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1. Disinfect the boil with peroxide every day.

2. Put natural thick honey on the boil & cover with a band-aid.

It's best to do this every morning and evening,in that order.

Another remedy is to heat some milk so it's not hot but sharply warm. Put a piece of bread in the milk and gently squeeze it and place on the boil.It will hurt for a few seconds. Leave it on for awhile. Repeat as often as needed with more pieces of bread. It draws out infection and the red circle around the boil will get smaller. Both remedies worked for me.


I suffered a carbuncle in under my arm for the past FIVE years. I hear your pain about the boils!!! I searched & experimented with everything I could find that might help online. I gave each thing I tried ample amount of time to work & nothing seemed to clear it completely up & it continuously came back. At the very best it would start looking better but never quite go away. It looked like a bruised area that would fill up if I let up with whatever remedy I was trying at the time. And my arm & shoulder would hurt. I almost gave up several times. I even tried antibiotics in high doses which would make it almost go away but the minute I stopped taking them it would blow back up again. I have to admit that several times in frustration & agony I would cry & ask myself is this what is going to kill me? Because as far as I could tell, up to this point, nothing I did made it go away & stay away. During times while searching & reading everything I could online, I always swore I would tell the world if I ever figured out what would work. I know several people who suffer with boils & thus far no Dr has been able to clear them up.

Well, guess what!?!?? I have came back to share some really awesome news!!! My carbuncle is almost completely gone. I have not seen this area on my arm look this well in 5 years!!! The color is all back to normal. I have scarring where the boil drained during several of my bouts with it but I expect those to clear up more to as it can now complete its healing process. YES!!!!


First, if the boil has not drained, TURMERIC will drain it fast if you use the remedy where you heat a mixture of 1 TBSP COCONUT OIL to 1 tsp TUMERIC & a few dashes of BLACK PEPPER. Heat that in a double boiler. I put it in a measuring cup & set it in a small pan with water in it & heated the water to boiling. Let it boil for 15 minutes, then cool before taking it. I took a 1/2 tsp & it starts draining within the hour.

You can buy all of these through Amazon for not very much! My home will never be without them after I have seen this miracle. I can not believe it is working so well after all I have tried! I started putting this on it before it even started draining & I put it on at least twice a day. Put a couple of drops of LAVENDER OIL on your finger & rub it on it, then rub on a couple of drops of FRANKINSENCE OIL & then a couple of drops of MYRRH. Also, mI'm taking BLACK SEED OIL as a part of my daily regime. I take 1 tsp a day. This works so well!!! Prepare to be amazed!!! I will never be plagued by those nasty painful tings again & neither will you!!! Wishing you all happy healthy wonderful lives!!!!!!!

P.S. When you try this & see how well it works, please pass it on to others!!! People need to know that there is help for these things & it doesn't include letting a Dr mash it into a carbuncle for you. Mine was 1 boil before I went to the Dr. After he mashed around on it & it was extremely painful for him to do that, it turned into 4 or 5 in a row. Then he wanted to talk about cutting them out! And I had a skin specialist tell me that it would just come back if they cut it out. There was no solution to be found there.

HS Helper

Hey guys!!! If you suffer from Hidradenitis suppurtiva, (the disease that causes lots of boils) I know how to help it because it worked for me. H.S. is autoimmune. Autoimmune disorders are triggered by dietary factors. You have to stop eating foods from the nightshade family. Google "nightshade" for more information! If you eliminate all the obvious ones like potatoes, bell peppers etc. And still having problems, it is most likely still in your processed foods as seasoning. You have to start cooking healthy. I know it sucks to get rid of yummy foods like peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes etc, I'm a vegetarian so it was really hard for me. But it is totally worth it not suffering from this debilitating illness anymore. Good luck!!

Ive had to deal with boils since the age of 9. You all should find and try a cream, Boilblaster. It works like magic. As soon as you notice one beginning to appear, attack it with boilblaster. It works great!! No pain since the first day of attack. BustItBaby with Boilblaster.

