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70 Home Remedies for Body Odor and Perspiration


What worked for me is eliminating the use of a solid deodorant. The solid deodorant would get trapped in my pores/hair follicles (I'm a woman and shave) and build up over time. Pretty yucky if you think about it. I switched to using baking soda, which was the only think that seemed to work for me. Once in a while I will use a roll on deodorant. But seriously, if you shave, get off the solid deodorant.


for under arm odor and wetness use milk of magnesia put it on at night time with a cotton ball or put it in a spray bottle the more you use it the better it works


When I went to nursing school, my instructor told me about a natural deoderant named 'Crystal'. Seeing that the scent from the armpit is caused by bacteria, and salt kills bacteria. This is the perfect solution! I've been using it for months now and I've noticed that even after a workout I don't have that odd odor I used to with the store and commercial brand deodorants. OR if u can't find this in your stores (walgreens, and cvs carry it), regular sea salt applied twice a day depending on your activities works perfectly!


I have heard that you can mix baking powder + water, form a paste and let it sit on the inside armpit of your jacket to take the odor out of the fabric.

Anyone knows of a easier way to neutralise?

Tea tree oil?


For as long as I could remember, I always have a lot of under arm sweating, to the point where it would drip down my arms. I've tried almost every stick of deodorant/anti-persperant on the shelf, clinical strength and what not, with no luck. In fact many of them actually gave me a rash after a few hours.
There's only one thing I can do to prevent excessive sweating.
The longer I wait to put a shirt on after showering, the dryer I stay. If I were to start getting dressed right after drying off, it'd be 5 minutes until I need another shower and a new shirt.
I suppose this may not apply to everybody, but it's the only thing that seems to apply to me so far.


I had body odor and persperation problems while I was been pregnant. (all 5 times) Clinical strenth stuff worked for to control the sweat but not the odor. Wipe off deodorant/area with Sanitizing wipes, or alcohol wipes(they worked best for me). Apply a new layer of deodorant/anti-persperant and when needed a new shirt. Kills the bacteria that is causing the problem and makes you feel clean.

Mya Moore

Mix Baking soda and 1 lime , mix until lumpy texture. Apply to under arms. wait exactly 2 minutes. take a shower and rinse until all mixture is off of your under arms.


There are several remedies out there that are effective. Baking soda being the best. I mixed baking soda with lemon and it worked perfectly for a day. This has to repeated daily. I also tried using an antibacterial roll on made by Nivea (Silver protect). It contains silver ions which help a lot. Herbal and antibacterial shower soap or gel is important too. These remedies helped me. Hope it works for you too.


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Biggy Tensing

Use a cleansing foam with herbal plant extracts from Ribwort or Liquorice root. Both work fine as a natural and gentle germicide. Body odour is caused by bacteria on the skin which are splitting up sweat. The sweaty fluid itself does not smell, but while it's divided into its compounds by the germ butonic acid is produced, an acid which smells typically sour. This is the malodor that we know as 'the smell of sweat'. Some people suffer from permanent body odour, a commonly unknown illnes called Bromhidrosis. On those people's skin the 'bad' bacteria grows uncontrollably. The deodorization foams mentioned above will help to reduce the bacterial flora to a normal level.

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