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72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain

Simamkele lireo mshweshwe

Jho guys I was also dad a very painful pain in my teeth I couldn't sleep for days, I even locked my self in my room.... I drank water, I even added a salt but it made the pain worst.... I took a toilet paper, I rolled until it fitted on the hole in my teeth. I took the toilet paper and I inserted it in MADUBULA then i took it again putted it on the hole in my teeth. Within 10sec the pain was gone for days......


After having excruciating toothache that became worse at night. I opted for a tooth extraction to get rid of the pain instead of doing a root canal, but my Dentist advised me against doing an extraction since my teeth would shift. I decided to try homeopathic medicine called hypericum perforatum for injured nerve. This provided me with so much relief and didn't need to have the root canal.
I wanted to share this remedy to help anyone out there with a toothache, (a pain that brought me to tears).


Toothache pain? Cloroseptic sore throat spray.


After being up for nearly 2 days with the most horrifying severe tooth pain that brought me to tears I was trying everything I could, loading up on pain killers that wasn't even touching the pain, I tried putting an onion in between my tooth and cheek, I tried honey with tea and warm salt water. I sent my hubby to Walgreens at 3am to get this stuff someone suggested on here called Dentemp and bam instant relief I was able to actually sleep after using that it's defiantly a must to have for teeth with nerves exposed my pain hasn't returned so far I just figured I would write this and hopefully save another poor soul that has tooth pain. But I'm definitely going to go back to bed and catch up of much needed sleep!!!


The best. The very best is temporary filling in any walgreens etc. You put it in the tooth and it actually can last for months! Worked amazing for me. Only good if you have a cavity hole not for chips etc.


6am up last 2 nights barely any sleep lots of pain killers. Pain kept coming back, crushed cloves, garlic and a little oil rubbed a q tip in the mixture then placed into the nerve, pain has subsided. Cloves and honey in lhot water also helps

joey Thompson

I tried every remedie out there nothing helped but using some three year old bourbon as mouthwash, thanks for the suggestions tho


I was in terrible pain, tooth and head throbbing waking me up at night, I couldnt even sleep. I read a few people's remedies and tried the sensodyne toothpaste and the ted cross toothache medicine and PAIN WENT AWAY IMMEDIATELY!


Thank God for salt and warm water. After reading about many remedies, I swished with mouthwash and peroxide, but it didn't help. Heavily salted warm water, swished 3 or 4 times for about 30 seconds each, and oh glorious relief! Good luck. Tooth pain is the worst!


Even severe tooth ache pain will relieve in dabur red paste , apply little on the ache tooth , leave it for one minute and brush later, it relieves the pain immediately.thanks for dabur paste red and also apply honey with steralized cotton and keep on paining tooth. if it is too severe consult a doctor

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