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10 Home Remedies for Garden


For a practically free, rather complete fertilizer; save and mix urine, wood ashes, and water - with water being by far the greater part. For urine to be particularly safe, one should be disease and pharmaceutical free.

Also, to adjust the PH level increase the ratio of ashes to urine; the more ashes the more alkaline, or higher the PH + the less ashes the higher the acidity, or lower the PH.




Patti B.

Make a tea of 1 gal. of water and as many cigarette butts as you can find (the more, the better)...let it steep for a couple of days then pour into a pressure sprayer container (strain out the butts). Spray on any plants that are in need of insect control...kills many bugs and repels the rest...won't harm your plants.


Slug protection: Regular household ammonia. Mix 1 part ammonia with up to 10 parts water - (I use 1:5) with great success. Spray your plants, over, under, around - anywhere you see slugs or damage. The ammonia is an excellent shot of nitrogen for your plants (hostas love it!) but it kills slugs within seconds and destroys their eggs. Spray throughout the season to reduce their population. I use a 1:1 ratio around my sidewalks, patio, and flowerbeds (even the soil in my garden). My plants loved it (my hostas grew to 4 feet!) and I had no damage from slugs. I keep a sprayer handy when I'm working in my garden - any slug activity gets a quick blast of ammonia (great to do in the evening when they are really active!!)


Use sugar to fertilize your grass. Chicken feed about 1 lbd for every 200-250 sq ft and water really well. Won't kill your weeds right away, but after several mows, they will stop coming up. This technique enrichens the soil, which grass and roses thrive in rich soil. If you have weeds, it is due to poor soil. After several weeks and some watering, and regular mowing, your grass will be all green, lush and soft.


To clean your BBQ and grill use scrunched up aluminium foil.


Natural grass and weed killer.

1 gallon white distilled vinegar
1 cup table salt
1 tablespoon dish detergent

Be careful where you put it. Nothing will grow there after application.

Rid Purple Weeds

To rid your lawn of those purple weeds. At the beginning of spring. Mix 1/8 of Borax to water. Water lawn with mixture. It killed the weeds and left the grass to grow as usual.


Slugs- If you are having a problem with thoes big ugly slimyy slugs all oyu need to do is place a penny in your garden every 6' or so apart. They dont like copper as it causes a reaction to their slime coating similer to using salt.


Use Blood Meal (Garden Supply area of Home Hardware or similiar stores) on the surface of the soil of your potted plants to keep squirrels out. Medium coat the surface. Good for your plants to. Definately kept squirrels out of my balcony garden!!!

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