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Severe Tooth Pain Home Remedies

72 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Pain


Severe Teeth Pain Remedies~

As one that has suffered from tooth pain for most of my life and I am now getting close to 45, I will share some of my remedies.

1. Room temperature water held in the mouth and swished around the painful tooth helps. I have no idea why, but there have been times this has been the only thing that has kept me sane.

2. Clove oil. I rub it on the gums and tooth and it helps some. Although, there have been times when it hasn't helped very much. And it burns like fire.

3. I once went to the ER due to the pain getting so intense that I could not deal with it. I got a shot of Toradol [an inflamation + painkiller] That did not help me. When I got home, I took two PM Tylenols on top of it and sat in bed and the next thing I knew, I could not move a muscle and I slept until the next day but the pain was gone for quite a while. So crossing Ibuprofen and Acetometaphin helps a lot. Just don't do too much or you will OD.

4. Rubbing Vicks Vapo-Rub on the jaw, cheek, down the eustachian tube and behind the ear and even on the temple before bed helps. Rub it everywhere on the face where your teeth hurt.

5. Antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine helps. It burns like fire! But it helps numb the pain. Hold it on the tooth for as long as you can stand it and repeat. Do not swallow.

6. Garlic pills. I take the 1000 miligrams of garlic pills and I take 2 at a time to deal with infection. This is helpful when my jaw swells out. Garlic helps a LOT! It is an antibiotic.

7. Rubbing gums around tooth helps. Accu-pressure does help. Rubbing the temples and squeezing the bridge of your nose helps deal with the pain too. Pressing your palm against your forehead helps. I don't know about you guys, but it seems that when the back of my head is laying down on a pillow, it makes the pain 10x worse for me. So, I sit up until I can manage the pain.

8. Hot and Cold compresses to the jaw, back of your neck and head helps. Even a bottle of cold water can help when you hold it against the jaw and back of the neck. Holding ice in your hand helps too. The area between your thumb and forefinger is connected to your teeth somehow and when it is really cold, it seems to take the pain away from your teeth.

9. Warm salt water swished around your mouth helps a little. Brushing your teeth and gums helps too.

10. Something that I do, I put Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear that is on the side where the pain is the worst. It hurts but it bubbles up the infection and it helps for a while too. You pour in a little bit and let it stand for as long as you can and then tilt your head to dump it out and use a Q-Tip to get the rest out. I have been doing this for a long time and it does help.

11. This is weird, but there are times when I bite down gently but firmly with my front teeth onto my finger or something like a teething ring and it takes the pain away for me.

12. When all else fails...**PRAY like you mean it!** Teeth pain is some of the worst pain ever felt. I have broken my arm and the pain can compare to severe tooth pain! UGH! And I knew someone that was in such bad shape that she just prayed and told God that she could not deal with it anymore and she started donating to charities and doing good things and she told me that she never had any more problems with her teeth.


I have pretty brutal tooth pains from what I believe are either really infected cavities or something else, I haven't been able to visit the dentist since I was 11 because of cost and lack of coverage and I'm almost 20 and have even less coverage and am earning my own money which is very little to go off of.
I have went through and red a few remedies and have tried a few and the ones I found to be the most helpful are chewing on a piece of onion, biting down on a clove of garlic and hold for 5 minutes or soaking toilet paper in mouth wash and biting down on it. Not in that order.
see I tried swishing warm salt water, didn't do anything for me, so I looked some up and tried the onion one and it worked for a bit, but the pain came back so I tried the garlic idea and it worked for the longest and once that ran out I tried the mouth wash idea and it worked but not for long. So I found biting down on garlic worked the best.
Thank you to all those who gave me good ideas! I will try more if these stop working for me :D


I have a cracked tooth with the nerve exposed. I can't get in to see my dentist for a week. I found this forum and for me I've found the best combination is to swish my mouth out with hot salt water, then vodka. I ground a couple of cloves, some black peppercorns and salt together and mixed itinto a paste with a little vodka. I packed the hole with this paste, then soaked a little cotton wool in vodka and pressed it down to seal it up completely.
Now air can't get to the nerve, it's numb from the vodka, the spices are helping to calm the inflammation and the antibacterial properties are hopefully helping to avoid an infection. My pain has gone from an agonising 9 to a barely noticeable 1, which is easily combatted with ibuprofen.
Hope this combination helps someone else.

