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72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain


CLOVE OIL!! It is the only thing I have found that works really well. I put it on a QTip and put it on my tooth and the surrounding gum. You can get it at some drug stores or in the baking section of a craft store for flavoring candy.


a product called Kanka. i got it from Fred Meyers. AMAZING! i have been in pain for days. & honestly dont know what the issue is. tooth pain so bad it hurts in my neck & ear & eyes & head. thinking wisdom impaction, or exposed nerve. Needless to say i have tried so many things. i think my liver is about ready to die! i was at the point that NOTHING was working. not even clove oil which has been my go to for this pain. Anyways, someone recomended Kanka to me, & i was willing to try anything! i am so glad i did. hope that it can help someone else too. (: & hoping it will hold me over till i can be seen @ the walk in dental clinic! *ugh*

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