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2 Home Remedies for Root Canal


This is my second root canal pain problem and I'm allergic to lidocaine and other cocaine derived pain medications, therefor I can't use Oragel or similar products.
I had limited success with baking soda in warm water rinse...but the only home remedy that works for a reasonable time is potassium nitrate.
You can find potassium nitrate in any sensitivity toothpastes the maximum amount you can find is 5%.
If your tooth cavity is very large,I recommend you use a foaming toothpaste, usually comes in a can, as it will reach further.
The more you brush with it the better result you'll have, I carry a trial size tube in my pocket to place directly on my tooth if the pain returns while I'm out of the house.


I have a bad teeth that need a root canal its Da worst pain ever to get rid of my pain since meds don't help I brush Da area very good 3 times n use Listerine mouthwash u have to keep the area clean when food n seasoning get n your teeth or gums it make the pain arrive I tried oral gel I didnt work maximum strength wow but to the dentist I'm going in the a.m

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