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70 Home Remedies for Body Odor and Perspiration


I saw this on a talk show.Bacteria is what makes you smell. Put some rubbing alcohol on a wash cloth & rub on your armpits. I work 12 hr shifts outside & have no order. Lots cheaper than deo.


try degree cool rush that's the only deodorant that works for me, I am a woman who struggled with allergic reactions to soap and deodorant most of the time deodorant just made me mustier.


Kids. The ultimate remedy is Polysporin. If NOTHING else has worked for you, try Polysporin. After thoroughly washing your hands, apply it directly to your underarms every morning after showering (no deodorant needed) and additionally, always wear 100\\% COTTON shirts. I am a female, so for guys it might be uncomfortable having that greasy ointment caked in your underarm fur but it might be worth it if it solves your stank problem. Good luck!


Body odor will be gone for good if you mix a quarter cup baking soda and quarter cup coconut oil and a quarter cup cornstarch and some essential oil drops for scent if you like. Put less than a pea sized amount under your arm rubbing it in and you won't believe how well it works! It works as great toothpaste too!


my pits smelled like onions... I starte to apply Purell to my underarms and it seems to have killed off the offending bactiera


Apple cider vingar!!!!!!!!!!! the best of the best


Baking soda cured my underarm odor! I had tried everything, nothing worked. It was driving me crazy for years and quite accidentally I tried straight baking soda. Now I keep some in a shaker bottle in my bathroom. After I shower I shake a little on my hand and pat each underarm and voila! Have not had ANY underarm odor for months!


I tried everything for my underarm odor. My medicine cabinet is full of barely used natural deodorant sticks with everything from tea tree oil to lichen in them. The only one that ever worked was a locally made and quite pricey one with baking soda, corn starch, coconut oil, cocoa butter, candellila wax, and tea tree oil. I have no idea why, but even other brands with the exact same ingredients did not work for me. Then I was reading through the suggestions here and I saw a few people who said the crystal deodorant worked. I had one in my cabinet and I assumed it hadn't worked for me, but I tried it again anyway. It's not the roll on kind; it's solid and you dampen in and rub it on. I had some seriously bad odor and that stuff has eliminated it completely.


Apple cider vinegar for underarm odor works great,unbelievable!!!


one can get rid of body odour though water intake: if you have body odour, take a minimum of one and half litre of of water every day and have at least two baths every day and apply disinfectants after bath like perfume. your body odour will be cured in at least a week.

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