Boil sufferer

Another home remedy for those who's boils have become resistant to other solutions is the ginger and turmeric paste. Slather on a thick layer then tape it up shut. Seal it off completely and snuff that bad boy out. Leave the bandage on for at least 3 days then change it and repeat process. Not letting any air into the bandage has gone down significantly. Today is day 6 and I've changed it up to tea tree oil and band aids shaped into a hashtag. Again sealing it up so no air gets in. However I did a hot compress for a bit before I bandaged it up again so hopefully this helps. Also, I've been trying to take goldenseal alot. I started this process as soon as I felt the boil come in and it grew but sealing it shut has made it shrink alot! Hopefully this can help one of you.


I started having boils when I was 11 years old got it 3 times in one month. Back then it wasn't painful really. But I'm 19 in my senior and my groin area started hurting so bad at school. During that night sure enough it had formed into a boil. But what sucks about it is I have prom tomorrow and it hasn't busted yet. I have been soaking in a warm bath with Epsom as much as I can I have been applying an onion. I even had an onion on my groin while I went to school yes it's really disgusting but I really don't care because of prom tomorrow. I need this boil to bust already. My grandma told me after her surgery today to get a potato and slice it in half. Take one half and wrap in a towel just once and place it on the boil. And honestly I'm so thankful for this remedy of hers because it has went down a whole lot and don't hurt that bad I'm trying to get the top part to do same as the rest of the boil did. I had change potato got a fresh one. But I also I bought this cream boil ease at Walmart n it helped the first time but the second time I used it barely help. Also took ibuprofen one in the morning before I drove to see my grandma in the hospital I had littary token three yesterday. I don't take any pills so my family was shocked that I actually token ibuprofen. But yeah I was asleep but woke up from the burning pain. And can't get back to sleep which is really bad because I have school. I may just skip because I ain't getting sleep anytime soon. But yeah I will update everyone soon about the boil and hopefully it bursts. Please pray that it bust today I have prom tomorrow and want to be able to enjoy my time with my fiancée and friends without any pain and be able to walk


The pain of a boil or boil(s) just can't be overstated, both physically and emotionally speaking.

For those who haven't experienced this frustrating and often painful condition, it would be hard to understand the level of pain which can radiate from such a relatively small area.

I'd like to thank all of those who have shared their experiences and resultant remedies on this site. Its been very helpful, resourceful and reassuring for me.

I am one of the lucky ones; I experience only two to three boils per year, and always in the same darn place. The dreaded fold. The plumber's nightmare. The Valley of Broken Screams. Yes. My ass crack. My heart truly goes out to those who endure the pain of this condition in a greater frequency and number than myself.

I follow the same procedure each time when dealing with mine. I don't like poking and prodding too much; as one will soon find out, the resultant scar tissue of a repeatedly popped, squeezed or otherwise forced draining of a boil can often be just as uncomfortable as the original offending wound.

I have a large steel mixing bowl, which I used to use for cooking and most assuredly no longer do. I fill this with very hot water, and mix in about 3/4 of a cup of iodized salt. This can be quite an uncomfortable experience, but it does indeed dry the boil up, and forces the core to the surface to form the sometimes elusive "whitehead".

I pull my pants down, and sit the offending butt cheek side into the bowl. As I said, trust me, this is really uncomfortable at first. Some may not be able to bear the stinging.

I will soak the boil for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Watching a TV documentary about someone going through something worse than me helps, as does a bit of meditation. I then dry the area with a clean, soft towel by patting, not rubbing. I will wait approximately a half hour until my skin returns to it's pre-saturated state and is no longer wrinkly. I'll then dump the bowl, refill it as before and repeat the step. Once I've soaked it for another hour or so, I then hop into a nice hot shower, and direct the shower stream so that it is directly cascading onto the boil. I take one of those scrunchie pads, and lightly, in a circular motion without applying pressure, scrub antibacterial dish soap directly onto the boil. This motion and exercise further "irritates" the head of the boil. I carry out this exercise for about three or four minutes, as this stage can be quite painful. I usually sing something nonsensical, such as the ninth symphony, and lace the offending song with colourful epithets. I am fairly certain that my neighbours in the adjoining side by side are convinced that I've long ago lost my sanity. At this point, I'm entirely certain that I have.

