors of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)we have amazing people who will share all they know to help you.


I had a boil about the size of one of those candy Easter eggs & I found out that taking a thick slice of onion and placing it on the boil will cause the boil to drain itself. I advise you do it before you go to sleep and place a towel under you when you do so.


I have suffered from boils and abcesses on multiple occasions. It is one of the most uncomfortable and painful experiences a person can go threw. I have tried so many of these remedies and I wish I could say they worked for me aswell but the truth is.. many did not;( I do have a remedy that does work a 100% of the time and there is videos on you tube showing this method works. Please give it a try. Its free so no need to run out and buy anything!
Step 1:: Get a glass bottle
2:: Warm the bottle in hot water on the stove. Bring to a boil and remove.
Remember its warm so use a towel to hold. Empty all water out.
3:: Place bottle open over head or soft spot making sure you got a good seal.
4. Tap it lightly until the boil bursts inside the bottle. Ahh;) Instant Relief!

Promise it works!! If it is in a hard to reach area you will need help. And when you go to pull off it will be slightly suckened on so don't panic that's a good sign you did it right! && Best part no mess the bottle causes it to be drawn inside of it..


I have been getting boils under armpits, my front girl parts, under my breast, and between butt cheeks since i was in grade school. I found that different methods work for different areas. For armpits, I changed my deodorant from secret to degree for women. As I got older i switched back to secret. I make sure that I wipe the deodorant off entirely before bed and shave every few days. Sometimes i can get away without wearing deodorant at all. For my front girl parts I find that taking showers and focusing on that area works best. What I mean is (and this might sound disgusting for some people) you get a washcloth and wash the area a few times outside and inside, smelling your washcloth in between rinses lol. When I smell nothing but soap, I know that I am clean. But when I am on my monthly, I take nothing but baths. It is too much going on down there, I feel cleaner soaking. Plus, it helps with back pain and cramps. Under my breast, I found that baby powder helps a lot and sometimes during the summer, I place party liners in my bra. It helps keep me dry. Now for the bum. This is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced. I had so many that I have lost count when was younger. When i got older , they only came about every two years. I was sent to the ER at least 3 times because of these boils. I have been dealing with one that came last weekend. The pain was excruciating. I developed a fever also. I have been running hot bath water and taking pain killers until it came to a head. It took about 24 hours. Last night I place a HOT washcloth between my buttcheeks about 3 times before i went sleep. This morning I wobbled and limped to CVS and purchased some gauze pads and ichthammol ointment and BC powder. I feel this works better any other reliever when it comes to boils and toothaches. When i got home to dress the wound, the boil had exploded. It was the most disgusting and satisfying thing i ever saw. I place the ointment gauze on the wound and it gave me instant relief. Later, I will get in a hot bath with Epson salt and soak, then dress the wound again. I really hope this helps someone because it brought me to tears last night. it was so painful that I miss church with my kids yesterday on Mother's day. My advice to make sure that you stay DRY DRY DRY. I believe it comes from moisture. Like sweat, leakage/discharge. Use baby powder, pantyliners and keep wipes and dry tissue with you wherever you go. Good luck guys.


If I ever get another butt crack boil, I will saw myself off at the waist! I had never dealt with something as horrendously painful. While reading some of these experiences, and relating whole heartily ... My hat goes off to the chronic sufferers. If it makes you feel any better, while reading your experiences, I would fall on my back and nearly come out of my skin. So -- Boil Ease and Epsom Salts all the way for a happier bum :)


LORD JESUS Christ ITS FREAKIN HURTS!!! Like no! this AINT COOL BUDDY LIKE JESUS! LIKE OUCH I CANT STAND THE PAIN BUT I AINT GOING TO SOME DOCTOR CAUSE AINT NO BODY GOT TIME 4 dat. But don't worry it will get better the head shows up pretty soon just hot water is all u need. That's right baby BUT STILL! SWEET KESUA

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