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I have a recurring boil right on my butt crack.

The remedies I found very effective are Povidone Iodine, Vicks VapoRub, Ichtyol Ichtammolum and Ponstan/Ponstel.

First drank that Ponstan/Ponstel to reduce the pain, and use Povidone Iodine and last, rub that Vicks Vaporub and Ichtyol altogether.

It took me only 5 Days to get rid of the boil.


Natural Remedy for Boils/Carbuncles -

Tried, tested & true:
- Cut/fold small piece of gauze to fit the boil
- Attach to a larger piece of surgical tape
- With a small knife, scrape the cut surface of an ONION to obtain onion juice
- Apply (saturate) onion juice & grated onion to the gauze
- Apply to boil daily following your shower and leave on all day
- Boil will burst on its own, usually in 2-4 days, depending on how deep it is.

1) Applying a hot compress for 15 minutes per day will aid drainage. You can do this prior to applying the onion. Use soft sterile gauze pads, not cloth towels - Cloth towels are too rough and you don't want boil drainage on your cloth towels.

2) Do not squeeze - You risk rupturing the boil internally into your bloodstream. You can GENTLY push down around the boil to draw out impurities once it's draining.

3) Keep applying onion juice daily until the boil is gone. May take up to 2 weeks.

4) Vitamins & minerals DO NOT prevent boils. I've taken vitamins & minerals daily for over 50 years and still got a boil. You can take Garlic and/or Wild Oregano Oil to prevent infection while treating a boil.


It is absolutely unbeilevable how many people suffer from boils. I just recently got my 2nd boil in the last 5 years. It appeared in the same spot as the last one on my upper butt crack.
The pain grew each day. I started to feel it coming on Monday afternoon. By Friday it was full blown and immensely painful. The rest of that weekend I spent treating my boil. I literally could not do anything. The pain was immense. I could barely move with excruciating pain piercing through my body. Unfortunately for me I could not get the boil to come to a head that weekend. I had to go to work Monday and was dreading the pain I knew it would cause. It is now wedensday, a full 10 day since the boil began and I finally got the boil to come to a head and drain. The instant relief I felt almost brought me to tears.
What finally worked for me was the ithmacal black salve that helped bring my boil to a head and drain. In only 2 days of use of the black salve it worked and thank god it did. I have broken bones and torn hamstrings but nothing compared to the pain this boil caused.
If it wasn't for this thread I would not have been able to make it. Many of the remedies other people used I used as well. Not to mention the comfort it brought me to know I wasn't the only one.



Cotton balls, bandage, TWO crushed Aleve or Ibuprofen TWO vitamin E tablets Vicks and Tea Oil. crush the tablets on a clean plate, open two vitamin E tablets and add to tablets now the tricky part is the Vicks and Tea Oil u must use a TINY amount and I mean TINY add to the tablet and vitamin mixture this should look like a paste....spread it on a cotton ball and apply to boil, take 2 or 3 tablets for pain...Day time apply the same mixture w/o the tea oil....bath in 2 cups of Clorax bleach and use antibacterial soap daily


Boils suck! Ichthammol Ointment 20% (Walgreens sales the Perrigo brand 28g tube is around $5) seems to help relieve the pain almost on contact. 20-30 minute oatmeal baths and hot towels, (or a hot compress) can provide temporary relief. Good luck!


I recently had a boil that felt like a dozen bees were stinging me so I tried popping it with a needle THAT DID NOT WORK AND PLEASE DONT TRY...So I found some baking soda and vinegar made a paste and covered my boil overnight and just like that when I had awoken the boil was covered in blood and pus...i did squeeze it and it looked like a water fountain...I was so happy the pain went away...........

Boil-free in Chicago

I spent a lot of time online researching home remedies for this nasty boil in my armpit -- thanks to all of you who have posted advice so far!

I didn't know which remedy would work best for me, so I decided to try a little bit of everything:

First, I used a hot, clean washcloth as a compress -- as hot as I could stand it. When the monster started to ooze, I mixed up a paste of crushed aspirin, a generous squirt of Neosporin, a tablespoon each of turmeric, salt and Epsom salts, and a big glob of Vick's Vapo-Rub to hold it all together. I put a schmear of this concoction on my boil overnight and covered it with a sterile bandage. Voila! This morning the boil is less than a third of its original size, and the pain is non-existent! Now I'm cleaning the area, hot-compressing the boil and applying fresh poultice and bandage to it every four hours or so in hopes that it will completely disappear once and for all.

Thanks again for all the help, guys! You saved me an expensive and painful trip to the doctor, which I very much appreciate!


Okay. So about a year ago I developed a very large boil on my ribcage and it was incredibly painful, to the point where I couldn't even move. I went to doctors and I kid you not he cut and drained for so many appointments that I actually lost count (I'm now left with a horrible scar mind you) he prescribed me antibiotics and all that, I completed the whole course but before I knew it I had a small series of boils appear on my back and area above my buttocks. They were smalled and healed on their own. Months went by and I had small ones on and off but then one day I had an outbreak, an absolute outbreak! I had three on my elbow, one on my knee, four under my buttocks on my thigh, and around seven on my actuall buttocks. It was painful and I suffered through it, I tried EVERY SINGLE HOME REMEDY! But what do you know it, NONE of it worked. The outbreak sloooooowly but surely healed. I was okay for a while but it continued I just kept getting boils over and over again, in the same places and in new places. I tried continuosly with the home remedies, I tried them all once again, every single one of them. I went to the doctors yet again and she gave me another course of antibitiocs, I took blood tests and all the rest. The antibiotics did not work and I got boils once again, but then it happened I got carbuncles, absolutely huge, golf ball sized carbuncles so big and painful that I couldn't even move. I went to the doctors in tears and once again she gave me anitobitocs and sent swabs away etc. But of course the antibiotics did not work and the swabs prooved nothing. So I suffered on my own for months until one day I came across the cure. Are you ready for it? You wont believe it..... DRINK WATER! lots and lots and lots and lots of water! It wont make your boils magically dissapear but it will prevent them from coming back.
I kid you not, I had horrible outbreaks and I have the scars to proove it. Something so simple as smashing the water everyday AND moisterising your skin with lotion healed me.

So to everyone suffering, if you want to stop it from happening over and over again.... Drink water LOTS and moisterise your skin.

Simple, huh.


Thank you so much! I read the remedy of treating the boil with tea tree oil, vicks and aspirin. It was late last night so so all I could find in the house was vicks and tylenol so I used it. It did feel better alomst instantly. I wrapped it and this morning when I woke up, the boil basically extracted on its own! PAIN RELIEF!!!! THANK YOU


I have had boild in the past. for the past few days i have had my third boild. they always form on my left buttock, right where my back ends and buttock begins. the newest one was only the size of not even a half dollar. when i first started feeling the discomfort again, i started looking for a pain relief. i had found that if i put toothpaste, the paste NOT the gel, on the boil, the pain goes away and it just feels numb afterward. i left it on all night and most of the day today. on the way home from school today i stopped at walgreens to grab some campho-phenique. you can find it near the first aid section in the pharmacy section. before i found i put on the campho, i found the boil had started to drain on its own without me really doing anything to it. so i cleaned the area with antibacterial soap and patted it dry. i then put the campho on the boil. i have read on here it works and that it works great. so im trying it for the first time. also use warm compresses on the site of the boil. it also relieves pain.

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