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Use of home remedies are great for the 'outside' or visible that you can see. For the 'inside' or invisible you cant see, do a 'cellular' cleanse. Yes, the boil hurts like heck right now but whatever is causing the boils to return is what you should focus on. Do you want results or remedy? When we have 'toxin build up' our body will fight to get rid of the foreign matter tthrough our organs. The skin is the largest organ we have. I am 40 yrs old & have had reoccuring boils since I was 13. I began to write down what I ate within a day or so of any sign of a boil (buttock area). I discovered when I eat chicken with skin on within a day, I notice a boil. Also, around menstruation. I also drink Pau d Arco tea and a lid of Apple Cider vinegar. After discovering how to do a 'cellular' cleanse I vary rarely have them anymore.


i have a golf ball size going on and have for three days,OOOOO MY THE PAIN IS HORRIBLE, i saw the campho one,, called walgreens/and walmart pharmasies and they both recommended,ICHTHAMMOL OINTMENT,the drawing sav they removed from boil eaze,( smells like roofing tar), i bought it ($6.00), holy moly! within 30 mins the pain was gone, just soreness and now im able to feel the breackin of the skin,,, man! 3 hrs and i feel like dancing,, cant wait till its totally gone


Castor oil soaked gauze covered with a dry dressing. ( dry gauze and tape or a large bandaid works. I know this sounds crazy but i found this remedy online on many different websites and due to the fact that the pharmacy was out of black salve also know icthemal i tried it. In one day it had opened and started draining relieving almost all the pain and it didn't hurt when it opened. It is the best thing i swear.


I have had a boil for about three days now. It is really starting to irritate the crap out of me. It was hurting like hell yesterday but today i took it easy. Its on my groin area. I am a colleges student out of town for spring break and im scared to tell anyone about it. I went to cvs and got prep h medicated wipes, boil relief,tea tree oil,baking soda,and salt. I am definitely going to do a number of things you guys listed and see if it helps. Im a very active girl and i need my thing working again!lol I will keep u guys posted.The other tips and stories really helped.


So the boil started on march 22nd. I've tried the honey thing, neosporin and warm baths. And just yesterday i've done the tea tree oil. To my amazement, the boil isn't hurting much, it just feels sore. Late last night when i was trying to sleep, i felt a stinging sensation on the boil after putting the tea tree oil on it several minutes before. What do you think that could mean?


Okay, so I first want to thank those of you who posted already because it helped.
So I didn't realize I had a boil (friend told me what it was) until it got big and started hurting - was under my arm, in the crease. A friend mentioned busting it but mine was too big and I was leary. I looked up natural remedies for removing boils and took pieces of what was said.

I started with Vicks (on a cotton swab) and wrapped it with a warm compress (cloth folded into four) and tied it up. I continued that for a day.

Day 2 - Took hot shower and rubbed boil, as much as could with pain, with shampoo. I did Epsom salt with Peroxide in my cup/bowl of water for my cloth -warm compress. Soaked the cloth in that water mixture that had been heated in the microwave and wrapped my arm -the boil. Went to the doctor and she told me I have to cut it open. I said uh-uh. Had already sent my husband to the store to get more supplies and told her I'm gonna do natural first. She gave me three days to prove it - she couldn't believe how big my thing was, measured about 9x6cm, arm was swollen and red - but she said to constantly keep warm-to-hot compresses on it; and she gave me script for antibiotics and 800mg of Motrin.

Can I just stop right here and say that those hot-warm compresses are absolutely wonderful for the pain. If you, like me, don't care for drugs, and can stand the heat - YEAH baby.

Day 3- started with baking soda and salt mix and continued with warm compress -yeah baby. Omg - felt my skin slightly rip about 11am. By 4:30pm, I went to the bathroom to heat my cloth again and check it because I could feel something moving inside - WHOOSH!!!! That stuff started coming out like diarrhea- yes, stench too. Then the BURNING from the blood that followed. I hollered but was relieved to see it all coming out.

BTW... short and simple - warm compresses, baking soda, h.peroxide, antibiotics- for infection, pain killers -if reached that point and done. Think this will be all you need, but stay on it cause it takes a minute depending on size.

