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72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain


I didn't have anything in my house, no pain meds, no nothing but I did have sum salt an warm water an rubbing alcohol. I tried hot salt water first it helped but didn't last. Then I place rubbing alcohol on a Q- tip an applied it to the affected Tooth an gums, imediet relief. So glad I found sumthing to help cause I was about to go to the ER, from hurting so bad


Last night I had the worst toothache in all my life. I had tried Tylenol with codeine and orajel and nothing seemed to help. At 5 in the morning tooth throbbing I remembered hearing that you can take Tylenol and Advil at the same time for pain. Omg it worked. I also took a frozen waffle put it in a sandwich bag and used it as a ice pack. Finally got some sleep. Still sore in the morning bit not throbbing.


I've read many home remedies for toothaches and while most of them usually work for me, I tried to Vicks Vaporub. Now I didn't have Vicks on hand but I had Sombra, which is a topical analgesic like Vicks only a bit stronger. Worked a miracle. Also try a nice punch to the face if all else fails.

Tracey Pera

Young Living Essential Oil has a EO and for a toothache or a temporary numbness, it works great. Can be used for cooking too. Just do not lay down and swallow! it will numb your vocal cords - my experience and painful!. Also, Swishing/ Oil Pulling. put 2T of Clean Oil, coconut/ or olive oil swish in your mouth for 15 min, and then spit out. It is a mouth/detoxer. ( I can help with the EO if needed)


OK. So I am have been having some serious pain. Its Saturday night and won't be able to make an appointment till Monday morning so I'm stuck with what I have. Anyways. I tried ice packs BC. The pain was shooting into my temple too it was so bad I just sat at the table a bawled. I was looking through some people's remedies and came up with keep in mind that nobody's is the same. In my case I have secondary wisdom teeth which is another set of wisdom teeth I'm not supposed to have. I believe I also have and infection too. Anyways...I made a concoction of pure vanilla extract...ground cloves and cinnamon. And made into a paste. I was very desperate and had tried just about everything so I figures why the heck not..I put this past on my gums around my cracked tooth and where my gums are swollen and BAM no joke...numb! It kinda stung but it went numb. I'm sitting here now with a cough drop in my mouth...but I would recommended

zhane harris

My boyfriends been having very bad tooth pain in da bottom right molar so I crushed up a tylenol dip it in warm water with q tip dapped on the tooth. Den I did toothpaste on a q tip dapped it on tooth n gums n had him swish salt warm water with a warm home made heating pad wet a dry towel with warm water place it in a grocery bag placed it in the microwave for 2 min n placed it on a dry towel placed it on da side of his face now he sound to sleep try dis you may get resutls good luck


I've found that a blow dryer on low setting in the ear on the side of the toothache for a couple of minutes soothes my toothache pain.


So i had severe pain in my back molars from cavites so i seached the internet and found salt and oregano and garlic work some better than others so i combined all three salt garlic powder and oregano. with the hottest tap water and put in micowave for thirty seconds let steep for ten and used like mouthwash leaving in affected area aggitaing so often left in for five and reapeted three times surpisingly no pain after a min or immeaditlly after hope it helps


ive got a massive hole ( you may as well say the tooth isnt there) in a impacted wisdom tooth and its been giving me hell for a few days now, tonight i couldnt stand it anymore so i tryed cloves and vanilla essence and it kicked ass 0 pain from a 8/10 to a 0/10 anyways its 2am im off to get some sleep =D


It's 4 a.m. And I have tried just about everything to get some relief from a tooth that lost a filling and has an exposed nerve. 4 lortab and 8 ibuprofen didn't even touch it! Did the chloraseptic which worked for about 30 minutes the first time and stopped working on the second try. Tea bag worked for a few minutes but that was it. Have whiskey but husband keeps it in the freezer and its way too cold for swishing right now. I did put some on a cotton ball and rubbed all around the tooth and that has helped quite a bit. I also found that laying down is what really seems to bring on the pain the most. So while the whiskey is warming up am sitting up one the couch and having a cigarette, I guess if I can sleep sitting up I may get a couple of hours is sleep.

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