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70 Home Remedies for Body Odor and Perspiration


If you have a pungent smell after exercising or eating certain foods, it is possible you have CELIAC DISEASE. Try a gluten free diet. No point in going to the dr unless you have other complications such as arthritis or infertility, seizures or strokes. These can be because you've been eating wheat, rye, or barley too much over time when u shouldn't have. Stop eating wheat, rye, barley. Check your nutrition facts! Almost everything u normally eat has wheat, rye, barley. Then start taking multivitamins once a day and drink more water. The smell should go away almost immediately.


Witch Hazel, it does the trick on body odor...every single time. Carry it around in a little travel sized spray bottle and use it when you need to.

debby v

I only tend to sweat under my left arm, my right will perspire a bit but not smell as much. It has helped to soak in bath with a cup of baking soda for 10-15 mins. I will wash with body wash after. I have also found that tea tree oil brushed under arm pits a couple nights a week helps with odor. My husbands feet would get wet at work all day long and as a result stunk really bad. A soak in tea tree oil helped after the first try. Also can use it for yeast infections, just add a few drops mixed with vitamin e or water to a tampon and insert for a few hours. That will help with odor down there too. Tea tree oil might be alittle harsh for some.
I also started taking chlorophyll a year ago and after a month of religiously taking it daily, my body odor disappeared from my whole body, my bowel movements didn't even smell. When I ran out my odor would return a few weeks later. I now take it again, its been 3 weeks and I notice a big improvement.This helps with private area odor too. Before you judge this method try it for at least a month.


I am an adult female working in a very professional job. I have always had a problem with sweating a lot and body odor under my armpits. It was so embarrassing, and I did shower and scrub/clean myself daily. I also tried so many different deodorants, I tried alcohol, peroxide, nothing seemed to help. In the heat of a very humid and hot summer I developed MRSA under my right armpit. I was told by a staff member at my job to use spray iodine on my arm (before MRSA really broke out in that area). What I noticed is that when I used it (on both) I did not have body odor. I had to make sure those areas were very clean and this was a great antiseptic. I purchased the clear iodide from Walmart in a brown bottle, it has to be clear. Each morning after a shower I spray each armpit and I no longer use deoderant! I threw it away. It didn't necessarily help with my MRSA but it made me feel better knowing that when you sweat and smell body odor it is bacteria and this spray was killing that bacteria. I am happy I no longer use deoderant, don't spot my clothes, clog my pores, etc...I am not positive of the overall issue with using this on a regular basis, but I can sometimes skip a day or two using it. The iodide is I believe called tincture and it was under $4 at Walmart in the first aid section. My brother tried it on his feet and it actually seemed to help with his foot odor, even his shoes didn't have the foot odor smell when he sprayed it on his feet and walked around all day. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me!


I applied rubbing alcohol under arms (to kill any bacteria) and I didn't have baking soda so I used gold bond medicated powder. Worked instantly! Don't know about long lasting effects but I was amazed at the immediate difference.


I use deodorant before to prevent body odor. Deodorant only works for few hours, after sweating a whole bunch, I would smell bad again. Since body odor is cause by bacteria, I tried to look for any anti-bacterial cream that I have and the only thing I had is antibiotic cream. So I tried it and works well for me. I do not have any more body odor anymore. Even if I would sweat a lot after exercising and it last for more than 24 hrs.


I have experienced also a very bad odor, I don't know how to get rid of these bad smell..but I've realized one thing I didn't try...first try to soak all your clothes the one that has sleeves on white vinegar for altleast 30 minutes...then wash it with any detergent...then for your self get 1 cloves of garlic and smashes it well then get the juice of the garlic and apply under your armpit, let it stay there for overnight, after when you are ready to take a shower just rub it with wash clothes..example baby wipe...then, use any herbal soap and use that to remove the smell of the garlic...use these every other day...i know u can feel sting but this will get rid of your body odor...thanks


This works great for me, use 1/2 a lime or lemon and baking soda enough to make a paste. Apply to under arms for 5-10 mins., then shower. Keep the left over in a covered container for later use. You will notice NO MORE SMELL and less sweating in the armpits.


I found a website that suggests quitting using soap in a bath or shower. I've been soaking in vinegar and warm water and just washing my body with this, instead of soap and the odors are wayyyy better than before. I would get very frustrated because I'd scrub so much with soap but as soon as I got out, my areas still smelled. Since switching to vinegar, I've noticed a huge difference, even on the first day. Also, sounds unnerving, but I quit deodorant as well. Now I could apply it and still smelled horrible.. So now I use a mixture of lime juice and water, and dab it on my armpits. Huge difference! You can also use lemon juice/water mixture.. Just be aware that you may or may not burn after you shave. I personally haven't felt this so called burning, but I hear it can happen. Wish I would've tried this years ago! Good luck :)


I have tried most solutions on your site...for the past 5 years I have had BO even an after a shower without any activity. assummed it was hormone. tried lime, anti bact soap, apple cider's deodorant...nothing worked for long. UNTIL, i read that anti-perspirant feeds the bacteria which causes the odor. so i bought TOM's deodorant (not anti perspirant) it also contains ingredients to fight the bacteria....I have not smelled since. all day/24 hours! FINALLY

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