No one told me about how it will feel when it busts but I will tell future inquirers - AAAAAAAArgh!!! It's no joke. All not done, still slight discomfort from rip in skin. Squeezed what I could and gauzed and wrapped hole till rest comes out, which it is, like now...yep. Okay


Get in the shower and wash your whole body and at the end put a quarter size shampoo on your hand and work the boil out and it will pop. Works great but might have to do this over several days but it works. The soap in the shampoo pulls out the puss


Have I found the cure?
Maybe. Read up on Xylitol, a natural sugar found in wood and corn cobs. It's like sugar, the gum (Spry) tastes just like Dentyne gum,,, no after taste either. And they are saying it can clean the mouth so much that it can kill a tooth infection. Something about how it wraps a shield around the bug about to attack your mouth,,, (body).
I read so much about this stuff I decided the very next time I get a boil in my groin I would try it.
Ok I started getting a boil in my groin about two years ago, (diabetic) 5 different times now, and they hurt so bad I could cry sometimes. I feel it, it's a bit painful and by that evening it's growing and getting quite painful... They next day it's burning and like a ripping feeling to walk, can't sit must sleep a lot. Usually about 5 days. The last one a few months back was several inside of one big one. I used every remedy under the sun that time and I ended up with a burn too, one of the remedies must have been too strong and burnt my skin. Turmeric, tea tree oil, you name it. That boil lasted me two weeks of hell.
So, 4 days ago I felt that nasty sore spot coming back. I cried. I remembered my promise to try this Xylitol. In the packets it looks like sugar. I shook some on a facial make up pad, stuffed it where the sun don't shine and waited. By evening the nerves around this sore spot were getting pretty sensitive and the pain was setting in but,,, the boil was smaller then when I first noticed it. I prayed I found the cure for at least when they happen,,, could still get them in future, right,,,
Anyway the next morning, about the time I would typically be feeling a fair sized lump and already find it hard to walk and would not be able to rest off my feet sept to have one leg resting on a stool,,, that mother was gone! No kidding, gone like the wind. Ok I am on day 4 and not one sign of it yet. I didn't have to go through the whole process of 5 to 14 days as I have gone through 5 times in two years, And,,, I have the sweetest smelling Peppy you could ever imagine.
It's not harmful in the mouth so it wouldn't be harmful in the groin or arm pit. If you read up on it and you trust my findings, please give it a try and let us know if this works for all of you... Might have been just my lucky day and it faded on it's own or I really stumbled on something. I hope for gods sakes it works for me again and I really hope it helps someone else. I know the pain and tears a boil brings, specially when it's not the first one and you know what in the days ahead.
Now this was a new boil about to get mad,,, so I don't know how well it would work on one already on the wild side,,, worth a try.
As for me, I am gonna mop little miss Peppy with a little sweetener after every shower,,, what a way to have a fun date huh, hahaha.
Anyway, here is praying we can end this madness. Thanks for reading.


I've had this one boil that will heal and come back off and on for the past 6 months. I was so busy that I paid little attention until it remained there for several weeks and became increasingly large and painful. One day my mom was telling me how baking soda helps get rid of the smell of underarms so I decided to try it. I soaked a wash cloth, folded it into 4 and poured about a tablespoon of baking soda onto the cloth. Then I added a little bit of water and spread it around on the cloth (enough to make it a paste). Once I began to scrub my underarm, I could immediately feel a SLIGHT burning/tingling sensation on the boil. I continued to clean it and thought nothing of it. Once I got out the shower, I looked under my arm and the boil had already opened up, ready to release the puss. Then about an hour later I went to the bathroom to check up on it and it was already healing back to my normal skin. WITHIN AN HOUR! After that I kept using it to wash my underarms and I since have not had any boils come back. As for the scaring (since the boil was on plain skin rather than hair area), I soaked it in lemon juice and eventually it went away. I HIGHLY recommended the combination of baking soda and lemon juice to get your skin back to normal. I finally feel clean again!


I read through many of the cures for boils and decided to try the Vicks paste. Guess what-it is starting to work,yaya.I know it is going to take some time, but after putting on the Vicks rub, on my boil on my chin, it started to drain. I get boils when i eat chocolate, because I have TYPe 2 diabetes,-never again. Decided NOT to go at it with a pin.

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