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I have been using tea tree oil my life saver I would recommend it to everyone you can buy it at just about any store near the pharmacy I cant live with out it

Lynn Fletcher

Go to the nearest farm and feed store and buy a jar of Ichthammol Ointment. It is cheaper and stronger than the kind you buy from the drug store. Pour about half a bag of Epsom Salt into the tub and soak for about and hour. Dry off good and put a glob of ichthammol ointment on the boil. Cover it with gauze. Do this before you go to bed. When you wake up, if the boil still hasn't drained,repeat the process. Sometimes, it takes three treatments to draw mine to a head and drain. I've had them for years and this is the best remedy I have found.


Ive suffer from boils since i was 16 & have tried many ways of getting them to bust for the last fove days i had one that was killing me so i tired hot water & boil ease cream but it refuse to come to a head so bf told me to use vinegar & i did that two days at night & still no head so i decided to try the toothpaste that saw on here i said what the hellll tired anything at this point i put it on the boil last night & woke up this morning & it had bust, now just waiting for it to finish draining.


My boyfriend takes Turmeric every day ( caps) if he thinks a boils is forming I make a paste with the Tuetmeric from the caps and cover it. He also bathes with HIbiclens at least three to four nights a week this has work for three months


I have a really awful boil/carbunkle on my upper thigh that is limiting my mobility and I cannot even sit. I researched and found that turmeric seemed to be helping others and decided to try. It works! I began taking 1 teaspoon of turmeric 3 times a day and could feel it working and my boik getting smaller. On the second day, I decided to also make a paste of water and turmeric and apply it to the boil. In less than 24 hours, the boil had come to a head and is draining (DISGUSTING). The pain is bearable now and I will continue taking the turmeric until it is comepletely healed. Now that the boil is draining I have a sterile bandage over it and change it about evey 4 hours. I wash my hands with Dial Antibacterial soap, then clean the boil with peroxide, then cover it with antibiotic ointment and apply a new bandage. I wash my hands again and do it all over again in 4 hours. In the morning when I am taking a shower, I let the warm water hit the boil for about 10 minutes and wash it with the Dial soap. Hope this helps!


Boil-ease works wonders for the pain of a boil if you have to go to work then put a band aid over it to protect from further rubbing and in one day it has decreased and hardly any pain


For those with chronic boils, please consider seeing a dermatologist and asking about the condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. Constant painful boils, in the same place and unusual places once puberty begins. It is not a condition that everyone knows about including doctors, take control of your health. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, found a doctor who specialized and have been almost boil free since.


I had a boil inner thigh it was getting bigger and angrier looking by the day.The pain was awful had whole upper leg throbbing couldn't sit or lay or stand every position just seemed to aggravate it. Finally after looking online at all the home remedies to try I decided to go for the first thing I could find in my home listed.Wich was magnesium sulfate or Epson salt.I soaked in a hot bath with the Epson salt then I actually put the Epson salt directly on the boil it burned a little at first the put a clean hot wash cloth over the Epson salt and boil and soaked it like that for a hr. Or so .the pain was better while soaking but after I was thinking ok that may have made worse .I put neosporin on and a bandage and then went to bed. The next morning got up still was red throbbing and seemed worse the night before. I started debating next course of treatment took off bandage and went on about my day .I was up maybe a hour or so and decided to put more neosporin on when I went to apply I seen that pus was starting to finally release I lightly pushed and the nasty stinky mess was discusting but the pain already improved by 80%. Its still red and some pain but I'm thinking a few more Epson soaks and keeping area clean and bandage with neosporin should have this thing gone completly in a few days.


I was suffering from a boil ├Źn the crease of my leg next to my vagina. It had gotten so bad and swollen until I was crying the pressure was so bad. I have had five kids so I am use to pain but this is worse than labor. I read to get the ichmatammol and put on the boil after placing hot wash clothes on the boil let sit. And in a couple of hours it was digusting puss was every where. This is the best remedy because it brings the boil to a bursting point naturally. Its a mess to clean up but boy is it worth it. I read not to burst with pins or with hand because the puss may spread and bring further infection. Hope this helps someone it surely helped me. :)


I have had a problem with boils since Aug of 2011 and this has been so painful for me. I have them on my scalp, I have been back and forward to the doctor and the er. Nothing has work til I found ichtammol this is really good. So this is just my second day but I c the change.

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