After I hop out of the shower, I dry off very well with a soft towel again, making sure that the boil-afflicted area is very very dry. I'm usually doing this around bedtime.

I will then take a non-adhesive 4x4 pad, and tape it by the corners as best I can ( location, location, location) directly over the boil. I do this dry, and add no ointments. I'll place a dark towel over my sheet, lay down on it, take a painkiller, and crash for the night.

Usually when i wake up in the morning, the boilish b#stard has erupted, leaving a considerable mess. ill hop directly into the shower, clean the wound off with a gentle soap such as Dove, and I'll irrigate the now open wound with the shower stream.

When I get out of the shower, I'll again dry the area very, very well, coat it in polysporin, and tape on another non-stick pad. I have to change this a couple of times throughout the day to counter the continued drainage.

When I go to bed that night, I leave the wound open, and lay down on another CLEAN towel.

I repeat the dressing in the morning and so forth thereafter until the boil is no longer a problem; until the next time I have this literal pain in the ass.

I hope this helps someone. This is certainly not a pain free method, but it always works for me.

Best of luck with your own afflictions folks, and may you be pain-free.

I then hop out of the shower


I have had a boil on my buttocks for a couple of weeks now and it hurts like heck. I have had boils in the past and usually have to have lanced. There was no open place for it to release and avoid having it lanced. I went online and used a home remedy that worked GREAT. I placed tea tree oil on the affected area that was the size of a tennis ball and then placed an onion on top and set for about 30 minutes. When I got up it had opened up and started draining. Love the Internet for home remedies. It is currently draining and feeling a little relief. Thank goodness I can avoid going to clinic and sitting for 3 hours and having to lance.


help! about a month ago, i started off with 1 boil on my vaginal lip. applied some mucipiron ointment to it, didnt go away. a few days later, 2 more bils pop up on the same lip, about 3cm apart from one another. then i start applying the oint ment to those now. washing my hands before and after applying it to each one. change my underwear often as well. then i got on on the other lip... then started to panic.!! none of them hurt, stung a little, but not often. everntualy the very fist one that started all this, came to a head an popped. and so did one other one. 3rd on is still there and the one in my other lipe is as well. now i have a new one on the other one where the 2nd one was, and this one hurts a very little bit, like very little. ive been doing warm compresses abd drawing salve and mucipirin ointment, and washing and being clean as always. BUt what am i doing wrong? why wont they going away? im so confused, they dont hurt, they arent big at all and dont form a head. and also 2 of then are dark colored, and the newest one as 2 little spot on it. like the stub of a hair when you shave! but i dont shave and i dont think its hair, because when i felt it i dont feel anything. and i dont have a fever. HELP! should i go to the doctor. im too scared to possibly have it lanced, i cant handle that much pain. and im embarrassed as well. any suggestions or know whats going with me?


I am 30 years old fit and healthy. I am 10 stone and have never smoked, drink little and exercise regularly. I started to get boils a year ago. The first time I encountered one - I had no idea what is was. Stupidly, I though it was just a spot and kept a plaster over it and not knowing what I was dealing with. The boils started out on my inner thighs. I had been having lots of oil massages in Thailand and it was towards the end of the holiday I got the boils (1 per month). OK - to cut to the case - I have found the following to be effective. Plenty of long hot epson salt hot baths. Then wash the boil with baby wipes and somehow magically it starts draining. I have tried all sorts - though this has been the most effective. Keeping the the boil warm and moist does have huge benefits - though you need to agitate the boil with vinegar, tea leaf extract etc. The baby wipes was an accident - and worked out brilliant. I also take anti-biotics - fluxolaxcillin. Hope this helps.

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