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70 Home Remedies for Body Odor and Perspiration


Been having the same until i realised that surgical spirit/alcohol with vinegar mixture serves day application works for over a week n you will feel fresh


After trying all types of home remedies to get rid of my underarm odor I finally bought Degree Clinical Protection (stress control). It finally worked...its Dr. Prescription over the counter. After suffering for 3 months I am so glad I found something that took my anxiety over odor away. I hope it would work for you to.


50% Baking Soda
50% Corn Starch

You can add powdered smell (perfume types) if you like.

Put into a small baby powder bottle and shake under your arm. Works wonders!! Even if you already smell bad. In these times be sure to get it on the clothes, too. HOWEVER, it can stain or lighten clothes. I usually wear t-shirts under clothes. Not cute for women. Too much straight baking soda can burn the skin.


I am so glad I found this page, I've tried most of the stuff that is listed in here.

*rubbing alcohol.

*Lemon juice


*Cut coffee



But I use the vinegar that someone posted and it worked like MAGIC, it is unbelievable, I even cut the use of deodorant, to make sure it was working.

Thanks so much for sharing this, my 2014 will be much better without be worried and sniffing my armpits.


I'm a 27, male, have been struggling with odor and overactive sweat glands for 3+ years. Here is what works for me. I now have confidence and a girlfriend :) I hope you have the same success.

1. Limit stress.
2. Quit drinking coffee/tea/caffeinated drinks.
3. Trim underarm hair.
4. Two deodorants that work amazingly (the only 2 I've found that don't cause a skin reaction) and you can get them at CVS pharmacy for less than $10 each:

Mitchum roll-on unscented anti-antiperspirant & deodorant.

Crystal roll-on hypoallergenic fragrance & paraben free.


Try a little Neosporin + Pain Relief under your arm pits. This eliminated my odor completely for a month. Reapplying stopped it again. Regular Neosporin may work just as well but this is what I had on hand. This was an accidental discovery. I used it because of a slight irritation and found my odor disappeared. I will continue to use it as often as needed because it works so well. I trimmed my underarm hair the first time because of the irritation but not the second time. It worked either way.


I have suffered from bad BO since before high school... I am in my mid 20's now... Needless to say, I am sick and tired of the perspiration stains and bad odor so I've decided to do something about it.. My new plan is as follows:

WORK OUT IN THE MORNING. A good strong cardio routine... something to work up a good sweat. I've noticed that if I get out a lot of sweat at the start of the day then I won't sweat as much during the day which cuts down on the sweat stains as well as the odor...

TAKE AN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR BATH OR SHOWER (scrubbing with salt optional). Usually after the workout or after a good snack/meal.. (It also helps to eat better, so I'm cutting back on the junk food. I might consider doing a cleanse soon too.)

TREAT UNDERARMS. I've been using a mini spray bottle mixed with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. I no longer use deodorant.. Reading up on the negative side effects of deodorants really turned me off to them... And they really haven't been helping me quit smelling and sweating these last few years so why continue with them?... Spraying this ACV mixture on my underarms throughout the day when I realize I need it has been significantly cutting back on my bad BO and also I feel a lot drier... I'm sweating less!

INGEST LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I am beginning to ingest 1 Tbsp. of Liquid Chlorophyll in the morning mixed with my daily green tea and honey. Read up on it. I heard there are many good benefits from it (some stated here). I am also ingesting 2 Tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water, 3 times a day... Morning, noon and night. It's fine to drink on an empty stomach.. before or after a meal. I just began this 2 days ago... I read my sweating should decrease in about a week..

This is all I've been doing the last 2 days.. And I already have seen a significant decrease in my sweating and smell.. I must admit I still do a shirt change midday... I will continue this routine for at least 6 months and I will make sure to come back with the results... I will post my updates in the comments.
P.S. Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, and Baking Soda with Lime spark my interest. I might give them a try along with what I've posted above.

Good Luck Everyone!..with your search for BO and excessive perspiration cure..


The best and cheap remedy for body odor is use baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate). After shower apply a pinch of baking soda (add little water to make it a paste) and apply both armpits. This will protect you from body odor for more than one full day. No side effect also. This will not stain your clothes also. You can apply tea tree oil or some other pleasant smelling essential oil subsequent to baking soda to have pleasant fragrance throughout the day.


Having Problems With Smelly Sweaty Under Arms? Something That Really Helps And It's Very Simple To Do. 3 Things You Will Need. #1 Rubbing Alcohol #2 Vinegar #3 Cotton Pads Or Cotton Balls Your Choice. Using Same Amount Of Rubbing Alcohol And Vinegar Pour Some In An Empty Bottle. That Mixture Will Help With The Problem. Now With The Cotton Pads Or Cotton Balls Apply The Mixture And Leave For About 10-15 Mins. Do This Daily And You Will See Results. Hopefully This Was Helpful.


You sweat when you use a muscle; the body is cooling down excessive heat buildup. This process is logical. Often, I believe, since it was true in my case, excess underarm perspiration is due to unnecessary raising of the shoulders in movement.

The Alexander Technique addresses undoing muscular actions and learning to move with less exertion. Look in the mirror as you perform an action and you may be surprised! 'High shoulders' is often not an inherited deformity.

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