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This was the biggest boil I had ever seen! And it was growing on me and it HURT! I've had smaller ones before and they all usually burst after a hot shower, but not this one. I busted out my handy kitchen cures recipe book and started going down the list of remedies. The first one I tried suggested amking a baking soda paste and applying a hot compress. It did relieve the pain right away, and a tiny head appeared, but it did not burst. The next remedy I tried worked wonderfully! Make a small amound of oatmeal (according to the directions) and apply it to the boil. Then cover it with a band-aid (make sure it's large enough so it doesn't touch the boil or it will hurt like heck when you take it off). Apply a hot compress and by morning it will pop! For those of us who don't have tumeric, tea tree oil or epsom salts on hand, and can't spend a lot of money at the drug store, this is a simple, cheap remedy! I hope it works for someone else like it did for me.



I read all the good info. here and decided to tell my story.

I used the heavily recommended draw out salve at first. It didn't work I used it for 4 days and nothing...

Then I used Neosporin along with taking 1 g of Vitamin C and Tumeric a day. I also used a heating pad to draw out the yuk (lol).

Worked like a charm. It brought the boil to a head the following day.

At that point I couldn't pop it because it was EXTREMELY painful (about the size of my clenched fist in the middle of my back)

The following day it drained on its own and the last 3 days have been heaven compared to before. Just keep putting Neosporin on a bandage and keep the bandage applied AFTER a shower. I drain the boil before the shower.

You wanna make sure to keep it clean.

It's down to the size of a normal zit now and will be totally gone in a couple days.

Thanks to all for their ideas and I hope that this idea works for those out there as I know when you have one it is awful.



I read on here yesterday about a remedy mixing 2 crushed up aspirin with tea tree oil and Vicks vapor rub. My boil was from an ingrown hair that contracted a staph infection, and my doctor told me to put hot compresses on it, as hot as I can stand it, and if it didn't pop after three days I had to come in to get it lanced. After seeing my boyfriend get a staph infection boil lanced and being almost incapacitated from the pain, I got frantic after it didn't pop after 2 days. I went to CVS, bought the ingredients for the mixture, started with a hot compress on it, and then put on the Vicks mixture over night, covered with a gauze pad. I got INSTANT relief from the mixture and the very next day it had formed a head and barely started to drain, until I only slightly touched it and 70% of whatever that stuff was shot out of it! I about lost my lunch right then, but ever since its been completely relieved from pain and slowly draining on its own! I've kept clean gauze pads over it with the vicks mixture on it and changed the pads every few hours or so. Vicks opens your pores, tea tree oil is a natural (STINKY) antiseptic that is naturally very good for your skin, and the aspirin immediately enters your blood stream from absorption into the skin through the vicks, so it gives almost instant pain relief. My advice however is DO NOT SQUEEZE YOUR BOILS!!! If it is a bacterial infection or staph infection like mine it will push the bacteria out into your skin and cause more boils to form. If you want to try and drain it then you need to VERY GENTLY press down on the skin around the opening of the boil and not force it out aggressively. Like I said, mine was barely touched and most of the 'stuff' shot out. This remedy is VERY effective! Hope it helps you as well!


(Bacon and Salt)After reading this remedy on here from other users I was really not sure if it would work at all. The when them nasty things pop up you get to a stage where you will try most things. I had a nasty one on the side of my head for about a week lucky not painful but not nice to look at. I had made to trips the the dr and had taken 2 different tables he give me (None worked). It was a little hard to get the dressing to stay in place because of the place it was in but I managed. I coated a piece of normal cooking bacon with table salt and placed it over the boil. And the a dressing to keep in in place over night when sleeping. After the first night they was no change so I decided to try it the second night. That morning when I removed the dressing they was a small white pimple looking mark in the middle of the boil. Straight away I new it had formed a head (great news) so with a little squeeze all the bad stuff began to run out quite fast(keeping slight prussuer on the squeeze)After a good wash and clean the boil had gone and all seems well(fingers crossed) Just take note for me when I placed the bcon with the salt over the boil it did sting quite bad for a short time. I found tho after 5 or 10 mins it was not so bad then after maybe an hour no sting at all. Some people do not recommend using raw meat as it contines parasites/bacteria etc. Tho for me I was at the try anything stage! I would like to say thank you to the people that posted this remedy here so glad I read it and tried it thank you very much


The past day and a half I have had a monster boil forming on my inner leg. Last night I. Couldn't handle the pain any more so I took a few drops of tea tree oil and crushed 2 asprin up in it then added vicks vapo rub in there mixed it up good and bandaged it over night. When I woke up this morning it had come to a head and drained...what a relief. The vicks helps to open pores in the skin and draw it to a head, the tea tree oil helps numb the pain and also has antiseptic properties, and the asprin helps relieve the pain from the source.


