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Hi I have suffered with boils for many years as last 1 month ago so fed up I had 3 boils one in my groin 1 on my stomach 1 under my breast, last attempt look on internet found that Black seed oil herbal tablets that have healing power might help.
so I gave it ago only cost about 8 pounds from website including delivery
and since the day I have taken these tablets I have not had a single boil and the ones I did have cleared up and no longer feel them under skin
I hope this helps many people suffering with boils


Older lady told me to try a piece of fatback meat to the area for instant relief let sit and will start bring to head and hot rag compresses make sure to keep cleaning area works wonders.


Porter's Linament Salve is good for drawing boils to a head along with many hot compresses. Porter's is an old fashioned salve with many uses, might have to be ordered by your pharmacist, but it's available online also. I put a big blob on a gauze pad on the boil and leave it on overnight.


I have been suffering from the agonizing pain of boils for the past 2 years. I found that using strong scented liquid soap makes them (boils) pip up with in 24 hours.the doctors would put me on medication to clear it up and they would just come back. One day while shopping for soap I seen a brand that caught my eye called yardleys with almond and oatmeal. I thought 'what the heck, I'll try it and see what happens'after using the soap one time I found my boil felt better. After using it daily the boils seemed to disappear. I experimented a little and used lever 2000 and a few hours after using it I felt the pain of a boil arising...I switched back to yardleys and BAM! The boil felt better and started to go away. This is now the soap I use daily but only the almond and oatmeal...I think maybe the oatmeal may be what is helping since it is naturally good for the skin. Out costs about $1.00 per bar and can be found at Walmart and some dollar generals just started selling it. If you suffer from boils like I did try this soap, it may work well for you like it does me!


I am 19 and have been getting boils in my groin area and my arm pits since i was 13. I can usually make them pop and go away with a warm wash cloth to them every 5 minutes. I have a really big one ( i can fit it in my hand, but its not big in width its big in length) right now on my groin area and can not get it to pop or even get to the stage of popping. The pain is unbearable and it makes it difficult for me to move. If anyone has a remedy or any advice please i am all ears, or in this case eyes, to what you have to say.


I've had issues with a boil on my butt. It got infected so I went to the doctors and he had to lance it twice. It felt better for a few months but it came right back and was so painful I could barely walk, let alone stand. A friend suggested I take a piece of raw back and put some regular table salt on it. Then put the salt side directly on the boil and cover it with steril gauze. I did this and I was amazed at all the naty stuff that came out. Again, the boil subsided (but was still there) for a few years but came back not too long ago. My girlfriend did an internet search for remidies and found an ointment called Ichthammol. It's black and smells like tar. I put this stuff on the boil and covered it and by morning it had drained BIG TIME! It was pretty gross! It had soaked through my underwear, shorts and even to the sheets but I got to tell you ... the pain was relieved by 95%! After a few more days of use this ointment the pain has completely disappeard and I haven't had any problems since. Hope this helps someone who is suffering from these horrible things. I truly feel your pain!

I feel your pain

Boils are my worst enemies, yet; they're always visiting me! These past couple days I've been suffering from one of the worst boils I've ever gotten.

Last night I couldn't take the pain anymore and I didn't want to go to the hospital to get it drained. So I took pain killers and antibiotics... Amoxicillin to be exact with ibuprofen to help ease the pain. I filled the tub with hot water and sat in it for 30 minutes, filled a pot of hot water and for into bed. I grabbed a rag and dipped it in the water and pressed it on the boil, I repeated 5 Times then left the rag on it and fell asleep.

I then woke up a few hours later and repeated the bath and compress and fell asleep again. Woke up this morning and It finally opened and started to drain and Woow how when it drains how the pain instantly goes away.

Btw I tried most of the remedies here and nothing helped, not the banana peel, toothpaste or onion and garlic. Maybe everyone is different. My boil was on my groin.

Goodluck everyone.


I seriously don't think anyone sufferers from boils as much as I do. Nothing nothing hurts more than a boil and everytime I get one I coke to this page. Today I'm taking someone's advice and taped the inside of a banana peel to the boil and the pain has eased so much. I read that if you keep it over night it will drain the infection, so hopefully this works and I'll keep you all posted with the results.

It's crazy how they haven't found a cure for such a painful uncomfortable thing.


This site is amazing! I had my first boil this past month. I still don't really know why I got it, but i think its from an ingrown hair or maybe an infection from cutting myself while shaving. My boil appeared on the upper part of my armpit just one day after shaving. I truely thought it was just razor burn or shaving bumps at first. It started getting bigger and bigger, and then the pain became unbarable. After one week the boil was the size of a golfball, was undescribably painful, and in such an awkward place that I had to keep my arm a good distance from my body at all times. After a week and a half I was fed up. I decided to figure out what it was and what to do about it. Everyone just told me go to the doctor. Well, I am terrified of doctors and will do anything to avoid them. So I came across this website last night and decided to try a few of the remedies today. I used the hot washcloth first. I could immediatly tell a difference. The head, which had only formed this morning was larger as soon as I removed the washcloth after 15 minutes. Then I bought some Prid and used that. I put it dirrectly on the boil and on the bandaid. One hour later, the boil had popped and the pain was gone. I'm so thankful for this site. I avoided the doctor and successfully took of the golfball growing out of my arm. If I ever get another boil, I know I will grab the Prid!


ok gang i took aquafresh toothpaste,anti-itch cream and crushed antibiotic pills,2 drop of water mix.Before applying this home made topical cream wash the infected area with antibacterial soap then acne daily face scrub then place the topical cream put a clean piece of paper towel and tape it down do this for 2-3 days.the toothpaste leave tingling sensation and smells minty! the boil will get hard fast but let it drain on its own.

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