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37 Home Remedies for Fleas

Surley can't hurt.

Besides the regular vacuuming, cleaning, steam mop, Orange cleaners for furniture, floors make a good offense. Vicks vapor rub which has the eucolyptus menthol for your legs and arms on the pet owner and a little behind the neck area of my little chihuhua. Also a little bandana with some lavender essential oil on the bandana leave on neck. Visually cute and helps to keep fleas away. I give my pups a little slice of garlic covered in a bit of strawberry jelly. Garlic is suppose to be good for repeling fleas. I have not tried Dawn soap for the pups but I will try. I also heard that "Suave" the BLUE color clarifying shampoo kills fleas also. I imagine becuase it strips away the oils... Happy repeling...


table salt on carpet kills fleas


You use 3cups of water and then about to drops of lavender esstianal oil and two more drops of ceaderwood esstianal oil and 2tablespoons on teatree oil. Shake well. Be very carful when around eyes and around secetibe body parts. Spray all alroud twice a day for a week and then spay once a day till fleas a gone


I tried Avon's SSS, but my dog licked it off and I was afraid too much might make her sick. I read that putting garlic powder on them should work, but her fur is too short and it all fell off all over the furniture. Then I mixed garlic powder with olive oil (which is less toxic than SSS) and rubbed it on her. Viola!!! I saw the fleas dying and the ones that didn't die right away, left her skin and were on her topcoat where I could pick them off! Yes, she did lick some of it off, but the fleas are dying!!!


What I did, (since my whole family has had it UP TO HERE ^) is boiled dry yeast, minced garlic, baking powder, baking soda, water, and salt all together then put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed my WHOLE house. The couches, floors, bottoms of curtains, porch, and even them. But then have them all a bath afterwards in baking soda and with their flea shampoo. I have a chocolate pitbull who is such a baby to get in the water, and three little chihuahuas. so far, it's been two hours just in the house & haven't had one flea on me like they were four hours ago.


Food grade diatomaceous earth (also called fossil shell flour)will generally kill fleas and most other insects that come into contact with it. It is normally mined and processed into a fine dry powder which can be dusted (like boric acid or borax) in problem areas; it works because it has many tiny sharp features which scratch and dehydrate insects which crawl through it. Food grade is relatively safe (though it's not good to breathe in much dust of any kind) it is edible, unlike boric acid - which is harmful to ingest.

Suggest putting small amounts in gloved hand (if sensitive - as it dries skin) and rubbing into fur of afflicted pet. Keep out of pet's eyes and nose...but will not hurt them if they lick some off... and dust lightly around problem areas. (Found an empty boric acid bottle worked okay for dusting.) It's also good for the ridding of parasites, mineral supplementation, hindering mold and mildew, etc, etc... Search it on the web - many more benefits. Bought some on Amazon 6 mths. ago 20lbs for $40 including S&H. (Also sold in some Feed Stores.) Takes a little while to work, and needs to be reapplied several times initially, but is safe, inexpensive, and effective. (Some sources are superior to others - and beware if not 'food grade' it is toxic too.) Can even work on bedbugs! Cheers.


My brother gave his dog a brewers yeast capsule everyday. He had no flees. He was a outdoor dog. The dog loved it and it was not harmful to the dog:)


To Kill Fleas On Any Animal: Simple, I use the brand Dawn dishwashing liquid. Other brands would probably work, I don't know. ''Totally Wet Animal With Dawn''. Rub Dawn directly and throughly onto the animal until the animal is totally dry of the dawn by constant massaging the animal. I apply to the belly, chest then under both arms 1st; the back starting next to tail then upwards, then tail and entire neck 2nd. The legs and feet 3rd. Apply just a little bit around and in the ear flap leaving the head and eyes alone. If needed, apply very little to entire head then rub dry. Once you 1st start applying Dawn, the fleas smell the Dawn and are on the move away by crawling or jumping, so, work fast as possible. When you think it's time to bathe your animal/s also bathe them in Dawn without toatally rinsing them of the Dawn. Just regular blue Dawn is totally harmless to your animal/s. I have used it on 4 of my full grown dogs (my babies) since birth plus others through the years and they are and stay flea free. During cold weather, fleas must hibernate because you won't view them as much to none. Also, if you think your house have fleas, near their bedding and other places you can place a pan on the floor with a Dawn and water mix then place a small light over the mixture. The light attracts the fleas, they fall in and die. Hope this advice helps.


My poor Silky cross Pom was completely covered in nasty fleas. I have from past posts, created my own remedy mix.

1 teaspoon bicarb soda
1/2 teaspoon of pure lemon oil
Juice of 1/2 orange
300 mls tap water

Pop it into a spray bottle give a good shake & spray on dog's coat using fingers to rub down to base of hair shaft. I also rubbed on her belly skin. Initially she was distressed but within 1 minute she settled and the nasty little buggers were dead. I am so relieved, she is fast asleep hasn't scratched once in the last in the last 2 hours. I love home remedies & am glad I visited this site. Thank you from my pretty puppy Poppy x


Ok well I have tried the dawn and ivory dish soap remedies. I have found that both do NOT kill the fleas! They will render them unconcious for around 15 minutes. If you do not use a flea/lice comb to remove the fleas then they will come back to life and you will be in the same boat as you were.
I really need some help getting rid of the fleas on my pittbull. He is suffering all the time and I haven't been able to find anything that helps :(

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