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72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain


Rubbing alcohol + Q-tip directly on hole and around gums. Did it a few months ago I ben str8 ever since


Here I am up at 3 am awaken from my sleep with a severe tooth pain that has been hurting for days. I have taken 3 over the counter tylenol and also added red cross over the tooth and neither worked. I crushed a tylenol in a teaspoon of vodka and used it as a paste. Ache is gone!!

Ryan M

I had excrutiating tooth pain and I checked this site to see what i could try. I came across one that seems to work for me. I recommend people to try it. Take a little bit of toilet paper and pour mouth wash on it and put it on the affected area and bite down and just hold it there.


Iv had a horrible toothache for the past few days the pain is so bad that I felt lile passing out. I tried salt water witch would work to a point then i was using orijel but that wasn't even working anymore. So I took a glob of armandhammer sensitive toothpaste and it took the pain away for now. But idk for how long but it g ave me relief for away.


CRUSHED GARLIC!!! Hands down. Just did it and I want to shout. Thank God. I have a wisdom tooth this dumb dentist dried drilled a whole in all the way to my nerve and cracked the tooth. Then put a filling it which fell out. Since i have been suffering. I went to a dentist to have it pulled but he said it wasnt safe because the root was broken in pieces. Now its loose and painful...omg. I put some crushed garlic in it and boom... no pain instantly.

Vashni @ U1207

Tooth ache is the worse of pains I have come across. Because of the habitat I got access to different kinds of herbs which got temporary results. After seeing the Dentist with the removal of a molar I felt normal ... someone introduced me to Mcleans toothpaste which was my aid in all dental issues for the last 5 years . To be honest I switch to colgate just last month and got knocked by this toothache just last Wednesday. Got a Mcleans on Monday afternoon and I'm kind of relieved today Wednesday. I tried temple rub and it worked ... thanks all for your kind contributions and good luck to you victims. May you find real remedy here.


After an old metal filling cracked, leaving me with a raw, exposed nerve & days before I could see the dentist, I was suffering with pains reaching a 20+ on a scale of 1-10 (& I have a pretty high tolerance for pain). And, of course, the pain was most unbearable in the middle of the night.

After trying some of these home remedies with no result (the black pepper made my lips swell & chin break out, the heating pad made the pain worse and, again, turned my skin bright red, & the vanilla extract almost made me vomit), I was exhausted, starving, & in tears from the pain.

I gave in to hunger, tho worried about the pain from biting anything & any shock from cold, and had warm applesauce with cinnamon. After that, my pain wasn't gone, but it was more tolerable.

After eating, I brushed my teeth & went to use some mouthwash, only to find that it's a supposed germ killing brand. I don't think I've ever been so excited to see the claims 'antiseptic' before! I swished verrrry gently with a mouthful, holding it as best I could over the sore spot &, finally, the pain was gone!!

I took more Tylenol, to be on the safe side, and I fell right to sleep. Since then, the pain is almost nonexistent but, when I do feel it, I reach for the mouthwash right away for almost instant relief.


Clove oil dab on a qtip and swish aroun area and on the tooth and on face cheeks. The only side effect if your not allergic to clove oil is it stops immediately and take two aspirins.


I will start off by saying that not all remedies will help each person as every person is different. But it remains that tooth pain can be one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. I have recently been having the worst pain of my life because a back tooth broke after some dental work in the past had complications. Now half of the tooth is gone. I will start by saying AVOID SMOKING CIGARETTES! The smoke will irritate your tooth and could lead to infection if it is not already. Avoid anything too hot or too cold. Try to eat soft foods and avoid items such as chips, hard crackers, etc. They can be hard on your teeth and cause more pain. Keep your mouth clean by brushing and use mouth wash. Most mouth washed will help with some of the pain. And floss to keep the area clean. Flossing could be painful but will benefit you in the healing process. One remedy I used that can work is mixing garlic powder, cinnamon, and salt in warm water and holding it to the affected tooth for a few minutes. Continue applying until your pain becomes tolerable. If that does not work, some people say that using warm salt water swished around in your mouth will help. It did not work for me, but as I stated before, it may not work for everyone. You can also try a vapor rub on the outside of the cheek. I am not sure how this works, but it does seem to help with the pain. You can also crush up a tylenol, mix with water and baking soda making a paste and apply it to the tooth that is causing the pain. Apply it to the surrounding area of the gums as well. There is also another remedy using an onion. If you have a yellow onion around, cut it into very small pieces, put it in a tea bag that has been cut open and the tea removed, place it between your tooth and your cheek on the tooth and leave it there for about 30 minutes. The juices from the onion will ease the pain. You do not have to use a tea bag. You can use any type of thin material that will allow the juices to run out. I have used a bandage before and it worked fine. Make sure you keep the tooth clean and remember to floss. If the infection becomes too bad, it will start to affect the surrounding teeth leading to more pain and complications. If you are experiencing swelling, put about 5 ice cubs in a bag and wrap it in a wet towel holding it to your face for long periods of time. It pressure may be uncomfortable at first but will decrease the longer you hold it to the area that is puffing up. Some people find that switching from cold to warm helps. Just holding the ice helped me. Garlic does work for me. I mixed garlic powder in water and rubbed it into my gums and the tooth that is throbbing and it did in fact ease the pain. A garlic clove will do the same. I hope that this helps somebody. If I come up with anything else I will share. Good lucky everyone and I feel for all of you. There are few things more painful than a toothache!


I have always had really bad problems with my teeth. I have literally tried everything like the Vanilla, Pain Meds, Vicks Vapor Rub, Cold and hot wet rags, But nothing seemed to really help. The only thing that did help awhile back was the Vicks on the side of my face that the pain was in, But now that even stopped working! So now I am out of luck until I can get a dentist appointment. (Which is a month away) I have no insurance and have to pay out of pocket to see the dentist. Well, I know exactly how bad toothache pain can be. My brother is just like me with his teeth too and he told me that when he starts to hurt he actually rubs the temple of his head and that seemed to work for him. I tried it and does help! I have had the WORST toothache for the past week and each time I start to feel the pain I find this certain spot on the temple of my head and it helps. It doesn't go away fully but makes the pain more bearable. I really, really hope that anyone that is in a lot of pain with their teeth can get something done to help them. I have always suffered from toothaches and trust me I know how bad it is. I just wanted to share my experience and maybe (hopefully) help someone that might need it!

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