When my daughter was almost 3, she had them all over, 2 on her leg, & like 3 on her arm, We covered them w. Bag Balm and put bandages over them, over night they popped. Very nasty but it worked.


Im an avid equestrian and it took me awhile to realize my riding was causing my boil problems. With the snug fit of my riding breeches, the sweating from the activity and the constant friction of hitting the saddle, these unruley suckers pop up every now and then. I try a different remedy each time I get one. I dont shave so close to the skin anymore so pores arent susceptible to get clogged and infected, this go I have used talc powder (which is a great preventitave to stop chaffing which leads to breaks in the skin and clogged glands)but the menthol, greater the % greater the relief! instantly takes the heat and discomfort out of the boil. I have done the hot compress, hot lavander bath and am now onto the Turmeric. Topically for now and I will eat a few capsuls when my sulfameth pill is out of my system (those help too from the DR) This one is stubborn to come to a head and just after 5 hours with the crushed turemric on it feels significantly better! hope it clears it away!

suzanne butler

I had a very painful boil recently, went to the dermatologist and she said all she could do was cut it open, I decided to go home instead, I went online and found an old cure using bentonite clay and turmeric powder, you can only get the clay at the health store, costs about $15, the turmeric is a spice in the baking section of grocery stores for only a few dollars. You make a paste mixture of the clay and turmeric in a plastic container with a lid, don't use anything metal in the clay, go home and start steaming the boil with a hot washcloth, you steam until your skin softens, then you smear a big globber or the clay paste all over it and leave it, I slept with it on, turmeric stains badly so use an old sheet or towel. It takes about 2 weeks of doing this for it to come to a head, once the boil opens stop using the clay and then tape gauze over the boil to drain the fluid out, it takes another week for this part to finish up, when it starts to heal put small bandages with pure coconut oil on them to draw the last of the poison out and keep the wound open for the end of the healing, when it starts to dry you do the steam and clay process at the end for another week, it is a long process but I had a very large boil and that is how long it took to heal. It is gone and no scar. hope the helps.


I started getting boils at a early age, first on my legs then on the crack of my butt and around my groin. I've had several lanced because the pain was so unbearable. Worse one kept coming back and eventually turn to a cyst that had to be sergicaly removed , which is a 3 month open wound that had to be packed 3 times a day. Things that really helped me from getting them again were lose pants, a increase in fruit, and I found that certain soaps irritate my skin.


So for about 5 days I've been suffering from one of the worst boils I've ever had. Normally they're tender and it hurts to put too much pressure on them, but this little devil was throbbing constantly. Pain meds wouldn't help and I could barely walk, sit or sleep. Not to mention it was in one of the worst spots (on my panty line between my vagina and bottom). I had been doing the normal stuff: hot damp washcloth, peroxide, bandaids. I didn't have any fancy creams or anything. So yesterday I decided to take an oatmeal bath (hot water for the boil, oatmeal for my eczema) it helped it feel a little better, but it wasn't coming to a head. Then last night the pain woke me up and I was crying it hurt so bad. I put a bandaids with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin anti itch cream on it and pulled it tight so it wouldn't hurt as bad when I rolled over. This morning I couldn't walk the pain was so unbearable. So I called my mom and asked her to pick up some medicine for it. I didn't want to wait for her to get back so I took some ibuprofen and sat in a very hot bath with 1 cup of Epsom salts in it. After about an hour I got out and dried off. When I went to put another peroxide bandaids on it, it had started to release and now the pain is almost gone. Yay! A cheap and simple home remedy if you don't have any fancy boil creams at home.

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