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I got my first boil on the back of my neck 6 from days ago.Thinking it was a zit I suffered some increasing pain until 2 laters when I asked my husband to look at it. He said OMG baby. People thought I had an ingrown hair some people thought I had gotten bit by a spider. My father in law said it looked like a boil. Today I could not tolerate the pain any longer. I had a boil on the inside of my nose that would drain a little but fill right back up and now had a cluster of boils (carbuncle) on my neck. The pain radiated in a sharp cross shape across my shoulder blades and my spine. I don't have insurance but went to the urgent care center. I had boils due to staphylococcus and was put on an oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic. I had been placing heat wraps on it but the doctor said hot moist washclothes are better. TRUTH! I took a long hot shower (in baths the boils can drain letting the infection spread -gross) then after apply hot wet washclothes to my nose and neck these are finally draining!!!! I strongly STRONGLY suggest treating them early and aggressively. Hot moist washclothes, campo phenq., and keep in mind these things will spread and are contagious. Dont push on them, the only sink further into the skin. Good luck!!!


I have a boil under my breast. Ive had them for years in different places including my vaginal area. The one under my breast started small and began to grow . Because my boobs hang a bit, after the boil grew in about 2 days, it was hurting even more. It is not a visible boil, but you can feel it when you touch and you can feel where there is pus. This morning I took onion and garlic & chopped it up. Added a bit of water and let it marinade. Take a cup, add tomato paste, menthol, bengay, oregano, turmeric powder, neosporin, a crushed aspirin and a crushed antibotic. If you have another pain killer, itll do. And if you have any type of antibiotic at home throw some in there as well. a little noxzema, and any other ingredient that has healing properties. now add the juice from the onion and garlic and mix all those together to make a paste. I applied it this morning(when the boil was no where near ready to burst) I showered completely, cleaned the area well and then applied the paste to a gauze and/or directly to the boil. I taped the gauze onto it and let it sit there the whole day. Its been a couple of hours and when I went to check on the progress, you can see the skin cracking and a head forming. Because of my previous experience with boils everywhere since I was a kid, I can tell this will burst by tomorrow. Leave the gauze on. The menthol and bengay will give you a cool feeling and the neosporin will help with the pain. Another advice, take pain killers. A boil is extremely painful. Dont try holding the pain. Apply a hot cloth to the boil or take a shower/bath. (When I showered I let the hot water hit me directly on the boil for about 15min.)Itll also help it burst and will help with the pain. I have also noticed that when I start eating healthy and exercising on the regular, I never get a boil. As soon as I stop my healthy habits, they re-appear. So im sure it has so much to do with the types of foods eaten and the toxins in ur body., Another thing that I do when I get them, I take one garlic and thinly slice it and take the slices like a pill. with water. an entire garlic. Usually, when I have a boil, and I take an entire garlic and drink it, they burst the same day. So remember, Do the paste, Take a nice hot shower and apply it, take a garlic thinly sliced, & if you have vitamin c at home take a pill of that. Take a motrin/advil/tylenol PM for the pain, and so that you can sleep well. Im almost going to bed and im making myself a green tea before going to bed. The antioxidants are good to clean your body. which is the main reason for the boils. I hope to have helped anyone going through this situation. Its such an uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing condition. I also got a boil in my vaginal area which up to date has been THE WORST THING that has happened to me. and I got rid of it. If you want to know how, let me know. Hope to have helped. Let me know how it goes.


Last year I had my first boil on my groin near my panty line and mistaken it for an oversized pimple; a head refused to form so I looked up home remedies for pimples and tried putting toothpaste on it over night. The next morning I woke up to a nasty mess of puss and blood. But the pain was gone and that was when I found out from my doctor what it actually was. I just got a second one two weeks ago that refused to from a head and unable to stand it I just put toothpaste on it last night and woke up to the exact same results. Do not use the gel kind but for me toothpaste works but it does stink a little bit.


OXY cream or any other extra strength acne cream will work!!! I suffered from boils a few months ago and every now and then. Cover the area generously with the acne cream a few times a day and you'll be amazed how it brings relief to boils. Please try this if nothing else has worked for you.

What a Relief

After having the pain of this nasty boil on my butt, could not walk without crying, I kept looking for any home remedy to get rid of this, and after reading all these posts. My wonderful husband went to the local drug store CVS and bought 2 things CVS Brand Ichthammol Ointment is also called 'Draw Out Salve' and CVS Boil Relief cream/ointment. And first put the Boil Relief on first to get rid of the pain, and less than 6 hours later it popped and puss and blood all came out. It was instant relief, then after showering I put the Draw Out Salve to finish bringing it all up to the surface and out, and within 1 day I was so much better. try it, works great and less than $20


I suffered from boils in the armpits, groin, and rear end for years and years, painful constant bouts of lancing etc. I finally started taking a zinc supplement, just 15 to 20 mgs. a day of a good quality zinc (not zinc oxide!) and they went away. Whenever I stop taking zinc for a few days I get another boil, which will resolve as soon as I resume the zinc. It will go away without bursting, just get softer and shrink away.


i had a boil on my butt, Hot Shower, or bath as hot as you can take it, 2-3 times a day, apply neosporin,bacitracin on the boil every 20 minutes or so, and the boil should be gone in 3-5 days

migdalia chevere

My daugther have a boil in her thigh and for about 2 days and last night I gave her a treatment witn ictiol(ichthammol 10%) and a tomato leave, it burst overnight,I put ictiol in a leave give a warm in the stove and apply. It really work. In my family everyone gets boils and this remedy is a bless.


For the past few years I have been getting boils in two spots; one one my shoulder and one on my back. When they get infected I start by adding tea tree oil to a cotton ball and apply to my skin liberally. Tea tree oil can also be purchased in gel form. Once the boil becomes engorged I start using a paste of baking soda, covered with a warm wash cloth three times a day for an hour. To make the paste I add baking soda and a few drops of water, stir until it gets a paste like consistency. Baking soda is cheap and a natural way to pull the infection to the surface and allow the boil to drain. The paste will harden and can be removed by adding water or simply pulling it off the boil. Once the boil begins draining I use Walgreen's Apothecary Iodine Tincture 2% three times a day to kill bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading. I do this along with using the paste three times a day. Two to three drops of iodine should be applied to the boil. Once applied it should be bandaged. I use medical gauze and tape, works well on my sensitive skin and prevents any drainage from leaking and spreading. After three - five days the boil has drained and the infection is gone.


FYI, Ichthammol Ointment is also called 'Draw Out Salve'. I bought it to help with a splinter. Tonight I'll try it on a boil on my thigh that's driving me crazy.

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