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12 Home Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis


UC sufferer for 2 years. First 6 months I was bad, bleeding up to 10 times a day. Then a year's grace, I thought I was home and dry. Then it came back.

I hear medicinal marijuana can help. My friend who studies medicine as well as her mother who is a qualified doctor say this is the most natural medication for UC. On their advice I have purchased a vapouriser from an 'alternative' store and one has to be a bit street savy and daring/contacts (if it is not legal where you are) to take personal responsibility for your health. In most countries it is illegal (even for health) so I cannot legally advise to do this, though everyone must take their own health and life in their own hands. I refuse to smoke the marijuana with tobacco and if you are not ready for a vapouriser (which gives you the medicinal component of the THC without the bad chemicals from the smoke) then you could try to smoke marijuana with parsley (rather than tobacco). A vapouriser is around £50.

Prednisolone is very important for me to get out of flare ups. I take 30mg a day at present which is the minimum that seems to be effectual. Accompanied by Pentasa (not really too sure how this helps...).

Also try the following drinks: coconut juice is delicious and very soothing; green and lemon tea bag with hot water, real lemon, honey, plenty of fennel. Works a treat at alkalanising the body which is what we UC/Crohn's sufferers must all do. Some theories say avoid mixing protein and carbs too and I had some limited success with this but it needs medicine also to work. It does not stop the bleeding (at least for me) but it does lead to a healthier diet. Not drinking with meals too. Eating slowly and lots of salmon and greens. Avoid carbs as much as possible. Dairy - deal with it as you know yourself. Gluten - I feel there is a link but I would not say UC sufferer is necessary gluten intolerant... I have a religious obligation to eat bread every week and I dread it now for UC reasons but since I am on Prednisolone steroids it does not make me bleed. When I lower the dose, I am bleeding within 5 mins.


There are 3 causes of UC:

1. Hereditary
2. Stress
3. Food

Once you have it, it’s important to ensure you get rid of it as soon as possible, the longer you leave it the harder it is to control. You must ensure you have NO STRESS AT ALL and DIET, (one without the other will not be enough). Both of these are crucially important.

Regarding Diet, this web site is the best diet advice for free: Look up 'Sherry Brescia - great taste no pain'.

Also, remember once you have got better do not get complaisant, you WILL get it back and you’ll regret it.

Do not use medicine unless you have to. Pharmaceutical companies, along with Banks and Oil Companies are the 3 most unscrupulous parasites that have damaged the earth and humanity. But if you have to then the best medication, with the lowest side effects, are ASACOL suppositories (tablets don’t work) or Salofalk enema (the ingredient of both is mesalazine) but don’t use then unless you really have to. They are annoying to use, if you have gas (which you will certainly have with UC) then it is easy to soil your pants until you get used to the feeling, BUT make sure you stick with it, the consequences of your UC getting worse is far far far more devastating!

Once I had UC, it did not bother me in any way to begging with, I just noticed some blood in my stool but had no other effects. I went to the most expensive hospital in Dubai, I saw 2 specialist Gasto doctors, the first told me almost nothing helpful and did not even say it was serious. The second told me how serious it was but crucially told me “it had nothing to do with food” and gave me a load of expensive medicine. The WORST advice I ever got and I am considering suing the idiot Doctors because if I had followed the correct diet at the start I am convinced I would have got rid of it without the pain and suffering that I went through for years.

If any doctor tells you that food has no effect on UC then lean over, grab them by the neck, tell then they are an incompetent idiot and to get another job before they kill someone.

Worst foods: Sugar, Alcohol, fatty foods, mixing too many different types of foods.

Best: Soft boiled Egg, Banana, steamed / boiled Vegetables, steamed fish, Probiotic Yogurt, fiber, nuts (especially walnuts due to their high Omega-3 content).

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