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1 Home Remedy for Trichomoniasis


I read all the remedies I could get a hold of. Then I came up with my own. 3 things: tea tree oil, vinegar and water douche, fage 0% plain yogurt. Day 1 I douches. I poured half a bottle of tea tree oil in the ready made douche, shook it up to mix and douches with it in the shower.then 30 minutes later I filled a 5ml syringe with the tea tree oil and inserted into my vagina. It burned for a few hours and when I went to the bathroom to check down there I saw the worst discharge I'd ever seen. It was greenish yellow. Scared the crap out of me but I just rinsed off again with plain water and 3 hours later it was less discharge. Day 2 I showered with plain water again no soaps and I inserted the syringe with tea tree oil at bedtime . Of course it burned a little but it's not intolerable and the sensation doesn't last long. Day 3, the next morning, I drenched a tampon in fage yogurt and inserted it and left it in for 2 hours. That evening I stringed the yogurt 5ml of it into my vagina and 3 hours showered in plain water again. When I check for discharge I saw nothing. Clear! Still clear as of today. No smell no irritation. Good luck!

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