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72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain


I have extremely poor teeth and get hit with the sharp pains every now and then. I have used this site to find quick remedies. I find slowly rubbing my temples, or putting ice, in the opposite hand, of the tooth in pain can help the pain subside. Good luck.


I have had the worst toothache my friend told me use cough medicine and peto-bismol you have to use equal half and half on your tooth it works


According to Dr. Ozone cloves will numb your tooth until u can get go dentist.


I have a serious fear of the dentist and really bad teeth. After liquid Motrin stopped easing the pain, I had to find something else and fast. My back molar is cracked and in overly severe pain. For two weeks, I've been popping ibuprofen like crazy. I take two, hold some heavily salted warm water on the area, then rinse with mouthwash. It does work! It makes it manageable to sleep and eat. Also, a fresh garlic clove. Slice a piece off and slowly bite down. Hold it on the area for roughly five minutes. It burns like crazy, but it definitely helps with swelling and pain!


i have 6 snapped teeth exposed nerves cant afford to have them removed yet been this way for a few years nothing works only dulls it to cope but today could not stand it any more and started swishing random stuff to see if anything helps and you would not belive it but soy sauce will kill the nerve pain better than pain killers soy sauce sounds funny but try it make sure to spit it out too much salt lol


Pure Mint Oil on a Qtip works alright... my toothache is worse than your normal pain though so not much helps.. ibuprofin liquid gels is the only remedy that works for me.. that and oxycodone lol goodluck yall


I have a broken molar and was in excruciating pain and couldn't even sleep. I tried the rubbing alcohol, a hot shower, a heating pad, Motrin, actual alcohol, Orajel, Cannabis and warm salt water. The only thing that worked was the warm salt water. Did this twice for almost a minute each time and I was able to sleep all night. It took a couple minutes but for sure worked.


I have had the worst tooth pain for the last couple days. I have tried pain killers, warm salt water, tooth paste, and hot packs and nothing touches the pain. Although what I have found that works is putting a mixture of ground cloves, chopped garlic directly on the tooth causing the pain and chewibg . After you have chewed for a minute or so drip a couple drops of tea tree oil near tooth aswish the mixture around. This may be a very disgusting but for me the tooth pain was much more unbearable and I was desperate to feel relief. Since I have tried this I have been able to finally get some rest.


i had really bad tooth pain all night, tried brushing my teeth and it felt better for a couple mins then the pain came back. so what i did was put a small amount of toothpaste on some toilet paper made a ball about the size of a nickle and stuck it between my cheek and gum of the tooth in pain. pain has lessened substantially.


I had severe tooth pain due to a broken tooth and some cavities. I had a fear of the dentist so I didn't go for 10 years. So, I kept putting off making a dentist appointment and one night I woke up with severe tooth pain. I'm talking mind-numbing pain. I was looking online at home remedies to try and get some relief and I tried a few things. First, I tried chewing up a saltine cracker into a paste and putting it on my broken tooth. This helped a little but not really. Next I rinsed with warm salt water, and next took a pinch of ground cloves and put it in my my mouth on my tooth, and on the gum between the gum and my cheek. It worked great! Now, it took about 25 minutes to work, but I was able to go back to sleep and woke up with a dull pain. However, it beat the terrible pain I had before!

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