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Carla Sifredi

Hi all, long time ago I posted a msg on this forum afraid of the consequences of the HPV virus (which I fought the water one year) ... well, I can breathe , after long treatment (no vaccine) I got rid of this virus!! I appeal to all girls and women who have similar problems, it's better to go to the doctor for not having anything to lose the contrary else can heal without complications! treatment only .. do not be afraid for this virus can win up to reach the stage of cancer !! My gynecologist recommended treatment with Cervugid Ovules 3 courses with breaks for 7 days. This treatment can say it is miraculous. I did Pap test again and it came out negative.
I wish you good health.


I can say that I got experience with genital HPV, I struggled for years with it and eventually I beat it. I took all the ovules and existing ointments and then after I was born I got rid of it for about four years. It returned but after treatment with orgametril, I took Cervugid treatment box (12 ovules, one every night). Two years have passed and no longer appeared. Mention that during treatment should cooked and ironed towels and underwear daily. Also do not eat sweets during treatment and even after a period.
Minimum treatment 3 boxes.


I was suffering from 10 huge warts on my hands which was very painful and frustrating at the same time. When it comes to medicine, I always believed in curing it through natural therapies as they have less chances of side effects and mainly coz their effect is permanent. I took freedom kit for genital HPV. It took some time for them to dissolve as they were huge in size but I could see them acting within 2 weeks. It really helped me and you all should try them as well if you have a similar problem.


My daughter of 22 years old was diagnosed with HPV strains 16 and 31 (after DNA analysis - HPV). It has no visible lesions of the cervix but Pap test occurred changes in the cells (ASCUS and AGUS). The doctor prescribed a very good treatment with Cervugid Ovules. We repeated Pap in February, after treatment and all analyzes were good.
I hope other patients to get better after this treatment.


Okay I just had to post in here because I am very happy with my results. 10 years ago I was diagnosed and went to the doctors where they tried all kinds of treatments and none of them worked and they were painful. I then went to a specialist who focused on cancer in the anal area and he removed them and for 10 years they were gone. Now 10 years later (maybe from stress or lack of sleep, who knows) but one came back and I was devastated. I didn't want to do the doctor thing again because that took 2 years. I decided to try the apple cider vinegar and I applied it to a little piece of cotton and left it there for two hours. At first, I felt no pain however the next day, I finally understood why people say ACV is painful. It basically burns your skin. I wasn't as aggressive as most people because I only applied for two hours every third day but after five treatments, the wart is gone. No signs of it anywhere. Also I had one on my finger at the same time which I have been applying an over the counter acid to (formula w) and after two weeks I have seen no improvement. Let's hope these stay away forever or at least another ten years. Oh I forgot to mention that on my days I wasn't using ACV and at night I applied neosporin which was soothing. Hopefully it also helps from acquiring any scarring from the ACV


I had some warts some months back. I was completely upset. Later i found many remedies and i am keeping trying it out. A medicine called Condylox helped me a litle in removng some warts. But i also tried parallely the natural remedy. Turmeric +coconutoil, mix it and apply it and give a good massage on your warts. Beware that your fingers will become very yellowish. You can use a pair of gloves if you want. And ofcourse select some 3 to 4 underwears for this will surely beocme very yellowish. this should be fine. At night massage with the mix for 10 minutes or so and wear underwear and sleep off. You can see good results.But you have keep on doing it for some days continuously or weeks. Good results. And also fightinfǵ HPV depends on Immune system too. Dring Ginger tea, Green tea.


Keep clean, keep dry, and aired, wear cotton, no elastic seams.
After showering with blow dryer setting low warm dry area, keep area in the open air and wrap with kleenex to prevent developping any humity and change frequently. Virus needs a humid environment to survive. I have not managed yet to clear them completely but I saw an improvement. Rinse mouth with listerine to make sure nothing is surviving there, if you your sinus are congested clean with salinex ( same advice to partners). Take vitamins (specially C and D).


I've been dealing with HPV warts for over 2 years. For those 2 years I only had 1 and I would cut it off every time it got big. I went to the Dr.and he didn't even diagnose me with anything. He just froze it and freezing it didn't even eliminate it. So until recently I found 2 new bumps around the first one and then I got really scared,depressed and sad. I felt like I had no hope. So I started searching on the internet and there are things you can purchase online that tells you of home remedies. I thought it was stupid to buy something to have someone tell me to go buy the product in the store. So I found this site and read about ACV. It stood out the most from what everyone was talking about on here. I decided to try it. I would soak a cotton ball twice a day for 2 hrs or even 20 min if I was short on time and tape it to the infected are. After the first night they turned really white. I was happy cuz that's what everyone was saying. After two applications thr warts turned black or had black dots. The more I did it the black dots looked like they were breaking the surface of my skin. 2 days later they turned really white but it was a different white. The warts and the area around the wart was white. It looked like it was finally dying off. I woke up this morning and saw a bunch of dead skin and the warts are practically gone.maybe just 2 more days and it'll be perfect. So far this is the best thing I have ever done. Seriously a savior. It works tremendously if u can take the burn. ACV is not BS. It's the real deal.


I made my own little mixture and it worked miracles! Take a bottle and mix apple cider vinegar, 100% tea tree oil and lemon oil and dilute with a bit of water. Take a piece of cotton wool and soak it with the mixture and press the piece of cotton wool just so it stay damp. Put the cotton wool on the warts for 10-20min or more every night. They will swell at first but after that they will disappear. Just stay patient and keep on treating it. Also get a anti bacterial soap for sensitive skin and wash it with that soap instead of other normal soaps :)


I had discovered I had HPV last fall when I discovered it from my drs visit I noticed no symptoms at all previous to that. They told me that I shouldn't worry about it being that I was young and with most young people if their immune system is good it'll just fight the virus on its own.

I started to freak being that I have a low immune system, then I started looking into losing weight for the hell of it and started taking GREEN TEA PILLS to boost my metabolism.. after taking them twice a day, and eating healthier for about two weeks the virus was gone as were the warts I couldn't be any happier.

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