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For some time I wanted to submit something to help others about this . I had a low risk HPV about four years ago and haven't seen a bump on my penis since so here is what you need to do and buy
Apple Cider Vinegar , cotton balls ,tape, pain killers,

what to do from here is put cotton balls around penis, wrap the tape around the penis and pour apple cider vinegar on the top every 20-30 mins or whenever the cotton is dry while laying on a towel or something over night/during the day . I did this for two days straight and it is very painful and has bad smell to so be warned ! this method helped me I don't feel that going to the doctors help using a freeze method or buying stuff online so cheers and good luck

Daniel George

Hello Everyone,

I want to share my experience with all of you regarding treating HPV naturally.
Five months back, I had warts on my hands. Initially, I thought of being normal warts, but after some days, I suffered breakdown problems associated with them.
I shown those to one of my friends, who suggested me to consult a Doctor and opt natural treatments while having a balanced diet and maintaining distance with alcoholic products.
I gone for researching about and found that it might be warts due to HPV. I consulted a specialist and he confirmed about it. I was so depressed at that time, since there is no cure for it till date. The only way to treat is by boosting immunity Then I started searching for some natural remedies to treat it. I found some herbs like Hyperisince Mysorense, Echinacea, Phyllanthus emblica which are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects.
I gone with medicines containing them, and found amazing results. Additionally, I increased intaking Cruciferous vegetables which includes cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli and citrus fruits while minimizing intake of sugars, caffine and refined foods.
My belief in natural medications came to be proven...


For genital warts, apply oregano, lavender, or Thieves oil on genital warts neat (strait) or diluted 50/50 with organic vegetable oil, 2x/day for 10 days.

For HPV infection or a pap smear coming back positive for abnormal cell, dilute 10 drops of oregano, basil, lavender, or Thieves oil in 2 Tbsp. of cold-pressed olive oil and apply it to a natural, unbleached cotton tampon. Retain vaginally nightly for a week or more until the situation resolves.


Hi Im 30 i have hpv im doing acv im on day 2.. It hurts a little im only doing it for 2 hours a day .. They are white and ill let u know if it works for me


hi! I just wanted to say that I read here that a pregnant lady put alchohol on her warts and they re gone. I thought that instead of starting with any of all the chemicals, why not just try that which sounds safe. And that thing I have, which may be HPV (I was diagnosed and treated - horrible one year treatment that leaded to laser that left me scars- with HPV 20 yrs ago) so maybe it came back due to stress,OR herpes (I had a similar little wart 10 yrs ago which they told me it was herpes, again due to stress. So anyway, I was planning to go to the doctor when after putting walmarts %91 isopropyl alchohol I see this thing is not happy and shrinking :) Anyway, I'll update further but heck! What stupid sicknesses are these that they come from unknown reasons, they are not curable and the solution is to burn the warts! And they make us so anxious! (They just want to sell vaccines and get money I think)


Hi all, I'm a 38 year old male who has quite a few of these nasties! So, here's my experience with ACV: I soaked the cottonballs, taped it on for 3-4 hours a day for 4 days. They turn white, then when the ACV evaportates, they go a little greyish/blackish...but that's it! Am I doing something wrong? I put a lot of ACV on the cottonballs and also, IT DOES NOT STING WHATSOEVER! This seems odd since everyone says it should hurt. It doesn't seem to be working, at least for me. Any suggestions as to why it's not stinging or they aren't even shrinking? How long do I have to do this for? I tried Aldara, and about 10 trips to the doctor attempting to freeze them off...NOTHING!! No results! Any comments are appreciated!

22 & Scared :(

Honestly, I'm on this website just to vent.

About a month ago, I realized I had a hemorrhoid that was starting to prolapse. I went to the doctor, she told he that every thing was fine, and that all I needed to do was incorporate more fiber into my diet, and everything would be ok! Well my hemorrhoid slightly improved (but not entirely) but the region around my anus was still irritated, and it seemed like more bumps were forming.

I went back to the doctor this morning, and she told me that she noticed warts on my anus, and that I probably had HPV. Is the only reason for anal warts/GW HPV? Could I have gotten then from chronic constipation? or perhaps another reason?

I have an appointment with a specialist next week, but honestly i'm devastated :( I also don't feel comfortable telling my mom (because I feel like she would be sooooo disappointed) or any of my friends. So this forum shall be used as a 'public diary' of sorts for the next couple weeks.

Never the less, I have read about 15 pages of the posts on this page, and decided I was going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar & Tea Tree Oil Method.

I cleaned off the area with some witch hazel (which I had been using for the past month to attempt to shrink my hemorrhoid)

I'm going to buy some hydrogen peroxide tomorrow.

I think soaked half of a cotton ball in some ACV, and placed it on the rim of my anus/on the GW.

I had no trouble keeping it in place.

It was uncomfortable but didn't burn nearly as much as everyone has been saying on this site.

After removing the cotton ball about an hour later, it started to burn tremendously!!!!! I was really surprised. But i took a mirror and look at my anus, and saw the tops of all the warts had turn white. Fortunately the warts haven't spread to any other part of my body, and now where else reacted to the vinegar!!! (Relieved)

I then drenched another cotton ball with tea tree oil (because I read that it could relieve the pain), and dabbed in on the affected area. That set my butt on FIRE. It hurt soooooo bad And I had to let it air out. Maybe I put too much on? After apply it i saw that most people but it on a cotton swab, and then applied. I guess I'll have to try that tomorrow.

I then sat in a warm bath for about 15 minutes in an attempt to find some relieve. It made me feel slightly better.

I then applied some aloe vera, and it provided some relief for about an hour. I'm probably going to apply more.

I guess I need to buy some anti-baterial cream, and a fuck-ton of vitamins tomorrow either!

I dont wanna over-due the ACV treatment, so I guess I'll limit it to only an hour a day. The last thing I want to do is make things worse.

If anyone has any additional advice, or just wouldn't mind keeping me company via this forum.. I would really appreciate it!

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2........


I am glad I found this website! I am a 38 yr old male who has plenty of these bad boys on my junk. Ok, so I'll make my story and results about ACV short. I have used the cotton balls soaked in ACV for 3 hrs a day for 8 days now. I was worried about the burning after reading some other posts, but...NO BURNING! And I mean the cotton balls were soaked plenty, almost dripping! Is this normal? Like everyone else, they turned white within minutes. Fine, since that seems common enough after reading other people's stories. However, after the 8th day, I stopped, hoping they would scab off or flake off like everyone else's results say they do. However, they did not turn black or grey, they just stayed the way the always were. Am I doing something wrong? No burning, no itching or anything, they just turned white and when I removed the cotton balls after 3 hrs, I dabbed the affected area with Polysporin. How long does this take? Any suggestions?

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