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Ok, I have read through all of these remedies for relieving boils. And tried about every one as well. from tooth paste to the potato,onion, garlic tumeric powder etc. Nothing seemed to work until i tried the Ichthammol ointment. at first i was a bit skeptic because i had tried everything else and hadn't ever heard of it before. so i did some reasearch online and decided to try it out. i have put a second application on it today and i cannot tell you how much better i feel!!! i got the Ichthammol ointment from CVS and it cost me around 6.00 for a one ounce tube. it has already come to a head and it is less painful i am expecting that the boil will burst tomorrow. and at the rate its going, it will. seriously, if you have tried everything else like me and nothing has worked, please try it its really cheap and many swear by it!!! ichthammol ointment is definentally worth the 6 bucks!!!!


I mixed in some turmeric powder with a spoon of honey to make a paste, it turned out think so I added a tiny dash of water, applied it to the boil and to a piece of guaze, stuck it on the boil and slept, I woke up pain free and the boil has begun draining


I am a 33 yr old woman that has been fighting boils since I was in my early 20's! I have 21month old daughter who has started getting them! And we both have had the ones with MRSA recently. Feeling very aggravated because I am a clean freak. I never imagined passing this to my daughter and I don't want her to suffer with these awful scars and all the other crap that come with boils! So, after my mother and I researching and asking and praying!
I had been trying just plain Tea Tree oil from the grocery store on a new boil on my daughters thigh. She won't let me do the warm compresses on her leg so I do the oil after a good warm bath, but first i clean it with alcohol. Then I put the tea tree oil on a cotton pad (soak the pad in the middle) then place the pad on her leg and put hospital tape over it. Once a day we repeat this after a bath. It has popped on it's own and looks so much better. I have continued to do this and it is almost gone!

Now for prevention! I have used myself as the tester for different stuff but what is working for me now you ask? Well, I wash with regular soap as soon as i get into the shower, I rinse. Then, I wash my hair, shave, and whatever. Before I get out of the tub I scrub down with Dial antibacterial body wash! Last, I rinse again and dry off.. I only use lotion on my body that doesn't get the boils. I haven't had a boil since I have been doing all of this. It's been over 3 months! I was getting like one or more a month! I am going to start doing the same with my daughter! I hope it works for her too!

Just remember:
*Warm compresses
*Make sure you stay sanitary with all of this!
*This stuff spreads like none other!
*Tea Tree oil soaked on cotton or gauze..
*keep it covered.
*Do not try to squeeze it at all!!
I squeezed one and ended up in the hospital for a weak! U
*use alcohol to clean the area and make sure to wash your hands every time u might even get close to touching it!
Also, it is very important to keep a close eye on the redness and swelling!
*use a permanent marker and mark the redness and see if it grows beyond where you marked it and if it does grow in size. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR OR THE E.R. fast! For me it's better to just go to the e.r. because some doctors won't lance it in their office!!

I have also found that too much sugar in your diet will make these boils worse! So, sugar is being altogether watched. My daughter hardley ever gets anything sugary! So, we are praying that cutting sugar even more will help too!


i had a terrible boil last week....worst pain of my life! hot compresses for a couple days, then ichthammol ointment for another day, it was just getting bigger.....then when i made a compress out of hot water mixed with epsom salts it burst and drained! so give those remedies a shot!


I have 10 boils in the past 2 years and they hurt
But the last one I had I came up with a remedy
Take a teaspoon of Epsom salt put on the center
Of the boil and then mupirocin ointment by tevn
U can get it at walgreens and then put two bandades in a cries cross form

Gabby G.

I've had this boil for three days now. I couldnt take the pain anymore so I applied a hot compress every five minutes ( three times ) then put tooth paste on it and it poped! Im in heaven right now! =D


All u need is a potato, neosporin,and proxcide it works a piece of potato on the boil with a bandage instant relief within in a couple of hours it will b opened and draining clean it with. Proxcide and neosporin.good luck!


My husband had a boil on his lower back fist size and very painful.I read on this website many different ideas so i mixed a few things i could find quickly at the nearest super store.First i emptied 2 capsules of turmeric and i put a dash of tea tree oil and enough neosporin with pain relief to make a thick paste.I cleaned the boil with dial soap and water then placed a thick layer of salve on the boil and covered it with gauze went to bed. this morning it was draining and his pain was greatly reduced.


i was at my wits ends how to rinds of boils i had in my armpit. So my daughter had some diaper rash medicine here i wash my armpit twice a day and apply the rash medicince and with in a few days they were going away.


to get rid of boils what you do is you take witch hazel and baby oil and put it on your boils 4 times a week for 2 weeks hope this helps!!! :)

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