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37 Home Remedies for Fleas

Jo English

Hexol household disinfectent. You can buy it on line. I get mine from Pinesol has 6% pine oil but Hexol has 56% pine oil. It costs about $19 a bottle but a little bit goes a long way. Fleas hate it, ticks hate it, won't hurt your animals, makes house smell pine oil clean. Mix with water and spray animals, house, furniture, put in laundry for bedding, even pray plants to get rid of bugs. You decide how strong to mix for what your doing.Open bottle of Hexol will be good to use for years. Good till it's gone. All Natural Ingredients. My father bathed in it for a relaxing healthy bath. Hospitals used it for disinfecting floors and beds and such. I swear by this stuff.

flea treatment for carpets

Ive always had my dog inside and no matter how hard u try to keep the fleas out they always make it in.. so by mistake i found something that works great.. i mixed half liquid fabric softner and half water in a spray bottle.. it can be and brand and any one that smells good to you. Spray your carpets, cutrians, blankets, anthing you want to smell nice. do it everyday till they r gone. I was broke and wanted something to spray around the house to make it smell good.. so it was a 2 for 1 thing. o u dont have to soak ur carpets. any liquid that hits the flea eggs bustes them.. i hope it works for you as well as it worked for me.. i just wouldnt put it on ur pets!


For the yard you can a little worm caled nemotobes, you can buy them online. They are microscopic worms that eat fleas. Diatomaceous earth can be found in stores and online, I buy mine at Tractor Supply. If you prefer to bathe then the original palmolive dish washing liquid.


Dawn dish detergent works great to get rid of fleas.... you can also try the citrus dawn. It kills them instantly and they don't like the smell so they don't come back. Only use the citrus when absolutely needed because it will dry out the skin


I tried 1/2 Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo and 1/2 Dawn Power Clean.... I was skeptical. I am now a believer. I actually watched the flea come to the top of their coat....3 dogs and 1 cat. I used the flea comb during their bath to get the ones dying in their undercoats. I am spraying them with 8 0z Vinegar,4 Oz water and 1 Oz lemon oil to see if that helps with re infestation. Thanks for that tip



I've gotten fleas in my home a few times over the years, it's pretty inevitable-especially with pets ( I have two indoor cats). But my mother knows all the best home remedies told me what takes care of them and, of course, she was right.

For the carpets:
BORAX -in the laundry aisle (5$)- Sprinkle it over your carpets and use your feet to massage work it in deep. The next morning vacuum. Your carpets stay good for about half a year and your home smells super fresh afterwards.

For your pets:
AVON Skin So Soft Oil -online of through a representative (5-10$)- After you've sprinkled your carpets you want to get the pets situated, fill a spray bottle with the oil and spritz animals down in the bath tub. Let sit for a while then wash pets with a bit of blue dawn dish soap. Drain nasty water, the wash with soap again. Rinse REALLY WELL, don't want your animals licking soap from their fur after all!

For furniture:
Take your spray bottle of Skin So Soft and spritz all your fabric furniture, and wash bed linens ect. with a tiny bit of dish soap.


I tried using tea tree oil and after a little while my darling doggie became paralyzed in her lower half and could not walk anymore. I thought she must have broken her spine somehow when I wasn't looking....until I figured out that the tea tree oil had caused this!!! I used it full strength, and it was WAY TOO STRONG and very dangerous to dogs, I learned too late, after an internet search. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! Don't use tea tree oil at all, given what it does. Fortunately, we washed her off thoroughly and she recovered and is fine now. We are still looking for a good non-chemical flea remedy.


I bought all those things people said worked to get rid of fleas....they didn't work. I didn't know what else to do cause we couldn't afford to buy those flea cemicals so out of rage brought on by being chewed up by the fleas everyday I started vacuuming 3 times a day. I did this for a week and by that thursday I could tell the difference. Now into the following week I'm only vacuuming once a day and haven't seen but maybe a couple here and there. It's hard work but it's worth it. Hope this helps.

Colleen from Ontario

P.S. I used the cat flea shampoo, about a tablespoon or two per regular size spray bottle of water, but if you have dogs you might want to use dog shampoo. It's harmful to cats if you have them as well so contain them while each room dries. I've also found that often the fleas on dogs are cat fleas. This is so easy and took one day of spraying. I have not seen a live flea today, but I will spray again to be sure.


Tried everything !!!! Cap star can be pricey if you have a lot of pets like i do-
BAG BALM !!!!!!!!! Rub it all over your pet, wrap your pet in a blanket- As soon as I covered my babies in it the fleas died- and it wont harm your pet- Yes it is messy, but it is cheap and works GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put Baking soda on my carpet- we will see how that works-
Putting garlic in there food- I even rubbed garlic on my pets- I was desperate- trying anything- I dont and wont use pesticides !!!! ALL NATURAL !!!!!
Bag balm is used for cows teets- Use it on my dogs for other things- Never has hurt them- Worked at a vet for 2 years and seen a lot of pets die and end up very sick from pesticides !!
The only thing a fkea collar is good for is to cut up and put in your vacuum- it kills the fleas and eggs- dump outside as soon as your done.

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