Grateful Kat

I had went to the denist today to have the tooth in question extracted but I got sick during the sedation and ended up in ER( I was having others surgically extracted). Still being somewhat sedated the pain came back with a vengenance. I tried tylenol and IB profen. Brushed my teeth and rinsed with oragel, peroxide and mouth wash that usually worked to no avail. So sitting still groggy from the sedation and unable to sleep I started looking for a new remedy. What worked is migraine medicine. It was generic Excedrin. I put one pill on the tooth and let it disolve and then did a second. Pain is gone. Little preassure but I am finally off to sleep!


I have a broken wisdom tooth with nerve pulp exposed. Oh my god the pain is horrendous to the point of walking around trying to find a pair of pliers and a Stanley knife to get the git out myself!
I tried everything to dull the pain just enough so I could sleep.
Honestly try this:

Any mouthwash that contains chlorhexadine!
Put 10 ml un diluted into mouth and hold for 5 mins over affected tooth.then spit out. Do not rinse your mouth after(although it tastes awful) It stings like hell at first but it does infact work!
Repeat as necessary x

pieter kapp

People don't believe this but I was also skeptical at first. When I lost a filling I first brushed and then took the silver of a cigarette box. Made a small ball and pushed it into the hole. I then took super glue and added a little drop onto the ball. Within 30 seconds the pain was gone. It stayed gone for over a week. I then got exposed roots. Took super glue. Pored it over the spots where the enamel was missing. It stung a little bit (5sec or less) pain gone. Lasted a month. The excess that landed on my gums and cheek came loose within minutes. This is unbelievable but this works. Try this and please let me know how happy you are after trying this


I have a broken molar that's exposing the nerve i was in so much pain i cried. What worked for me to be able to sleep was hot coffee holding it in my mouth then spitting it out i did this with a whole cup and fell.right to sleep


For some reason putting something hot on the cheek of the area helps but it doesnt last also taking a hot shower and just letting the hot water run down your head and face it helped for a short while


I am here for those in severe pain I have the worst tooth pain ever to the point where I'm hobbled over crying here's what I did I took baking soda and packed it around my tooth and a lid full of apple cider vinegar and poured it over the area and my pain is instantly gone

Pain killer

After falling during a seizure and breaking my jaw along with cracking most if my teeth I have struggled with a ton of pain and cavities. I have an extreme fear and anxiety about the dentist so advoid it at all costs. Along with no dental instance I'm left with home aids.
So normally brushing the area with peroxide always helps but lately it hasn't. I was reading all these remedies prayin to find something as my whole jaw pounded. I started at the top and worked my way down. Most had already tried over the past three days.
Mouthwash on a cotton ball and set it on the area for as long as I could. Nothing.
Sensitive tooth paste with cotton ball. Nothing
Tooth numer on cotton call. Nothing.
Oregel on tooth Brush and brushed the area. Nothing.
Hot towel. Nothing.
Ice pack. Nothing.
All kinds of numbing sprays. Nothing
Cloves. Nothing
Tooth cavity filler from the store. More pain and nothing.
Warm salt water swish and hold. Nothing.
Rubbing alcohol. Nothing.
Over the counter meds- crushed into paste. Nothing
Prescription meds. Nothing except stomach ache
And more, many more attempts of random things.
GARLIC SALT. salt and really warm water mixed well and applied using a cotton ball to affected area. Relief!!! Not 100% but so much better.
Although you have to use a ton of garlic depending on the pain and I'd recommend putting something like cotton over the gums and cheek to prevent it from touching the skin cause it does burn. Hold it on the area as long as possible. Like 10 minutes of you can. Do not swallow the excess. Let it run out of your mouth into the sink or a cup as it accumlates.keep your tounge away from the cotton as it sits. I have a massively swollen cheek and infection from the tooth I'm sure and the swelling has already started subsiding. You will notice a burning but relieving feeling as it works and more relief after you take it out. The longer I sit here after I finished the better I'm feeling.

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