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if you're from texas 'horseapples' (not that kind) the ones that grow on bois' darc trees work cut them up and put 1/4s out in foil pans in the corners of each room and they will be gone... btw do the cutting outside with an old knife and wear rubber gloves they have a VERY sticky 'juice' to them that does not come off. an old women told a friend to do this, i didn't believe it until i tried it this summer my house was full of fleas. a few days later they were gone.


If you bathe your animal(I know it works on dogs, not sure on cats) in a mixture of Dawn dish liquid, a SMALL amount of bleach, and water mixed in a spray bottle and let it sit about 10 mins. then rinse, it works well to kill the fleas on the animal. Do it at least 3 times a week until the fleas are gone!

Alicia whitney

With 3 dogs and 3 cats in the house, chemical treatments get a little pricey. I was reading this site and learned a couple of things 1) fleas hate dish soap (not having dawn, I used palmolive lavender on all 3 dogs)
2) fleas don't like citrus.

So, I washed all three dogs with the lavender dish soap ( apparently fleas don't like lavender either) they were FLYING off the dogs. Then, I boiled some water and steeped citrus peels in it, orange and lime, with some lime juice. Put it in a bottle and let it cool a little then rubbed it on the dogs. I just finished so I don't know how long it will work for, but they are all lying happily in the sun not scratching anymore :).


Get a aluminum pie pan (disposable) and fill halfway up with water, add 1 or 2 drops of Dawn dish soap, place it under your electric plug ins (as many as you have if you are infested) and put a night light in each recptacle. The fleas are attracted to the night light and jump towards it, the Dawn dish soap breaks the surface tension of the water so they sink instantly and drown.


About 2 weeks after our cat passed away we were hit with a flea infestation.
They don't bite me but love my wife so I was getting it in the neck from her.
I would like to say that I have found the magic product to kill the fleas but I haven't.
Below is the action I have taken over a period of about 3 weeks.
First get a tray of water with washing up liquid in it and place a desk lamp over it.
This will catch some of the fleas but its main use is to see how many fleas you catch each day and so judge your progress.
I have tried them all sprays, powder, bombs, home made potions and the vacuum cleaner.
I really don't know if any of them worked or if it was a combination of all of them.
One thing that is important is the vacuum cleaner you must vacuum every day.
This will remove all stages of the flea lifecycle.
Johnson's flea spray did not seem to help.
Bob martin flea bomb - I used these twice in the bed room and they appeared to clear that room.
Ant and crawling insect killer from Pestshield. - This is relatively cheap from B&M stores and the residual smell is not strong. I sprayed it before going to bed but not in the bedroom.
Home made remedies were salt and a lemon juice spray. Simmer two lemons in water for about 45mins to an hour strain and spray.
Another useful item is a piece of sticky tape so if you see a flea, which you will, you can catch it.

Finally I will say this again but I do believe the vacuum cleaner was my best weapon.
Fleas appear to me most active first thing in the morning or in the evening so these are the best times to vacuum. Don't forget to empty the bag or they will breed in it.


DO NOT USE SEVIN DUST ON YOUR PETS!!!! It was used a long time ago for farm animals and hunting dogs but is found to cause more harm than good. Although it works to kill most pests (fleas, ticks, crop pests) it also can cause vital organs in your animals to shut down. I talked to an associate at Tractor Supply and he said the pancreas is most vulnerable causing diabetes and in extreme cases cancer (after prolonged usage). Please do more extensive research before trying these 'home remedy' suggestions. Chemicals kill animals, too!!!!


16 oz. white vinegar
8 oz water
2 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. witch hazel
Mix and spray on everthing (I soaked). Smells like salad for an hour or so but evaporates quickly. Kills fleas in house very effectively. Only prevention for dog reinfestation I've found is to vacuum fur the minute we come in from a walk. Open suction vent so it won't be too strong. Goes fast and harmless. It's worked for me.

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