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I have used many remedies from this website with success. I also wanted to say that after suffering from many boils I figured out that I was getting them due to constipation. Now I rarely get them, and it is only when I am constipated for 1-2 weeks. I try to eat plenty of fiber, and other items to make sure I am regular and it has really helped.


CVS Drawing Salve Ichthammol Ointment

CVS Boil Relief Pain Relieving Ointment worked for me!!! I put a lot on after one day of it being so huge and painful! I found a lot of people saying it works and it does...the Ichthammol smells but it is so good. I just put a bunch on and place a towel over it,(the boil/cyst was by my woman part down there) :( ... I went to sleep and the next morning it had some leakage...then I soaked in the tub for 30 mins with warm water with salt and then after I put the salve cream and it helped with pain happy this worked...after a couple of days it was gone..thank god!!


I've had a boil before a few months back that was only a small one that didn't hurt that much but then a few days ago I noticed another one forming in the exact same spot on my inner right thigh. This one hurt like crazy, I couldn't walk or sit or move for that matter without being in a lot of pain. Yesterday I started looking up remedies on this website and came across a few that seemed to work. So I used a hot compress for about 5 minutes at a time dipping the cloth into water after every 5 minutes (3 times total). I decided to try the toothpaste thing and put aquafresh toothpaste on the boil then covered it with gauze. Half an hour ago I woke up and it had burst on its own throughout the night. THANK GOD! The pain is pretty much gone and it's draining. I've never been in so much pain before and I've broken bones and dislocated knees before and this was the worst. Try this and I hope it works


I had this painful knot at the top of my left buttocks and it was painful. Worse pain I've ever experienced in my life. I noticed the red knot on Friday but I just thought my butt was sore. By the time I realized a boil was forming on Monday it was big & swollen & way more painful. I mean I could not sit, walk, or lay on my right side. I was in so much pain all day especially at night when it seems to get worse. Going to the hospital was not an option because I had no medical insurance. I found this website & I read every remedy & tried all monst all of them. Hot soaks, campho phenique, crushed ibuprofen & triple antibiotics, toothpaste, boil ease, nothing worked. It was going on day 7 & I was in a much pain then as I was the very first day. I took a steaming hot bath and put campho phenique on the boil one last time then I covered it with a gauze. I went to bed around 1am & when i woke up at 7am the boil had bust on its own. BOY WAS I RELIEVED. do had a huge mess to clean up but neither the less I was happy.


I was on vacation in Louisiana and only had medical overage in my home state of California I couldn't see a doctor and emercengy room was out of the question. I went to those medical clinics inside Walgreen's and the medical attendant said they do not see patients below the waist. I had my boil on my vagina lip. So I took pictures and showed the pharmasist. Thank God she was female. She told me it was a boil and to go home and soak in a bath tub of water as hot as I could handle it. Well I went back to my boyfriends family home and sat in the tub for at least an hr. With almost boiling hot water. I couldn't clean or wash myself at this point I felt like death. Anyways I got out and literally as I walked in the room the boil just pursted. Out game so much blood after blood after blood I didn't have any towels I could use I felt bad being in someone else's home and using their towels for my blood. So I used an entire roll of toilet paper that's how much blood was coming out of this nickel sized boil. Anyways needless to say I was in instant relief and felt amazing that night. First boil I have gotten on my body but not the last. So I recommend just a long extremely hot bath. But only as hot as you can handle. Good luck. I feel your pain.


I get huge, painful boils all the time, I used many home remedies, heat worked for a while, so did honey and turmeric, Vicks vaporub as well, my latest boil just popped 10 minutes ago after a mixture of toothpaste (non-gel) and Vicks, three hours after application, hope this helps someone

Katie K

Wet a washcloth with HOT water, sprinkle salt directly onto the washcloth. Lay over the boil leave on for up to 20 minutes, it most likely will bring it to a head. then take a baking soda bath. Take the wash cloth and salt in with you and lay over boil for 5 minutes at a time, taking breaks, and it should open up, or at least come to a head to speed up the opening process.


I've had a boil for about 3 days. I've tried Prid, honey, warm salt baths and the egg membrane trick. Nothing was working. This morning I was in so much pain I was looking for anything else to try. I decided to try the toothpaste method. Literally within minutes the pain was gone. I used the arm and hammer with peroxide and baking soda. We'll see if this brings the core out, but as of now, I'm just happy there is no pain and I'm up and walking around.


My best remedy for skin boils is apply a drop of Vitamin E oil first to prevent dryness and scars, next apply a mixture of Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil diluted with some water on the boil, after it has dried, apply some Collodial Silver. Apply some antibiotic ointment and Hydocortisone cream. Afterwards apply fresh Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant. The bottled stuff just doesnt do the trick. Last cover it with a dollop of Raw Honey and cover it up so the honey doesnt run everywhere. I usually just cut a piece of tissue and cover it lightly. I also keep it clean with Iodine, use hydrotherapy when it hurts - I use a warm Echinacea tea bag and a Tea Tree Oil Ice cube, apply a Baking Soda water paste for 30min and at night use a sulfur acne mask. Some other remedies I use; I immediately go on a 3-day detox diet of fresh vegetable juices and lots of water, I clean out my nose with grapefruit seed extract spray 2xs a day since I read that is where the Staph bacteria lives, I clean out my ears with Hydrogen Peroxide, I drink Aloe Vera Juice 3xs a day and 1T ACV, I take 20min Epsom Salt baths and I go on a colon cleanse. As far as supplements, I take Echinacea and Tumeric 3xs a day, Probiotics AM & PM, Garlic 3xs a day, Vitamin C 2xs a day along with my regular everyday vitamins. I also take 1/2 a tsp of Collodial Silver by mouth, swish it and then swallow it. FYI My skin boils appear when I eat too much sugar and dairy products. I switched to a hyperglycemia diet even though Im not a diabetic and this is my first boil in almost 10yrs. Hope this helps. Boils are definitely no fun.


Ok. Boils are nothing to play with. I have one on the inner thigh about the size of a two year olds fist. There is no way to describe the pain except to say it brought me to tears today. After reading all of the remedies, I went to cvs and got the cvs brand Monistat 3 called Micinazole 3 yeast infection relief. I got maximum strength boil relief and Ichthammol ointment. I took a hot shower and soaked the boil with a hot hot as you can stand it. First I used the boil relief and got a little relief. Then I took the yeast infection relief and some maximum strength Anbesol and put that on the boil. I laid down at 5:30p. When I got up at about 7:15p I was cleaning up this yuk and drainage. I washed up, applied the last three creams I mentioned and laid back down to write this remedy. I feel nothing near how I felt earlier today. Hope it works. Thank you for your comments.

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